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‘Dogs In Food’ Is By Far The Cutest IG Account You Aren’t Following

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If there are two things the internet loves, it’s food and puppies, and this Instagram account masterfully combines both.

Meet “@dogs_infood,” the account that uses Photoshop for the betterment of mankind.

Incredible thought and precision goes into each post, as it’s not just randomly Photoshopping a dog on a food photo. The colors and textures are blended in perfectly, as in one photo, a puppy’s fur can melds seamlessly with taco meat, and in another, a white terrier can look almost exactly like a tub of popcorn.

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Perhaps the best part of Dogs in Food, is that you can have your own four-legged friend inserted in a dish. The bio states, “DM me if you want an edit of your dog in food.” That means if you want your cute little pooch transfixed into a bowl of mom’s spaghetti, this account can probably make it happen.

The very first post can be traced back to late January, and as of this writing, only has 28 posts, though it has already accrued a strong following of around 35,000+.

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Check it out for yourself, and bask in all the irresistible cuteness.

Frenchie marshmallow sundae with hot fudge #decadent

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Reddit Was Asked To Photoshop This Eggplant And The Results Are Hilarious

PsBattle: This eggplant with arms

Leave it to the Photoshop geniuses/comedians on Reddit to turn a simple vegetable into something hilarious.

Reddit user Pidiotpong uploaded the above photo of an odd eggplant with some stubs coming out of it that look like arms to the popular site. Pidiotpong challenged users to come up with creative Photoshop masterpieces to transform the eggplant, with results being nothing short of epic hilarity.

Turns out the oddly-shaped eggplant fits in perfectly with the McDonald’s fam. Who would’ve thought?


Eggplants could be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. At least in this Reddit user’s mind, that is.

Okay, this actually fits the face of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh way too well.

Be Aubergine Guest

Movies were a common theme for this eggplant to get Photoshopped into, including as a character in Disney’s iconic Beauty and the Beast…

the odd green thing in Robin Williams Flubber…

or this eggplant that will never let go.


Apparently, this eggplant can also pass off as a Pokemon.

All of these pictures were ingeniously crafted and downright funny to scroll through. There’s a ton more pictures to look up, so take a look for yourself and see which eggplant creations you fancy.

Just don’t go for the special eggplant.

Health Hit-Or-Miss Humor

Whole Foods Completely Botched Their Ad By Not Understanding Shadows


We’ve seen quite a few marketing blunders in the last year when it comes to popular food brands. Whether it’s a noticeably fake CGI burger or ridiculous editing, companies should know by now that keen consumers will surely spot and put on blast any error in Photoshop.

Take this Whole Foods ad for example.

In a recent Reddit post, a user received a flyer for a new Whole Foods that just opened in the Santa Clara Square Marketplace. In it, five people are walking to and from the health food store. The problem, the shadows of the drawn people are facing three different directions.

Hopefully, Whole Foods puts more of their money into their stores rather than their designers. Clearly this was a rookie mistake.

Photo: Reddit

Carl’s Jr. Insists This Photoshopped Burger Was Actually Bitten Into

After we savagely mocked NFL star Todd Gurley’s photoshopped attempt at eating a Carl’s Jr. California Classic cheeseburger, the fast food restaurant has clapped back — in a tweet — claiming they have footage of him eating the actual sandwich.

The tweet, which has no actual link, but a lo-res GIF that shows Gurley “taking a bite,” is Carl’s Jr.’s latest attempt at staying relevant. The commercial is so bad we didn’t even have to mention Jay Mohr was the co-star. We get it, low budget talent for high budget effects. Also, notice how Gurley has the EXACT same reaction with each bite.

Nice try, Carl’s. We’re still not buying it. A lo-res GIF, really? At least give us some behind-the-scenes outtakes. This clap-back is worse than your attempt at trying to recreate a Carl’s Jr. version of In-N-Out’s Double-Double. Don’t get us started on which one is better.

The only thing that we will praise you on is the fact that with this GIF, you’re essentially admitting the aired version of the commercial was edited, which we already knew. That’s why we made this GIF.

So, in the end a graphic designer added some Thousand Island dressing on Gurley’s mouth post-bite, but that still doesn’t mean he actually ate anything. C’mon, Carl’s you don’t got to lie to kick it.


Breathtaking Photos of Models Wearing Nothing But Spilled Milk [NSFW]


Photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz has wielded together the power of high-speed photography, nude chicks and delicious milk to create a breathtaking series of pin-ups. The project was inspired by the classic pin-ups from the 40’s and 50’s and will end in a compilation of 12 photos for a 2014 “Milky Pin-Ups Calendar.”

The allusion of models wearing milk is created by layering splashes from hundreds of photographs. Each individual photo requires the model to be splashed with actual milk, the image caught with the help of high speed strobes. None of the milk featured in Wieczorkiewicz’s work is illustrated. Instead, a lot of patience from both the photographer and model is required.

As for the lucky bloke who gets to pour milk on nude ladies all day? Gosh, do we feel sorry for him.






H/T The Roosevelts + PicThx Aurum Light


Stop! Han Solo Fridge Needs to Become a Reality


It’s been a rough summer. Google “2013 heat wave” and you’ll come up with pages of cities, states, countries, and continents whining about the brutal temperatures this year. With power outages and scary “don’t leave your house, seriously, like, ever” warnings coming at us left and right, what’s a melting Star Wars fan to do?

Apparently, invest in Photoshop. That’s what the winner(s) of the Fridges contest at did. And while it’s not real, it’d probably be perfect to store your C3PO candy and lightsaber pocky.

Perfect. Great job, guys, just really stunning work. We’ve got a workable prototype. Now who’s gonna build it? I say we start the bidding at 1500 Ralltiiri colonials — and yes, I did have to look that up.

PicThx B3TA


Edit Your Meals with the iPlate!

The new iPlate series by Ted Borka, takes playing with your food to a much more professional level. The French illustrator writes:

Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to manage the details of one’s own life, like we manipulate images on software like Photoshop? Who has never thought to do ‘apple Z’ after breaking a glass?

There are so many possibilities with this concept. I’d love to duplicate a doughnut, or enlarge a steak. These plates bring creativity into meal time and are overall pretty darn fun to just look at! The iPlates can be purchased (presale) at Ulule. Be ahead of the curve:

via: psfk


Andy Warhol Cheeseburger

Today was very productive, but I got sidetracked and somewhere between burning incense and tying a para chord lanyard for my knife, I decided to get artsy. I took a cheeseburger and turned it fruity, Andy Warhol style. Someone once asked Warhol, “Which colors are right?” to which he replied, “How do you know which colors are wrong?” The contrasts of the colors really allow the cheeseburger to stand out no matter which way you look at it. I’m thinking about making this into wallpaper for my room.