World’s Smallest Chopsticks Transforms Into a Pen


How handy would it be to have a pair of chopsticks with you at all times for everyday situations? Sushi falling out of the sky? Boom. Chopsticks. A chow mien truck tips over? Chopsticks. Yuan Design has come up with an upgraded version of the classic chopstick concept of two wooden sticks with relatively equal length.

The design, called PenstiX, allows the metal pair to be hidden in a compact metal rod with a cap. Assembling it together, it looks like nothing more than an ordinary pen. You could literally carry them with you at all times.The “pen cap” once disassembled, acts as a chopstick holder allowing them to avoid touching a grimy table surface. They’re also reusable and easy to clean.


I’ve heard of many novelty chopsticks that claim to be the world’s smallest, but I kind of actually believe this one. Not too ridiculously small where they would be useless but small enough to carry around. Currently, PenstiX is sourcing funding at Indiegogo with a $38 donation being the minimum to receive a pair.

To quote Dirk Diggler in a recent blockbuster movie, “I don’t think it’s a pen at all! I think we found a Transformer.”

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Ridiculously Good-Looking Jack-O-Lanterns Made Using Ballpoint Pens and Markers


It’s October. And that means one thing and one thing only.  It’s decorative gourd season. More particularly, it’s decorative pumpkin season, and thus the search for some serious orange art begins.

We recently stumbled upon these unique jack-o-lanterns, created by several artists for the group Passion for Pumpkins. Rather than going the traditional route of utilizing only knives to carve spooky shapes, these particular pumpkins were made using only ballpoint pens, oil-based markers, and paring knives.


The process is pretty labor intensive. The artists must first thin out the pumpkin’s skin from the inside and out, in order to make it sheer enough (about a quarter of an inch thick) for the light to shine through, making these works of art a sight to see come Halloween night.



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Memo Mug

Writing phone numbers and notes on your hand might have been okay when you were in school, but now that you’re a grown up with a real job, it’s not very professional to go around with pen scribbles on your skin.  However, the coffee mug is a staple of office culture, and you surely won’t seem out of place with one of these.  With its built-in pocket to hold the pen, you’ll always be able to write down that idea you don’t want to forget.  Write a note to yourself that you would like to be reminded of every time you take a sip.  Just try not to doodle caricatures of your boss on it during that important meeting. ($18.00 @ FredFlare)

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The Edible Candy Pen

Dave Hakkens is a creative with a passion for bringing his ideas and general mind farts to life. With his latest project, he wanted to explore his affinity for chewing on the utensils he used to write with, and as a result, ended up creating a prototype for an edible pen. The goal? A pen that you can chew on and entirely eat.