Personalized Beer-Holding Hoodie

In the midst of any worthwhile festivity, and after imbibing a few refreshments, an inevitable question dawns on virtually all party attendees: Where’s my beer? Thanks to this amazing piece of apparel, the answer will always be right under your nose. What’s more is that these hoodies can be customized to illustrate just who owns that beer attached to your sternum, just in case it wasn’t obvious enough.

($40 via WhatOnEarth)


Adventure: Which Wich (Fullerton, CA)

One thing that helps me persevere through the long days of being a student is the new and convenient sandwich joint right across campus known as Which Wich. The expanding sandwich chain makes use of its understanding that their customers aren’t all the same, allowing a level of customizability that rivals Subway.

Their business model may seem similar to rival sandwich chains, but the customizability is the last point of comparison the consumer has against the brand. Having more then 50 customizable “wiches”, this place takes the saying “The Way You Like It” to a whole new level, check out how!