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Behold The Toy That Slaps You In The Face With Whipped Cream [Unboxed]

There are few things more embarrassing than watching your boss quiver in terror as a tiny toy threatens to toss whipped cream in his face.

Enter said toy, The “Pie Face Showdown.” It requires two players to rest their chins on the toy while they furiously mash on a button in a fervent tug-of-war type of struggle, hoping not to get a creamy load to the face. Our own Elie Ayrouth and Rudy Chaney gave the game a shot, and didn’t know what to expect during the latest episode of ‘Unboxed’ for Foodbeast.

Maybe we got a defective one, but this game was a mess from the start as the little hand that’s supposed to slap you, came turned upside down. So not only does this thing slap you with cream, it backhand’s you.

In a bit of an anticlimactic scene, the toy didn’t exactly slap Elie. It just kind of slowly caressed his cheek. But that didn’t stop Elie from being terrified at the sight of the lever slowly making its way to his face.

Apparently others have had better luck with the game that we have:

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Maybe not quite the slap you’d expect, but folks still have a good time with it.