Fast Food

Del Taco’s New Green Chile and Pepper Jack Items Are Super ‘Jacked Up’


Don’t get us wrong, we don’t mean the normal meaning of “jacked up” (not working properly or as intended; or having used a large quantity of speed, cocaine, or other amphetamine). And those aren’t even our words, they’re Del Taco’s. Still, “Jacked Up” is what the new menu Buck & Items at Del Taco are. As might your butt-hole be should you try them both at once.

The Jacked Up Grilled Chicken Taco features marinated grilled chicken covered with roasted green chile sauce, pepper jack cheese, and lettuce in a soft flour tortilla, while the Jacked Up CrunchTada Tostada offers the same treatment, but over a bed of slow cooked beans on a thick corn shell.

Each is $1 a la carte and available for a limited time.


Togo’s Revamping Process Includes Toasted Subs and More

Long time distant cousin of bigger-name sandwich shop Togo’s has been in the sandwich game for a minute (check their new logo, since 1971 to be exact). The past year, they have seen several branding changes, but according to a new report from the OC Register, this last month marked the beginning of a new series of transformations for the California sandwich chain. Such changes include several menu additions, a toasting process long absent from the restaurants repertoire and for several locations, remodeling of the entire storefront.