Rihanna Was Not Pleased With Her Chef’s Idea Of ‘Portion Control’

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Rihanna probably looked at her food, then looked at her chef, threw the plate at the wall and yelled, “B***h better have my breakfast!”

Not sure if Riri pissed off her personal chef Debbie Solomon, or if Solomon just loves messing with her, but whatever happened, it led to meal fit for rabbits.

Rihanna posted through Instagram Sunday that she asked for some “portion control” in her meals and boy, did she get it. The post read:

“uuuuuhhhh @chefdebbiesolomon ….. This is not what I had in mind when I said “portion control”!!!! @granger9 did you have anything to do with this??!! #pinkslipORnah”

Chef Solomon then responded to Rihanna’s displeasure on Instagram, saying, “I aim to please! This masterpiece took me all morning! I literally slaved away making this!!”

Of course, the cheekiness was all in good fun. It’s doubtful that Rihanna would actually fire her, and even more doubtful that a more hearty breakfast wasn’t later made.

Solomon should be careful, though, because Rihanna is known to be a prankster herself.


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Contest: Psy Wants All the Sexy Ladies to Try Out to Be His Own Personal Chef


Somewhere between riding imaginary ponies, pranking the general South Korean public and inexplicably yelling at women’s butts, Korean popstar Psy can get a little hungry, so he’s hosting a fan video contest to find his next personal chef. Why?

Because he’s a mother father gentleman, that’s why.

In partnership with Korean restaurant Bibigo, the Psy Needs a Chef campaign asks contestants to post videos of themselves “mixing it up,” in whatever way they can imagine, in order to prove themselves worthy of coming on tour as Psy’s personal chef for a month. The winner will get $40,000 in prize money, an all expenses-paid plane ride, five-star hotel accommodations, the chance to party up with Psy himself and of course, bibimbap, because that sh*t is delicious.

The best part is you don’t even have to know how to cook. The few video submissions which are already up on the Bibigo youtube feature a DJ, a group of girls parodying painter Bob Ross and okay, one person cooking, but just because that guy can actually cook doesn’t make him any likelier to be picked than your Lean Cuisine-eating ass is, honest.

The contest ends on May 12. Check out or the video below for details, or just because you loved watching Gangnam Style that much.

Also, in case you’re one of the five people who hasn’t seen it yet:

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