Guy Does Trippy Performance Art Wearing A Chicken Skin Bodysuit


Yadda yadda consumer culture yadda yadda performance art yadda yadda yes, that guy is wearing a whole bodysuit sewn from chicken skin. And yes, it is scary as hell.

FLESH is a bizarre art experiment by UK-based artists Victor Ivanov and Lewis G. Burton that entails Burton walking around London wearing nothing but raw chicken skin. The point has something to do with “identity” and “social media” and not “how to catch salmonella poisoning on Halloween.”


In an interview earlier this week with Art Map London, Ivanov extrapolated further, stating the true point of the piece is there really is no point.

“The internet has really trivialized everything to such an extent that taking a [social or political] position is almost archaic,” he said, “And whenever I do meet people that do take a position, I always find it quite hilarious because I think to myself, ‘You lost a long time ago.'”

In addition to streaking through Trafalgar Square, Ivanov and Burton have released an ’80s-esque exercise video and merchandise including laptop and smartphone skins, throw pillows, and a pacifier. Oh, the irony.


NYC Culinary Student Frosts Cake for Strangers, Spreads Sappy, Sugary Joy


Manhattan-based performance artist and culinary student Bettina Banayan recently cut herself a slice of internet infamy for frosting a cake on a New York subway, then sharing that cake with fellow passengers. A 12 minute video documents the whole experiment, including the serious shade thrown by the elderly man on Banayan’s left and more than enough chocolate-coated sappiness to go around.

“New Yorkers aren’t very personable with each other,” Banayan explains, “We’re constantly in people’s private space, especially on the subway. I think it’s important to have some kind of community.”

It’s probably also important not to take food from strangers, but no one in the video seems to care much about that either.

“Doesn’t matter. Had cake.”

H/T Grubstreet


This Video of Dancing Sushi Is Supposed to Convince You to Eat More Sushi – Yes, Really


Because anthropomorphizing animals has always been an effective food marketing technique, a new line of ads from the Norwegian Seafood Council features some very interpretive dances from The Human Sushi, a performance group literally bent on translating popular sushi recipes into art.

Watch as these shining, smiling pieces of salmon, avocado and shrimp get cut down by enemy chopsticks and curl into the fetal position to await their inevitable transportation from the table to your mouth.

Because some days, you just feel like destroying something beautiful.

H/T Buzzfeed