Philly Cheesesteak Meets Gyro At This California Greek Restaurant

It’s no hidden secret that Philadelphia is one of the epicenters of the Greek-American community in the United States. With hundreds of thousands in the community that have immigrated since the early 1800s, they’ve left their mark on the city as much as the city has left its mark on their community.

As a result, it would make sense to find folks combining together iconic Greek dishes, like gyros, and iconic Philly dishes, like cheesesteaks. We just wouldn’t expect to find that on the other side of the country north of Los Angeles.

Venture out to Mythpoint Bistro in Westlake Village, however, and you’ll find a lineup of unique gyros that includes the “Philly-Style.” We spotted this enticing option online, and found after ordering that the filling is really a blend of what makes both sandwiches great.

You get the warm, crusty pita bread and savory, well spiced beef and lamb from the gyro meat. That all gets offset with the sweetness of caramelized onions and peppers, the tang of provolone (Mythpoint opted for that cheese over Whiz), and freshness from lettuce and tomato. It’s a combination that sounds bizarre on paper, but balances both dishes out to give you a refreshing twist on both sandwiches that elevates each to a new level.

Mythpoint is apparently known for both cheesesteaks and gyros, so those looking for both sides of Philly comfort (or the two merged together) can stop by this restaurant, tucked away in a strip mall, for some grub that’s as tasty as it is unprecedented.

We’ll definitely be heading back for some of the other unique creations (like a Spicy Gyro or Garlic Butter Gyro), as well as slices of Apple Pie Baklava (best described as a Greek take on apple strudel) for the road.