Today I Learned: PEZ is Short for ‘PfeffErminZ’


Ever wonder where Pez candies got their name? I’ll be honest, I always vaguely associated them with Fez, the perpetually stoned confused cast member of That 70’s Show. Eating a bunch of tiny pellet candies out of a plastic dispenser topped with a disembodied head seemed like something he’d do.

Turns out that Pez candies have nothing to do with 70’s era sitcoms and everything to do with the German fondness for peppermint. Yeah, “Pez” is just short for the German word “PfeffErminZ.” Which means peppermint. Don’t ask me why, since Pez tastes exactly nothing like peppermint (at least, none of the Pez I’ve ever had).

I’m just going to assume that a German taste tester got a little too close to one of the early Pez dispensers. Then this happened.


And the rest was history.

Another fun fact: Pez dispensers also come in size “giant” just in case you wanted to really know what it’s like to bite a piece of candy out of Big Bird’s throat. Just for funsies. Thanks, Pez, for being confusing, a little bit creepy, and really really delicious. We appreciate it.


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Creepy/Awesome Valentine’s Gift Idea: Your Head on a PEZ Dispenser


Yes, you read correctly. Hot Pop Factory insists that it’s not strange and terrifying to eat sugar pills from your own plastic neck. Using X-Box Kinect motion sensors to scan your cranium and mold you into a candy dispenser that roughly resembles a soap carving of the expressionless mannequin version of you is perfectly normal. Welcome to the new year.




I very much think I’d prefer the Disney Princess version. Belle and I were always tight.

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PEZ Candy Opens a Visitor Center Housing World’s Largest PEZ Dispenser

PEZ is the first candy that comes to mind where the receptacle that houses it is arguably doper than the candy*. The company that brings you PEZ, PEZ Candy, Inc., has just opened a 6,000-square-foot visitor center at its Connecticut headquarters.

The visitor center, which is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday, works as a factory store and a comprehensive viewing collection of PEZ memorabilia. Highlights include a production floor viewing area, an interactive review of PEZ history, a comprehensive collection of PEZ memorabilia, a PEZ motorcycle built by Orange County Choppers and best of all — the world’s largest PEZ dispenser.

Full information including admission prices and hours of operation are listed on the Visit Us section of the PEZ website.