Listen to the World’s First ‘Playable’ Beer Bottle


No, you’re not drunker than you thought. That Beck’s beer bottle is actually making music.

Taking inspiration from Thomas Edison’s original cylindrical phonograph (a predecessor to the “record”), Beck’s Brewery partnered with creative agency Shine Limited to create the Edison Bottle, the world’s first playable beer bottle. The idea — according to the accompanying nifty promo video featured below — was that “Beck’s has had a long association with music and art,” and that Edison had invented his phonograph around the same time that Heinrich Beck first started brewing back in the 1870s. (History guys, it’s not just for reading and forgetting immediately after the final.)

The video and website explain the final product was a “formidable technical challenge,” which debuted at a design conference in New Zealand in May to a “standing ovation from the assembled media and design community.” Based on the video alone, heck, I believe it. Luckily all we have to do is sit back, relax and press play to see the Edison Bottle in action.

Getting to hear the catchy single “Here She Comes” by New Zealand band Ghost Wave, which was inscribed on the bottle, is a nice plus too.

H/T + PicThx Laughing Squid