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Dominique Ansel’s All-You-Can-Eat Pie Buffet Features AL PASTOR PIE

Dominique Ansel is putting together an Avengers-like ensemble of figureheads for an upcoming all-you-can-eat pie buffet. One of the most intriguing creations for the event, however, is an Al Pastor Pie of his own design.

Photo courtesy of 189 by Dominique Ansel

That pie, featured at the top of the above photo, is one of many that will be available at Pie Nights, a four-night dinner and experience at Ansel’s Los Angeles restaurant, 189. The Al Pastor pie comes with slow-cooked al pastor, spit-roasted pineapple, corn, tomato, chilies, and lime, making it one of the more unique savory pies in the ensemble.

Al pastor, in particular, has already been at the heart of some fusions, like the viral Al Pastor Pizza, so it’s interesting to see it being used in another format.

Other pies at this lineup include a chocolate cream pie designed by Wolfgang Puck, a brisket shepherd’s pie from the mind of Aaron Franklin, green chile chicken pot pie from Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and a sour cherry crostata imagined by legendary food writer Ruth Reichl.

Pie Nights will happen from October 8th-11th, with two 90-minute seatings available each night at 6 and 8pm. Tickets, which go on sale on this website at 12 PM PST on September 20th, are $59 for all-you-can-eat pie plus ice cream to get the sweet ones a la mode. A special craft cocktail you can top off throughout the night will also be served, as well as warm mulled cider for the road home.

Fast Food

Chick-fil-A Officially Launches KEY LIME Frosted Drink Nationwide

Photo Courtesy of Chick-fil-A

Last October, it was discovered that Chick-fil-A restaurants were testing a Key Lime Pie-flavored drink in the Austin, TX, area. A take on the popularized Florida dessert, the beverage was met with a pretty positive reception from customers. So much so that it’s becoming official.

Chick-fil-A has just announced that the Frosted Key Lime will be making a national release beginning Monday, March 18.

A hand-spun combination of the chain’s vanilla IceDream, Lemonade, and a natural sugar-free lime flavoring, the beverage will be sold in stores across the country.

Fans of Key Lime, just be sure to savor this slowly. Brain freeze is no joke.

If you’re hoping to get your hands on this frosted beverage, make sure to hustle. The limited-time drink will be available through May 25 or while supplies last.

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A Guide To The 2019 Pi Day Deals You’ll Want A Slice Of

March 14th, aka Pi Day, has evolved into one of the tastiest days of the year. Sure, the date itself plays a part into it, but it’s more so the fact that food brands are willing to get their geek on to help save us a few bucks.

Nowadays, celebrators of the math holiday will find several deals to make it easier to get their grub on. Whether it be free slices of pie or whole pizzas on offer, the Pi Day deals happening in 2019 are showing just how much folks are buying into the concept.

Here’s a look at some of the dopest Pi Day offers chains and restaurants are dropping this year.

Blaze Pizza

Photo courtesy of Blaze Pizza

The build-your-own pizza chain is going to offer up whole pies for just $3.14 apiece, which translates to over a 50% discount on virtually any pizza on the menu. You do have to be using the Blaze Pizza app to redeem the deal, but you’ve got until March 14th to get it downloaded and score the coupon.

Marie Callendar’s

Photo courtesy of Marie Callendar’s

Any slice of Marie Callendar’s 20-plus pie varieties will be given out for free on Pi Day. To redeem, simply download a coupon off of their website and redeem it at the restaurant.

Boston Market

Photo courtesy of Boston Market

Boston Market is offering up a buy one, get one free (BOGO) deal on their Chicken Pot Pies. It does require a coupon off of Boston Market’s website to redeem, but you can show it on your phone as well.


Domino’s has a coupon in partnership with RetailMeNot that gets you a BOGO pizza deal through March 18th. This link accesses the coupon and applies it to your Domino’s order before you even start, but it does require a unique code at checkout that’ll be copied to your clipboard.


Photo courtesy of Bertucci’s

Buying one large pizza at East Coast Italian chain Bertucci’s gets you a discounted second large cheese or Bertucci (pepperoni) pizza for $3.14.



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Kroger stores around the country will have whole pies on sale for $3.14 each. The Kroger family of stores includes Ralph’s, Harris Teeter, Kroger, Food 4 Less, and several other grocers.

The Pizza Press


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Southern California pizza chain The Pizza Press has a few various deals happening, based on location. Some stores will have BOGO pizzas, while others will be selling them for $3.14 each. The best way to know which location near you has which deals going on is to check their Instagram and Twitter feeds.

Milk Bar


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There’s only one solution to #PiDay – TWO desserts. Crack Pie a la Mode. All stores. Tomorrow.

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Christina Tosi’s beloved dessert shop chain will be giving out slices of Crack Pie a la Mode for a discounted $10 on Pi Day. The only exception to this is the Vegas location, where the cost will be $12.

California Pizza Kitchen


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On March 14th, you can get a slice of Key Lime Pie from participating CPK locations for $3.14 per piece. These will be available in limited quantities.


Pieology’s Pi Day deal is a buy one pizza, get one for $3.14 deal. This, however, only applies to their Artisan Thin Pizzas lineup, and isn’t applicable to the other crusts or styles they offer.


Photo courtesy of 7-Eleven

7-Eleven is capitalizing on Pi Day to promote their 7Now app, which can be used to get up to 2 whole pizzas for $3.14 each via delivery. There’s also 50-cent slices available in stores, requiring the app to get the necessary coupon to redeem.


On Pi Day, you can go to any Bojangles location and nab a trio of their Sweet Potato Hand Pies for $3.14 in total. They’re also giving out $10 gift cards for answering trivia questions on Twitter, like the one above.


Photo courtesy of BJ’s

On Pi Day, you can score a Mini Deep Dish pizza, made with a single topping of your choice, for $3.14 at BJ’s locations nationwide. You can only utilize this deal when dining in.


This UberEats deal can be applied to basically any restaurant serving pizza, as those restaurants will get a $3.14 delivery fee reduction with the code PIDAY19. The promo is good through March 17th, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see other delivery apps popping up with last-minute discount codes as well.


This Is What Hospital Food Looks Like Around The World

Hospital foods have a reputation for being subpar. The media almost always depicts hospice cuisine as colorless vegetables, mushy meat, or luminescent Jell-O. However, hospital food can be more than what we see on TV. In fact, one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had came from a hospital cafeteria.

Have you ever wondered what types of foods different hospital foods serve around the world?

Sunbelt Staffing compiled some research from different hospital menus around the world and created this delicious look at all the different menu offerings one would find.

Here are some gorgeous examples of the foods served in hospitals around the world.


Menu: Quiche, fig and walnut salad, an eclair, and apple juice.


Menu: Chorizo and pepper rice, fruit salad, and orange juice.


Menu: Buckwheat pudding, cottage cheese, and coffee.


Menu: An omelette with tomato and pepper salsa, chopped papaya, and a glass of water.


Menu: Creamed beef, peas and corn, strudel, and bread.


Menu: Gnocchi with tomato sauce, an apple and a plum, and a glass of water.

United States

Menu: Chicken pot pie, broccoli, a chocolate chip cookie, and coffee.

United Kingdom

Menu: A cornish pastry, savoy cabbage, rice pudding, and a cup of tea.


Menu: Baked salmon, peas and carrots, corn, and a glass of water.


Menu: Plum chicken, rice, a chopped apple, and a glass of cranberry juice.

Photos: Sunbelt Staffing

Slice Into This Year’s Mouthwatering Pi Day Deals

Pi Day is nearly upon us and those familiar with the mathematical formula know that it falls on March 14 (3/14 = 3.14). While I wasn’t too big on math in school, I can say with a slice of cheesy delight that I live for Pi Day.

There’s no other time of the year where you can get mad deals on both pizzas and pies, enjoying both dinner and dessert in one fell swoop of deliciousness.

In celebration of Pi Day, restaurants have begun offering deals and specials for patrons to sink their teeth into during the day named after the first three digits of the infinite number.

Check out some of the specials you need to keep an eye out for!

Blaze Pizza

Deal: Blaze Pizza is offering a pizza for $3.14 for in-restaurant orders.

Where: All Blaze Pizza locations in the US except: Disney Springs, Houston Airport, UCLA, Staples Center, and George Mason University.


Deal: &pizza will host free weddings for local couples at no cost to them. The package includes flowers, photography, food and beverages, and a ceremony itself. The store will also be open for customers to join in on the Pi Day wedding festivities.

Where: DC, New York City, Baltimore, and Philly.

Boston Market

Deal: Boston Market is offering a BOGO deal for Pi Day. Buy one Pot Pie and a drink and you’ll get one Pot Pie for free. You can find the coupon for it here.

Where: All participating Boston Market locations.


Deal: After you sign up for Pie life, Pieology’s eClub, you’ll receive a coupon for a $3.14 pizza.

Location: All participating US locations of Pieology, you can double check which ones specifically on this list of restaurants.

Hungry Howie’s

Deal: If you buy a regularly-priced Hungry Bread on March 13 or March 14, you’ll be able to get a medium one-topping pizza for $3.14.

Where: All all participating Hungry Howie’s locations except for Florida stores.

Whole Foods

Deal: Patrons of Whole Foods can get $3.14 off both large bakery pies and large take-and-bake pizza from the store. The varieties of pies and pizzas may vary depending on the store, but flavors include: pumpkin pie, apple pie, gluten-free apple pie, cherry pie, pepperoni pizza, cheese pizza, and vegan pizza.

Where: All participating Whole Foods locations.

Winston Pies

Photo: Winston Pies

Deal: Winston Pies is offering a flakey, buttery hand pie for $3.14. Flavors include Harvest Apple, Blue Ridge Bluberry, Dixie Classic Cherry, and Chocolate Cowgirl. Winson Pies will also hide a Golden Ticket in the packaging for one pie that day and the finder of that ticket gets a free mini pie.

Where: The Los Angeles location of Winston Pies.

Villa Italian Kitchen

Deal: You can bite into an entire Cheese Neapolitan Pie for $3.14 at Villa Italian Kitchen on Pi Day.

Where: Any participating Villa Italian Kitchen locations.


How To Save Your Food From These 14 Kitchen Errors

You’ve been slaving over the stove to make the perfect dish, and all you’ve got left to do is add that last pinch of salt, dash of hot sauce, or touch of sugar to make it divine. Of course, your body decides to have a klutz moment right then and there and bam! Your culinary masterpiece is ruined by a tragic error. Fortunately, you don’t have to toss everything out and start over, because you can save some dishes after the mistake happens. Here’s how to simply solve some of these kitchen nightmares and to keep them from ruining your meal.

Desalting an Oversalted Dish

If you’ve put too much salt into your food, you can increase the other flavor components to balance everything out or add some starch to draw the salt back out. That way, you won’t be left with a nasty feeling in your mouth afterwards.

Saving Greasy Sauces and Gravies

If you’ve got a layer of oil at the top of your sauce or gravy you want to get rid of, just add a cold steel dish to the gravy. The oil will stick to the steel after some time, meaning you can enjoy a grease-free dish with this swift life hack.

Toning Down A Meal That’s Too Spicy

Adding sugar, dairy, or more ingredients to help distribute and dilute the spiciness in food is a great way to tone down the heat. That way, you don’t have to blow your mouth off just to have lunch.

Thickening Sauces That Are Too Thin

There’s several ways to thicken sauces, whether it be through starches like cornstarch or arrowroot, or even through fats like butter or cheese. The simplest way, though is to reduce the sauce until enough water evaporates to create the consistency you’re looking for. Bon Appetit!

Rescuing Burnt Rice

While burnt rice may seem all but lost, you can save the part that isn’t scorched and get rid of the smell, too. Simply add some bread on top of the rice for a few minutes, and it’ll take in that flavor and leave your rice tasting fresh. Simple, yet extremely effective.

Saving A Broken Mayonnaise

When your mayonnaise splits, you may feel like it’s the end of the world and you have to start all over. However, through simple blending, water, and an egg yolk, your mayo will be back to full strength before you know it.

Keeping Treats From Getting Too Sweet

Sometimes, desserts can overload on the sugar to give you that cloying feel in your mouth that’s just awful. However, through acid, spice, diluting, or alternative sweeteners, you can change things up and keep yourself from feeling sickly when eating that special treat.

Unstick Your Sticky, Overcooked Noodles

We’ve all been there with the overcooked noodles, but we don’t have to eat them in sadness. Adding some cold water will help loosen things up and allow us to slurp at our leisure.

Rewhipping Overbeaten Whipped Cream

It can be difficult to tell when you’ve overworked homemade whipped cream, but if you’re in that conundrum, don’t panic. A simple addition of a little more cream to the bowl will allow you to rework and whip the cream back to where it should be, saving your decadent whipped delight.

Repair A Cracked Pie Crust

If your pie crust has cracked on you, you can repair it back together with some “glue.” In this case, that glue is a paste of flour and water that you can bake into the pie crust and keep everything together. If you’re a pie rookie, this is definitely a life-saver.

Removing Broken Eggshell Pieces

When that piece of eggshell gets into your cracked eggs, it can be a pain to try and drag it out. Fortunately, eggs come with a built-in solution to the problem, as the larger pieces of shell can easily remove the tiny broken bits inside. Now your eggs won’t be crunchy in the morning anymore.

Rehydrating Dried Poultry Meat

Chicken and turkey are both incredibly easy to overcook, making them taste dry. With some chicken stock and gravy, however, you can restore their moist texture and nobody will ever know that you messed up on the Thanksgiving turkey… again.

Fixing A Broken Buttercream Frosting

Buttercream frostings break because of temperature, and whether yours be too hot or too cold, there’s simple ways to revert the temperature back to where you need it to be. Once you do so, you’ll have the perfect frosting for cupcakes and more.

Smoothing Out Clumpy Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate sauces can seize up and go clumpy if cooked improperly, but there’s an easy save. Incorporating enough moisture to dissolve the clumps by adding water, cream, or another liquid gives you the second chance you need to make that smooth, glossy chocolate sauce everyone will be dying over.


Entire Thanksgiving Dinner As Ice Cream Will Satisfy The Kid In All Of Us

Our childhood dreams of having dessert for dinner has come true, thanks to the culinary magicians at Salt & Straw.

From November 1-22, you can experience a full Thanksgiving dinner in the form of decadent ice cream at Salt & Straw’s locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portland.

It’s a little mind-boggling to imagine savory dishes (like TURKEY) transformed into a sweet treat, but before you knock it, take a look at the website descriptions of the five new flavors Salt & Straw is offering for the “Thanksgiving Dinner of Ice Cream”.

Sweet Potato Casserole With Maple Pecans

We roast sweet potatoes down and mix them with cream and sugar to make a sweet, spicy, sticky ice cream. Then we mix in Oregon pecans caramelized with maple sugar. And then of course you have to add some marshmallow, so we top it off with hand-churned ribbons of our own delicious homemade gooey maple fluff.

Buttered Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

We’ve made over 600 different flavors of ice cream, and this is hands-down the most savory one we’ve ever served. We make a potato-flavored ice cream, thanks to the real potatoes we boil down until the starch turns to sugar, and then stir in our own homemade gravy fudge made from two mashed-up recipes, pun very much intended. The result is a super-dense, super-creamy ice cream that tastes sweet and salty with hints of chocolate, coffee and yes, baked mashed potato.

Persimmon Walnut Stuffing

Our stuffing course tastes like a warm spice cake, thanks to the chopped-up pieces of homemade toasted stuffing made with walnuts and bourbon raisins we add to a savory spiced ice cream. Why yes that is olive oil, salt, pepper and coriander, how insightful of your taste buds to notice. And for a sweet finish, we add roasted persimmons, made with fruit grown locally at Apricot Farms.

Spiced Goat Cheese & Pumpkin Pie

What makes pumpkin pie so delicious? We think it’s the creaminess of the custardy filling. So we challenged ourselves to figure out how to make this ice cream taste just like that. We start with goat-cheese ice cream, which we sprinkle with pumpkin pie spices, but the generous helping of mashed pumpkin we fold and swirl in really steals the show. If there were ever an ice cream that actually warms your face, this is the one. It’s the perfect end to a Thanksgiving meal of ice cream.

…and the pièce de résistance…

Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without turkey, but how exactly do we make it into deliciously salty, creamy ice cream? Two ways! We cook turkey stock mixed with sugar, spices and onions down until it bubbles into a caramel, which creates the base of the salted caramel ice cream.  And we also roast turkey skin until it’s crispy and then candy-coat it and mix bits of that in, too. So you could almost call this Double Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey.

Sounds irresistible now, doesn’t it?

Don’t fret if you don’t live near a Salt & Straw, as you’re able to order all the pints your heart desires and have them delivered in time for the holidays. It’ll be like having Thanksgiving dinner twice with just one food coma!

Culture Features

Here’s How Office Lunches Look Around The World

You’re halfway through your work day and your stomach is rumbling. Guess it’s time for lunch. As you sit there eating your salad, or leftover burrito, have you ever wondered what office lunches looked like on the other side of the world?

Viking Blog did some research and found the most typical office lunches from ten different countries around the world. Data was taken through a series of surveys, reports, and statistics. Through these windows across space and time, we’re able to see what folks usually chow on during their mid-day meal.

Let’s take a look at these mouthwatering office lunches around the world:


Photo courtesy of Viking

Viking found that a large amount of Americans have pizza for lunch, with pepperoni as the most preferred topping. To balance the saltiness from the ‘za are Skittles, chocolate ice cream, and a Coke rounding out the typical US lunch.


Photo courtesy of Viking

In Austria, one could find a simple and savory offering of schnitzel (breaded and fried meat) served with herb potatoes. Types of schnitzel can vary with pork, turkey, chicken, beef, and veal being the most popular.


Photo courtesy of Viking

Feast your eyes on Brazil’s Feijoada, a bean stew that’s made with beef and pork. The popular lunch item is typically served with rice and coconut water. While not featured, cheesy tapioca bread, pao de queijo, pairs nicely with the stew.


Photo courtesy of Viking

You may find a hearty leek and potato soup in some office lunches in England. As a more solid offering, tuna sandwiches are also a common choice with Maltesers adding a sweet note to an office employee’s lunch break.


Photo courtesy of Viking

In France, a buttery sandwich made with slow-cooked ham called Jambon de Paris can be commonly found in lunch bags. One could also enjoy an elegant slice of apple pie with their lunch time meal.


Photo courtesy of Viking

Research found that German workers adore currywurst (curry sausage) for lunch. Since man cannot simply live on sausage alone, you would also find fries, an apple, and coffee on their lunch trays. Sounds absolutely divine.


Photo courtesy of Viking

What goes well with chai tea? How about a bountiful spread of Indian delicacies like rice and moongdal, peas and potato curry, chicken saagwala, and chapati. You bet we’d slip into a food coma after partaking in this satisfying lunch break.


Photo courtesy of Viking

We know if we worked in Italy, we’d be having pasta 24/7. Glad to see that tuna pasta is a fairly common lunch item in the country. One would also find fresh salad and espresso to balance out all those carbs.


Photo courtesy of Viking

A boxed lunch in the Netherlands would more than likely feature these sweet and simple items: a gouda sandwich, some grapes, and apple slices. Expect to spot these lunch foods in both an office setting and a school setting.


Photo courtesy of Viking

It’s not pizza, it’s pide. This traditional Turkish flatbread is topped with spinach and feta cheese. Some variations even include either lamb or beef. A typical Turkish beverage to go with the office lunch, of course, would be coffee.