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Here’s How Office Lunches Look Around The World

You’re halfway through your work day and your stomach is rumbling. Guess it’s time for lunch. As you sit there eating your salad, or leftover burrito, have you ever wondered what office lunches looked like on the other side of the world?

Viking Blog did some research and found the most typical office lunches from ten different countries around the world. Data was taken through a series of surveys, reports, and statistics. Through these windows across space and time, we’re able to see what folks usually chow on during their mid-day meal.

Let’s take a look at these mouthwatering office lunches around the world:


Photo courtesy of Viking

Viking found that a large amount of Americans have pizza for lunch, with pepperoni as the most preferred topping. To balance the saltiness from the ‘za are Skittles, chocolate ice cream, and a Coke rounding out the typical US lunch.


Photo courtesy of Viking

In Austria, one could find a simple and savory offering of schnitzel (breaded and fried meat) served with herb potatoes. Types of schnitzel can vary with pork, turkey, chicken, beef, and veal being the most popular.


Photo courtesy of Viking

Feast your eyes on Brazil’s Feijoada, a bean stew that’s made with beef and pork. The popular lunch item is typically served with rice and coconut water. While not featured, cheesy tapioca bread, pao de queijo, pairs nicely with the stew.


Photo courtesy of Viking

You may find a hearty leek and potato soup in some office lunches in England. As a more solid offering, tuna sandwiches are also a common choice with Maltesers adding a sweet note to an office employee’s lunch break.


Photo courtesy of Viking

In France, a buttery sandwich made with slow-cooked ham called Jambon de Paris can be commonly found in lunch bags. One could also enjoy an elegant slice of apple pie with their lunch time meal.


Photo courtesy of Viking

Research found that German workers adore currywurst (curry sausage) for lunch. Since man cannot simply live on sausage alone, you would also find fries, an apple, and coffee on their lunch trays. Sounds absolutely divine.


Photo courtesy of Viking

What goes well with chai tea? How about a bountiful spread of Indian delicacies like rice and moongdal, peas and potato curry, chicken saagwala, and chapati. You bet we’d slip into a food coma after partaking in this satisfying lunch break.


Photo courtesy of Viking

We know if we worked in Italy, we’d be having pasta 24/7. Glad to see that tuna pasta is a fairly common lunch item in the country. One would also find fresh salad and espresso to balance out all those carbs.


Photo courtesy of Viking

A boxed lunch in the Netherlands would more than likely feature these sweet and simple items: a gouda sandwich, some grapes, and apple slices. Expect to spot these lunch foods in both an office setting and a school setting.


Photo courtesy of Viking

It’s not pizza, it’s pide. This traditional Turkish flatbread is topped with spinach and feta cheese. Some variations even include either lamb or beef. A typical Turkish beverage to go with the office lunch, of course, would be coffee.

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Irish People Try TGI Fridays For The First Time [WATCH]

A few months back, we got to tour TGI Fridays’ headquarters in Texas and try some of their new burgers. The restaurant chain has been around for decades and is one of America’s first major causal dining empires.

In their latest video, the folks over at Facts decided to sit down to try some staple dishes offered at the restaurant chain. Popular TGI Fridays items include loaded potato skins, buffalo chicken wings, Jack Daniel’s ribs, and caramel apple pie.

So you’ve got the apps, the entree, and the dessert. Nice.

The overall consensus of the menu seemed to be pretty positive, despite that one girl really disliking the Jack Daniel’s ribs. Check out the video to see their reactions to each of these dishes.

Now we’re hungry for potato skins. Great.

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Starbucks Japan’s Cherry Pie Frappuccino Has A PIE CRUST Lid

A few years ago, we asked the Starbucks next door to our office if they could come up with some of the wackiest drinks possible. They came up with some of the coolest drinks we’ve seen behind that green and white mermaid logo. These included a Neapolitan Frappuccino and a Blueberry Breakfast Shake with a muffin top lid. While all those drinks had their fair share of sugar, it was bittersweet knowing you wouldn’t be able to order at the coffee chain.

It seems Starbucks Japan is channeling those noble baristas with their new American Cherry Pie Frappuccino.

Arguably one of Starbucks’ most whimsical additions, the drink features a vanilla base that’s filled with bite-sized pieces of pie that sits between two layers of cherry compote. Sitting at the top of the already eye-catching drink is a pie crust dome that’s filled with whipped cream.

This flaky pie crust dome solves the problem we had when our barista neighbors created that frappuccino that was topped with a muffin: it would get soggy after a certain length of time. A pie crust should absorb less liquid and maintain that crunch throughout. Especially with that layer of compote to act as a buffer.

Eager beavers need to act fast as this item is only available April 13 to May 16 for 640 yen ($5.78 USD).

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Here’s A Guide To Some of 2017’s Tastiest Pi Day Deals

March 14th is here, which means it’s time for a bunch of pizza and pie-selling companies to offer up deals that celebrate Pi Day.

For those of you unfamiliar, Pi Day celebrates the date 3/14, which is the first three digits of the mathematical term “Pi.” Companies have been hopping on this day over recent years to feature special sales and discounts relating to pi, and this year is no exception,

We’ve taken a look at some of the tastiest deals that you can only get exclusively on Pi Day this year, all of which you don’t wanna miss.


Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza will be offering up any pizza with any toppings that you want for $3.14, with the only catch being that you have to go into one of their restaurants to get your hands on this cheap pie. They’ll also be giving away free pizza as part of their Facebook Live and Snapchat behind-the-scenes coverage on Pi Day, and will even have a special Snapchat filter to celebrate the occasion.


Marie Callender’s

The popular pie and restaurant chain has teamed up with 10 Below Ice Cream to develop an ice cream roll product called #OhMyPie. It’s got Marie Callender’s chocolate chip cookie dough pie as part of the rolled ice cream, and is topped with a variety of treats like teddy bear-shaped cookies. It’s only going to be available on Pi Day, and the first 314 customers get it for free.

There’s also a special Pi Day deal available to anyone who joins the Marie Callender’s E-Club by Pi Day, although the chain hasn’t revealed exactly what it is.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is jumping into Pi Days with a special discount on their pies and pizzas. You’ll get a $3.14 discount on any large pie from the bakery or any large take and bake pizza. It doesn’t count for pizzas baked in-house, sadly.

Dickey’s Barbeque Pit

The popular barbecue restaurant is giving a free slice of its pecan pie for any purchase of $10 or more. The offer can be redeemed online by entering the code “PIDAY” upon purchase.


If you signup for Pieology’s e-club, you’ll be able to get a special offer in your inbox for a $3.14 custom-built pizza. Between this and Blaze’s deal, you’ll be set for the day with pizza for a cool $6.28 if you use these two deals.

Boston Market

If you purchase a meal and drink on Pi Day, Boston Market will throw in a free Chicken Pot Pie to commemorate 3/14. All you have to do is print out this coupon and present it to get your pot pie.

Villa Italian Kitchen

Actually, you’ll be able to get 3 pizza pies for $3.14 each in one day if you have a Villa’s Italian Kitchen nearby. The chain is offering $3.14 for one full-size Neapolitan Cheese Pizza to each guest nationwide for Pi Day. All you have to do is download an online coupon from the website and present it at the time of purchase.



A post shared by Bojangles’ (@bojangles_1977) on

Bojangles is offering up three of its Sweet Potato Pies for a total of $3.14. These aren’t full-on dessert pies, but are rectangular-shaped “hand pies” that make for a tasty on-the-go snack inspired by Pi Day.

Hungry Howie’s

By ordering online, Hungry Howie’s guests can get a medium 1-topping pizza with the purchase of any “Howie Bread” for carryout at any of the chain’s 550 locations nationwide (except for those in Florida).


Grab all of these deals at once if you want, or just one or two. Either way, you’re guaranteed a mathematical discount and a load of cheap pizza or pie with any of these Pi Day deals.

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Getting Dessert Wasted With Pie Shots At This ‘Bar’ Are Our Idea Of A Good Time

Alright nerds! Its 3.14, and that means National Pi Day is here once again! Since it seems that we missed the actual ‘National Pie Day’ (which was on January 23rd), today will have to do!

If you’re anything like us, and getting pie wasted sounds like a fantastic way to spend an evening, then The Pie Bar, located in the heart of downtown Long Beach, CA, might be your next favorite dessert dive. It’s always a good idea to make friends with the ‘bartender’ and get a shot of your favorite pie flavors. They also offer flights, if your craving won’t be satisfied with just one kind of pie.

A post shared by Jacob Walker (@worldwide843) on

All handmade and baked fresh daily, The Pie Bar has pies in all sizes. Every month, they cycle through different flavors like Irish Cream Pie, Chocolate Stout Pie, Apple Pie, American… Pie (kidding). But in all seriousness, these pie shots are a great substitution for for those who are in a non-committal relationship with their dessert. Because that’s us.

Hit-Or-Miss Sweets Tastemade/Snapchat

Food Fight: Cake vs. Pie

This week, cakes and pies are ready to take a slice out of each other and dance on the meringues of their enemy. The dessert menu can be a daunting place and not everyone can handle the responsibility of choosing between these hallmarks of end-of-meal joy. That’s what we’re here for.




Photo: My Recipes and Moms With Girls

Cake: Even though a few savory cakes exist, the vast majority of cakes were meant for dessert. Sweetness can vary and ingredients include anything from spices to fruits. Cakes can also be enjoyed with or without frosting, depending on how sweet your teeth are.

Pie: If you’re alive, you probably love at least one pie. They can lean on the savory side, laden with meat and cheese, they can be filled with caramelized fruits, or they can be somewhere in between, like a squash-based pie.




Photo: The Caked Crusader and Serious Eats

Cake: Depending on the baker’s preference, a cake can be moist, fluffy, crumbly, dense, or a combination of these traits. In any case, the cake’s texture often directly correlates with how it tastes.

Pie: The crusts can have subtle nuances from pie to pie, but there’s an underlying consistency. Texture only diverges as to whether the crust is graham cracker/shortbread-based or dough-based. The filling can greatly impact crust choice and often dominates the mouthfeel of the pie.


Typical Event Use


Photo: The Laura Centre

Cake: Cakes tend to mark a special occasion like a birthday, wedding, or survival of the zombie apocalypse. Unless you have a baker in the family, you probably revel in the rare events in which you can have a slice.

Pie: Pie’s versatility makes it enjoyable year-round. Fruity pies often rule the summer while savory pies put hair on our chests in the winter. Sweet potato and pumpkin pies bookend our holiday meals while various cultural meat pies hold different levels of significance throughout the year.


Shelf Life


Photo: Empire Supplies

Cake: If stored properly, you can get 2-4 days of counter life from a cake and 2-3 months in the freezer. Fruitcakes, resilient as ever, can last at least three years in a fridge or freezer, but many have been recorded as lasting decades.

Pie: Regardless of their fillings, pies last 1-3 days in the fridge. Fruit pies can last eight months in a freezer, but the ingredient variables in other pies estimate freezer life to be anywhere from 1-6 months.


Winner: Cheesecake


Photo: Foods and Recipes

Sorry for the M. Night Shyamalan plot twist, but, let’s be perfectly real, no one wants to choose between cake and pie. The Greeks and Italians made sure we would never have to by inventing the cheesecake. Savory and sweet, often baked, yet served cool, cheesecake is the perfect middle ground for when you want the best of both worlds.

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Watch Irish People Try Thanksgiving Foods For The First Time

While our nation frantically prepares for Thanksgiving festivities, there’s a whole different culture on the other side of the world that’s bracing themselves to try Thanksgiving dishes for the first time.

Facts, the channel that lets Irish folks try foods and snacks of different cultures, is opening up Thanksgiving dinner to their test group.

The panel of young lads and lasses try classic Thanksgiving dishes like butternut squash soup, scalloped potatoes, roasted carrots, turkey and cornbread stuffing with cranberry sauce, and pecan pie.

While some claim familiarity with a few dishes, others are trying the holiday staples for the first time ever.

Check out their reactions to Thanksgiving foods to get your saliva  glands nice and moist for the holiday.

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The 9 Best Pies You Can Find Across The US


You can make friends with pies. I mean that as both pies being a connection between two people and pies becoming your go-to on bad days. Pies will for sure always cheer you up. They’ll listen to your problems, they’ll fix riffs, and they’ll never let you down, as long as it’s good pie.

There’s a lot of terrible (pie) in the world, so you need to know who (has pie that) will never betray you. To make things easier on you, I’ve listed what could be considered the nine best pies in the country.


1. Fat Elvis Pie @ Hoosier Mama Pie Company

Chicago, Illinois; Evanston, Illinois

Bonked out in flavor as tribute to “The King,” this dirty saint-like tall order comes packed with chocolate, peanut butter, and bananas. The crust is equally good reason to write home about, as it’s a graham cracker-peanut-pretzel hybrid of sugary zen.


2. Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie @ Honeypie Cafe

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Celebrating classic recipes with modern approaches, this spot’s magnum opus of sweet melds chocolate and banana custards. Then you’ve got graham cracker crust on the bottom and fresh whipped cream at the top. All their pies are made in small batches from scratch, always using locally sourced ingredients. You could be from states away, and you’d still feel at home with a bite of this perfect pie.


3. The Drunken Turtle Pie @ Pie Junkie

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

A photo posted by Pie Junkie (@piejunkieokc) on

Fudge, pecans, and salted bourbon caramel run wild here, conjuring up mythical flavor. Hell, this thing would be an urban legend if the locals weren’t so adamant you try it. The masterwork looks like a chocolatey oasis where your problems don’t exist. Good luck not whispering your fears and ambitions into it as you accidentally eat the whole thing.


4. Blueberry Cream Pie @ Briermere Farms

Riverhead, New York

This daydream of a pie is fresh perfection. Fluffy whipped cream hoists up heaps of moist blueberries, held together by flaky crust. If you’re a berry person, this is how you wished all pies looked as a kid. The fact that this is sold at a little farm stand only makes it seem more like picturesque Americana.


5. Sweet Potato Pie @ Pie-O-Neer Cafe

Pie Town, New Mexico

A photo posted by karinmenghini (@karinmenghini) on

At a truly roadside attraction, you’ll find this blessed invention. Whether it’s the molasses version (with molasses, pureed yams, heavy cream, and nutmeg) or the pecan-oat (featuring a sweet potato bottom and a pecan-oat top), this celebrated cafe is your chance to indulge. Also comes with a side of small-town friendliness.


6. Michigan 4-Berry Pie @ Achatz Handmade Pie Co.

Michigan: Ann Arbor, Armada, Beverly Hills, Chesterfield, Oxford, Shelby Twp, Troy

A photo posted by Erika Houser (@ehouser1221) on

Despite being a regional chain, this thread of dessert outposts go at their treats with a mom-and-pop dedication, and this is their signature, best-selling pie for a reason. Local tart cherries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries team up beneath a heavenly pastry crust that’ll taste like there are still grandmothers setting these things on windowsills to cool.


7. Chocolate Haupia Cream Pie @ Ted’s Bakery

Haleiwa, Hawaii


Photo: Teds Bakery

A blessing you can eat, this elegant beauty looks like the dessert movie couples feed each other on balconies the night of their anniversary. It’s rich, smooth, dark chocolate, and custard cream layered with haupia (Hawaiian coconut milk pudding) that’s then topped with whipped cream. It’s basically an edible love affair.


8. Salty Honey Pie @ Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Brooklyn, New York

A photo posted by birdsblack (@birdsblack) on

Run by two sisters who learned tricks of the treat trade from their grandmother on a rural South Dakota farm, this shop relies on locally sourced organic ingredients bought according to the season. They want fresh tastes for killer flavors. This local favorite gives you exactly what you hope for and expect: a honey pie topped with sea salt and rounded out with a decorative crust.


9. Lord of the Pies @ Emporium Pies

Dallas, Texas

A photo posted by Roadfood (@roadfood) on

Living up to its punny name (but with a much happier ending, of course), this edible wonder of the world sees ten apples soft-baked into the shop’s homemade caramel. Does it end there? Hell no. Then it’s topped with crispy cinnamon streusel before earning its honorable title by way of a buttery, flaky crust rising lord-like over all that is good.