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Rick and Morty Doughnuts Arrive At Krispy Kremes In Australia And New Zealand

Photo courtesy of Krispy Kreme Australia

Grandfather and grandson duo Rick and Morty have traveled through countless dimensions over the past four seasons of the series and now they’ve found themselves at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. In the dimension this article is written in, Krispy Kreme Australia has released an entire menu of Rick and Morty-themed doughnuts.

Based on the groundbreaking Adult Swim animated series, the special edition doughnuts not only come in unique flavors based off the television show, but also some pretty sweet packaging.

Photo courtesy of Krispy Kreme Australia

Customers will find a Strawberry Smiggles Doughnut, Simple Rick’s Wafer Cookie Doughnut, and a Pickle Rick Doughnut. The chain is also offering a Fleeb Juice Shake to round out the zany new collaboration all served within a limited edition doughnut box.

The Krispy Kreme x Rick and Morty collaboration will only be available at participating locations in Australia for a limited time. Fans, make sure to get your hands on a portal gun, or drive to your nearest location if you want to cop a doughnut. Hopefully in another reality, Krispy Kreme releases this in the US.

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Pickle Rick Pringles Are Real And Coming Soon

Ever since McDonald’s took advantage of their unintentional Rick & Morty hype, collaborations with the popular show seem to be the golden ticket.

Pringles grabbed that ticket as they will unveil a special edition “Pickle Rick” flavor this coming Super Bowl Sunday, at grocery stores nationwide.

“We want to do something completely new for the brand for the 2020 Big Game, and are thrilled to be partnering with Adult Swim and Rick and Morty,” said Gareth Maguire, senior director of marketing for Pringles. “We hope the new special edition Pickle Rick flavor will be a hit with the show’s fans.”

In the Emmy Award-winning “Pickle Rick” episode, the show’s protagonist turns himself into a pickle-person, and goes on an epic journey. It’s kind of hard to explain if you haven’t watched the show, but it was great, and the potato chip maker is smart to pick up on this.

Pringles already has a dill pickle flavor, and we can’t imagine it being much different, but the chip container is what everyone will care about anyway. The can is completely wrapped in a green pickle color, while Pickle Rick’s face adorns the front.

As far as Super Bowl Sunday, Pringles will be running a 30-second Rick and Morty-themed ad during the second quarter of the game.

Pringles did not indicate that this will be a limited release, but you’re probably going to want to get your hands on one early, as there is a strong possibility that they’ll be flying off store shelves.