Organic Gatorade Is Coming Soon, Says Pepsi


Looks like Gatorade is going organic.

Business Insider reports that the CEO of PepsiCo Americas Beverages, Al Carey, said the snack and beverage company will introduce a new organic variant of Gatorade sometime in the near future.

Thanks to consumer interest, the trend of wanting more products with non-genetically modified organisms and more organic options, PepsiCo will focus on making at least one version of the sports drink that meets those demands.

PepsiCo is looking expand the company outside of carbonated beverages. Their other product, Tropicana, will also feature some non-GMO juices sometime in 2016.


Pepsi Releases Healthier Pepsi True Cola, Looks Hip


A few weeks back, it was reported that PepsiCo, Coca Cola and the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group would all be working to cut back the sugar in their drinks by at least 20 percent sometime in the next 10 years. Looks like Pepsi is off to an early start with a new cola they’re calling Pepsi True.

Pepsi True actually boasts 30 percent less sugar than regular Pepsi and is said to contain no high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. Instead, it’s sweetened with real sugar and stevia leaf extract.

The brand sure knows how to market to millennials, we’ll give them that. The food and beverage company recently launched a more natural “craft” soda under the name Caleb’s Kola and it looks like they’re following a similar formula once again.

Pepsi True’s design kinda makes it look like weed soda though.


PepsiCo Files Patent for ‘Popping’ Granola Bars


Looks like PepsiCo is taking a creative stab at the granola game and it sounds ambitious. The food and beverage corporation, known for their soft drinks, has filed a patent for chewy granola bars said to contain “carbonated candy,” Fox News reports. Sounds an awful lot like they’re planning to fuse granola bars with Pop Rock-similar candy.

While PepsiCo does own a few snack products, Quaker Chewy Granola Bars included, this seems to be their first venture at something ridiculously out-of-the-box. Good for them. The patent states that the new granola bar could either feature the carbonated candy mixed throughout the bar or the candy could act as a moisture-impervious coating on the outside of the bar.

We’ll say this, PepsiCo definitely knows how to do carbonated drinks. Carbonated snacks should be right up their alley. Just maybe not Pepsi and Pop Rocks at the same time.

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We Only Taste 20% of the Salt on Potato Chips, PepsiCo Responds with New ‘Designer Salt’


Lay’s Classic potato chips are hard to resist, but they have a lot more salt than you might think. In fact, we only taste about 20% of the chip’s salt before swallowing the other 80%.

Lay’s parent company PepsiCo is taking this information and applying it to the development of a healthier chip sprinkled with “designer salt”. They’ve been working to uncover the science of the seasoning — which versions dissolve effectively on the tongue and how much contributes to taste — and the result was a powdery salt shaped in a way that still delivers flavor but could reduce chips’ sodium levels by 25%.

In an effort to make its snacks a bit healthier, PepsiCo also nixed frying its potato chips in transfats and switched to sunflower oil. PepsiCo Chairman Indra Nooyi explains,

What we want to do with our “fun for you” products is to make them the healthiest “fun for you” products. We want our potato chips to be fried in the healthiest oils with the lowest salt.

It’ll probably be a few years until these “healthier” potato chips are rolled out, so hoard the super salty versions while they last.

H/T The Wall Street Journal


Mountain Dew Adds Limeade and Black Cherry to Kickstart Line


Last year, Mountain Dew launched their Kickstart line with two flavors: Orange Citrus and Fruit Punch. Now, the Pepsi Co. soda line is welcoming two new flavors to that family in the form of Energizing Limeade and Energizing Black Cherry.

The Kickstart drinks claim to use 5% real fruit juice and electrolytes in the beverage. Each 16 oz can clocks in at 80 calories with 92mg of caffeine for an extra boost. Although, may we suggest kicking it up a notch and creating these beverages in slushie form?

Limeade and Black Cherry Mountain Dew Kickstarters are now available nationwide at a retail price of $1.69.


Pepsi Unveils New ‘Qua’ Premium Water, Because First Names Are So Passe


Forget dropping last names to cement your superstardom (Madonna, Beyonce); it’s all about dropping those pesky first syllables.

Take it from “Qua,” the brand-new bottled tap water from PepsiCo, which was first introduced to the Hollywood set last night at the Golden Globes. Not to be weighed down by unsightly extra A’s, Qua is Pepsi’s attempt to compete in the sexy premium aqua (get it?) category, taking its place alongside the likes of Evian, Fiji, Voss and Coca-Cola’s own Smartwater. Like the rest of its kind, Qua earns its higher price tag mostly from branding, from its sleek bottle design to its being “micro-filtered,” and sodium-free.

Associated Press reports Qua will be tested in California over the summer before expanding to other markets, and that its name and design could change before then. Let’s hope so, because the alternative sounds a little too unintentionally French.

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Fast Food

Uh, Doritos Locos Buffalo Wings and Doritos Locos Pizza in the Works


In news that will surprise maybe no one, Doritos is apparently ready to move on to its next big fast food collaboration. According to the Associated Press, PepsiCo Inc., who owns Doritos and other Frito-Lay snacks, said it was working with restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings to create “unique menu offerings,” such as crunchy Doritos wing toppings or Mountain Dew-flavored dipping sauces. Um, yes please?!

The news comes following Buffalo Wild Wings’ announcement Thursday of signing PepsiCo as its primary soft drink provider. Unfortunately, citing logistical reasons, BWW CEO Sally Smith says testing for these products wouldn’t start until at least a year to 18 months from now.

The AP also reports a representative for Pizza Hut saying they’ve similarly explored possible Doritos x Pizza Hut mash-ups, though no potential menu items were provided.

Let’s just hope we’re not totally over the whole college-gourmand thing by the time Doritos-Locos-Cheesy-Bacon-Crust pizzas come around in 2015.

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Whoops! PepsiCo Drops ‘All Natural’ Claim on Naked Juice


After paying $9 million to settle a lawsuit, PepsiCo Inc. will be dropping Naked’s signature “all natural” label. The lawsuit was filed after a complaint was made that the juices’ ingredients weren’t exactly “natural.”

Although the company stated in an email that is uses “an added boost of vitamins” in select drinks, the lawsuit noted that the vitamins were synthetic ingredients, including a fiber manufactured by Archer Daniels Midland. According to USA Today, PepsiCo did not respond when questioned about the use of synthetic fibers in their juices.

The lawsuit further stated that the company knew its target market would pay more for “natural” drinks and cultivated a “healthy and socially conscious image” in order to bolster drink sales (each bottle normally costing $4 each).

At the moment, the Food and Drug Administration does not have an official definition of what constitutes a “natural” product. However, the FDA does not object to the term’s use for food void of any “added color, artificial flavors or synthetic substances.” Despite this, PepsiCo. will remove “natural” from its Naked juices until more terminology guidance is made.

H/T USA Today + PicThx Naked Juice