TOASTIE: A Step-By-Step Guide to Taking a Selfie with Toast


For anyone sick to death of seeing selfies posted on their social media feeds, here’s a way raise the bar. Apparently, it’s possible to take a selfie of yourself on a piece of toast. Provided you have the time and equipment, or enough internet savvy to place an order at Burnt Impressions, home of the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corp.

CEO and President Galen Dively explained the process for creating images of people on toast  to Mashable. Dively bought a CNC Plasma Cutter, a computerized metal cutting machine that creates requisite plates. The company makes novelty toasters with various logos, including the famous Jesus face. Now you can submit your own photos, for a price, get your custom toaster made and shipped.


Designing the Image


A digital photo is first uploaded onto the Vermont Toaster website.  There, the image is thrown on Photoshop and touched up. A hi-res image over a white background, however, is the preferred option as it speeds up the process.

Once edited, the photo is uploaded to a computer aided design program. It creates a relatively close duplicate of the face on toast by eliminating unnecessary lines.


Cutting the Plates


The image is sent to the Plasma Cutter which combines compressed air and electricity to create an incredibly hot plasma that can cut through metal. Once the plates are cut, and it looks good, the team makes the second plate.


Final Touches


The plates are polished throughly to get out all the rough edges.


Adding Custom Toaster Plates


Finally, the finished plates are added to a custom-made toaster with built-in rails to hold the plates inside. Each side of the toaster gets one plate with a face embedded onto it.


Boom. Selfie toast.



Picthx Galen Dively