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Getting Dessert Wasted With Pie Shots At This ‘Bar’ Are Our Idea Of A Good Time

Alright nerds! Its 3.14, and that means National Pi Day is here once again! Since it seems that we missed the actual ‘National Pie Day’ (which was on January 23rd), today will have to do!

If you’re anything like us, and getting pie wasted sounds like a fantastic way to spend an evening, then The Pie Bar, located in the heart of downtown Long Beach, CA, might be your next favorite dessert dive. It’s always a good idea to make friends with the ‘bartender’ and get a shot of your favorite pie flavors. They also offer flights, if your craving won’t be satisfied with just one kind of pie.

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All handmade and baked fresh daily, The Pie Bar has pies in all sizes. Every month, they cycle through different flavors like Irish Cream Pie, Chocolate Stout Pie, Apple Pie, American… Pie (kidding). But in all seriousness, these pie shots are a great substitution for for those who are in a non-committal relationship with their dessert. Because that’s us.