Fast Food

Wear Your Pizza on Your Sleeve: Domino’s Japan Offers Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Pizza


For you gals and guys who have yet to make reservations at the closest frou frou restaurant, tsk tsk, here’s an idea: Skip the Italian joint stuffed full with snogging couples, stay home, pop open a couple of beers and order a heart-shaped pizza from Domino’s.

How’s that for romance? The unique offer is available  until February 14 and just in Japan, as are all things awesome. For those lucky couples (or singles) overseas, note that it’s online ordering only and just ¥ 1300 (~US $14).

Although, I do hope you didn’t take my Valentine’s date suggestion to heart (hehe) and actually have a reservation at that frou frou spot. Unless, of course, you actually want to be single, sipping a beer and chowing down on that heart-shaped pizza. . . alone. Womp womp.

H/T + PicThx itmedia