Mountain Dew’s ‘Kickstart’ Aims to Become New Healthier Breakfast Alternative


Have you ever received judging looks from co-workers for chugging a neon green bottle of Mountain Dew at 8 in the morning? Well fear no more dewheads, PepsiCo Inc. has developed a breakfast beverage claiming the same great taste as Mountain Dew but with a whopping 5% juice, Vitamins B and C, plus an extra dose of caffeine. That’s “5% juice,” folks. The name of this new drink hitting shelves this month: Kickstart.

Kickstart will come in flavors such as “energizing orange citrus” and “energizing fruit punch.” The new breakfast soda is designed for fans hoping to find a new alternative to their standard morning fare.

In a world infamously known for loving energy drinks with enough caffeine to cause heart palpitations and diabetic levels of sugar, Kickstart aims to separate itself by being the opposite with nearly half the caffeine as traditional energy drinks and artificial sweeteners. With a predicted decline in beverage sales over the next year for similar categories, maybe Mountain Dew’s latest drink with be enough to “Kickstart” a new wave of fans.

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Pepsi-Chicken Flavored Lay’s Potato Chips Hit China

If you take a walk down the chip aisle, you’ll quickly notice that Lay’s enjoys messing around with different flavored potato chips like its BLT flavor and Spicy Ketchup, to name a few.

Folks in China will have a chance to try the newest flavor consisting of Pepsi-Cola and Chicken. Yes, you read that right, both flavors mixed into one.

The concept of Pepsi and chicken isn’t exactly new as cola seems to be commonly used in Chinese cooking, so the chip flavor makes sense in that perspective.

As far as the brand fusion between Pepsi-Cola and Lay’s potato chips, it’s all in the family of PepsiCo, so there’s no surprise there either.

Lay’s launches a new flavor every year and Pepsi Chicken appeared to be its biggest one in China so far.

Adage described the flavor as, “Similar to barbecue with a sugary aftertaste.” They also said there’s very little Pepsi taste other than a hint of fizzed out soda. Sounds like Pepsi to me! #TeamCoke.

PepsiCo has been making a big push in China, as in 2010 it made a three-year, $2.5 billion investment.

via Adage