Artist Cleverly Draws Rappers Enjoying A Nice Ice Cream Cone

Back in 2013, rapper Kanye West showed the world that he was not afraid to thoroughly enjoy an ice cream cone in public and in the spirit of love for creamy frozen treats, artist Tisha Cherry put together a series of portraits on her Instagram with rappers eating ice cream.

As she drew the popular rappers’ profiles using melted chocolate, she also pictured them alongside real ice cream cones for emphasis.

Joining Kanye West in this series are hip hop favorites; Pharrell, Ol’ Dirty Bastard (R.I.P), Lauryn Hill and Drake.

Check out the awesome art below:

Lauryn Hill, killing me softly with ice cream.



Hey, Dirty. Baby, I got your ice cream.



“Ice cream conversations, they all want the scoop.”


“See these ice cubes, see these ice creams?”


“Memories made in the coldest winter.”


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Meet the Pharrell Burger in Shibuya Japan

pharrell burger

Lil Skateboard P isn’t just a musician, as he has ventured into fashion, jewelry, and even chair-making. Now Pharrell can add “chef” to the list thanks to his latest collaboration with Nigo’s 2-5 Cafe in Japan. Fellas, meet the “Pharrell Burger.”

The contents of this fancy looking burger are pretty standard: a ground beef patty, some nice gooey cheese, an extremely thick slice of tomato, chopped onions, and a scoop of chunky salsa. The meal is served with fries and a side salad.

Pharrell is good friends with store owner DJ Nigo, so it probably wasn’t hard to convince him to grace the burger with his name. However, you’d think he’d come up with something more creative or maybe make the meat patty bigger than the slice of tomato. But that’s none of my business. (*sips tea*)


H/T Hypebeast

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