Portable Cup Makes a 30-Second Espresso in the Microwave


Don’t have ten minutes to commit to a slow pour-over, French press, or even the classic coffee maker? Does the thought of drinking coffee in 31 different ways give you an absolute headache? For those especially impatient coffee drinkers, here’s a portable espresso maker that brews your beverage in 30 seconds.

The Piamo features a tiny espresso cup that includes a filter and water chamber. You fill the chamber with water, insert ground coffee into the filter, stack them together, flip, and attach the cup. Pop in the microwave for 30 seconds and you’ve got a shot of espresso.


It’s a pretty cool concept, especially since the entire thing is completely portable.  However, like the Keurig, you probably have to sacrifice taste and quality for speed. The video for the Piamo is adorable though, cute chalkboard cartoons ahead: