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Why Our Organic Food Is Still Covered In Pesticides

When roaming through the produce section of your favorite grocery store, there’s usually a dedicated section to organic food, giving you a healthier alternative that will dig into your pockets a bit more.

The belief that organic food doesn’t use pesticides, heck, even the belief that all organic products are 100 percent organic, is false, according to ASAP Science.

While organic crops aren’t grown using “synthetic,” or manmade pesticides, they can still be grown using “natural” pesticides, by USDA standards. According to ASAP, there are over 20 chemicals that are approved for use in organic foods.

Now, the part that will forever be debated, but ASAP claims as gospel, is that natural pesticides might actually be more harmful than the synthetic ones.

Even some of the organic labeling can be misleading, as only products must be clearly labeled as “100 percent” organic, otherwise, the product is only partially organic.


If a product is labeled simply as “organic” it only has to be 95 percent organic. If the product reads, “made with organic ingredients,” in only needs to be 75 percent organic. If something reads, “containing organic ingredients,” it only needs to be 50 percent organic.

So if you’re worried about the organic food you’re eating, looking for the “100 percent” products are your best bet.

Check out ASAP Science’s complete organic food wrapup below, and maybe keep it in mind next time you’re at Kroger, trying to get the freshest broccoli.


Infographic Ruins Our Favorite Childhood Foods by Linking them to Cancer


We know, we know, we know. Preservatives are bad for us. Our snack food is saturated with chemicals. If we keep eating pesticides our organs will turn into cancerous lumps of toxic goo . . . or something like that. We’ll be honest, we’ve never really listened to the health food lecture because that double sleeve of Oreos just kept calling our name. Besides, how much damage could a few cookies and some artificial food coloring actually do? Turns out, kind of a lot of damage. Like, big, cancer-causing, brain-toxifying, you’re-really-gonna-need-that-health-insurance damage. And American kids are ingesting more and more of it every day.

The organization Healthy Child broke down exactly how much of our food contains additives and chemicals, how many of our plate-bound farm animals are fed manure and plastic, and explains why the oranges in our orange juice were probably bathed in acid. Let’s just say it’s not exactly uplifting.

By the time you get to the bottom of the infographic and see how many of your favorite childhood foods are linked to cancer or neurodevelopmental deficits, you’ll probably just want to lock yourself in a room with some organic kale and cry until it’s all over. But just remember that pretty much everything (including boba) has been linked to cancer. It can’t hurt to keep track of the more chemically laden foods in our diets, but a few cookies or acid-bathed oranges probably won’t kill you any more than breathing the air in most major cities will.

Peep the infographic below (click for larger view):


H/T HealthyChild