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Test Your Cheese Pull Limits With This Philly Mac N’ Cheesesteak Melt

Prepare your lactose pills and whet your appetites, ’cause this sandwich is cheesier than a Jim Carrey movie.

Elbows Mac N Cheese in Southern Calfornia is conjuring up a wicked concoction known as the Philly Mac N’ Cheesesteak Melt. Captured by popular food Instagram account  @dailyfoodfeed, the video showcasing the construction of this monstrosity puts the sheer enormity of this meal on full display.

Getting a dope Philly Cheesesteak with mountains of Provolone and American cheese is enough for any Foodbeast to be content with. Add in an entire deep-fried brick of Mac N Cheese, and we’re all gonna be throwing in the towel trying to take down this bad boy.

With all that deliciousness inside, however, the cheese-induced comas we’ll be suffering upon consumption of the Philly Mac N’ Cheesesteak Melt are gonna be totally worth it.