The ‘Pepsi Perfect’ Limited Release Totally Tanked, Here’s How They’re Making Up For It

Pepsi Perfect Bottle

Photo: Peter Pham

For weeks, Pepsi has been hyping the release of Pepsi Perfect on Back to the Future Day as the beverage was first featured in the time-traveling classic film Back to the Future Part II.

The soda company announced that fans will be able to get their hands on a bottle on Oct. 21, 2015 (the same date Marty and the Doc traveled to the future). However, with a premature release and limited instructions on where to actually buy the product, fans were left angry and confused as they clicked the refresh button profusely on their browsers only to discover that all the bottles had sold out early.

Pepsi Tweet 01

The next morning, Pepsi issued a tweet that there would still be a few bottles left for sale that day. Within an hour or so of the tweet, the bottles quietly went live on Amazon and sold out in the first minute.

Pepsi Tweet 02

Now Pepsi is giving themselves a shot at redemption.

Thanks to the righteous anger of diehard Back to the Future fans, Pepsi decided to start making more bottles.

The beverage company announced new orders for Pepsi Perfect will be taken on Nov. 3 at 9am EST. That’s 6am PST.

At least this time, they’re going into specifics. They even have a link to where fans can buy the bottles.

Pepsi Tweet 03

Thanks, Pepsi.