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Pepperoni-Crusted Pizza Is This Year’s Bacon Weave


We suppose we have Atkins to thank for the complete protein-ification of the American diet. Why eat soggy or stale bread when we can have bacon-weave grilled cheeses and bacon weave tacos and bacon weave salad bowls? But say you’ve gotten a little (okay, maybe a lot) tired of bacon. Luckily, Nick from Dude Foods has a solution. Say hello to the pepperoni “weave”-crusted pizza.

Inspired by crispy baked pepperoni chips, Nick first tried to make a pepperoni-weave taco before figuring the cured ham slices stuck together better when laid flat. He then decided to slather his overlapped baked pepperonis with marinara, shredded cheese, Italian sausage, and green peppers before baking the whole thing again into a melty, cheesy swampland of pizza-like heaven.

In the comments section, Nick admits the pepperonis didn’t stick together as well as he would have liked, and could possibly be improved by inserting a bacon-weave layer underneath. But let’s focus on the important things: we finally have a brand-new alternative to the bacon weave. It’s about damn time.

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This Pizza Cocktail Might Taste Too Much Like The Real Thing

Pizza Cocktail

Pasadena based Trattoria Neapolis is paying homage to National Pizza Month with this new signature cocktail celebrating America’s favorite pie. No we’re not talking apple, it’s all about the pizza.

Imagine what you would get if you threw a slice of pepperoni mushroom pizza into a blender and added booze. That’s basically what this is. The drink, dubbed the “Pizza Cocktail” is concocted with tomato water, basil infused vodka, ghost pepper infused vodka, porcini powder, muddle basil, topped off with a parmesan and mozzarella foam. What should probably be renamed a Bloody Mario, this might be only pizza you could potentially get drunk off of.

Thought to be the perfect pairing with a slice of actual pizza this savory cocktail is only available during the month of October at the SoCal based Italian bistro.

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Pizza Shirt Line is the Cheesiest Garment Collection Around

Pizza used to be the bacon of yesterday, and since hipster culture reminds us to consistently look towards the past to remember what was cool, we can now wear pizza on our shirts. Commentary aside, I’m just giddy that I can wear a shirt that looks eerily like the biggest slice of pizza I’ve ever seen.

Currently there are two unisex pizza shirts on the market, a Pepperoni Pizza and a Vegetable Pizza, both of which feature brilliant all over print on high quality polyester American Apparel t-shirts. The line of shirts is being sold on one of the most bravely literal domain names the web has to offer:

If you can stomach putting in an order through the website’s questionable e-commerce system, each shirt will run you $39.99, and is available in small, medium, large and x-large sizes.

Chances are if you already have a problem looking greasy in a normal t-shirt, you won’t need the extra handicap of sporting a giant piece of fabric that looks like its sweating oil and grease — but if you’re up for the “swag,” these pizza shirts will get you laid. Or at least make your prey of choice extremely hungry.