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The Internet Is Furious Over This Peeps Pizza

Easter is only a couple weeks away and we’re seeing a lot more Peeps pop up the closer we get. While some Peeps-inspired innovations can be pretty delicious, others have us second-guessing the concept of food fusion.

Like this Peeps Pizza.

A recent tweet from @AustinOnSocial showed the world that maybe not everything should be thrown onto a pizza, BroBible reported. In fact, his tweet was even bold enough to state this was better than pineapple pizza. While the topic of pineapples on pizza isn’t something we’d like to get into, it’s definitely more appetizing than this monstrosity.

This ‘Peepza’ drew the full ire of Twitter. Like with the rest of the Internet, users of the social media platform were not afraid to voice their opinions and concerns regarding this cheesy monster of Frankenstein.

While not his own creation, Austin is still sticking with his Peepy guns. We can respect that.

So how do you feel about a pizza that’s topped with melted Peeps?

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Now Peeps Oreos Are Turning People’s Poop Pink

When Oreo debuted its Peeps flavor recently, people had mild complaints about the cookie turning their tongues and saliva pink.

Whatever. Slurpees do that all that time and it’s not a big deal.

There are new complaints about the Oreo, though, as people are now saying it’s turning their poop as pink as Jigglypuff’s belly.

The pink cream inside the Oreo contains a dye called FD&C Red No. 3, and apparently doesn’t break down during digestion according to Live Science. That could be the main reason why it comes out the backdoor looking like Kirby.

A lot of us in the Foodbeast office got down on these Oreos and didn’t notice such side effects, but then again, no one ate a whole pack’s worth:

Even Charmin toilet paper brilliantly chimed in on the Peeps Oreos, offering discreet help to its victims:

While it’s a strange side effect, at least no one’s getting sick. Still, get your shit together, Oreo.

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Oreo’s New Peeps Flavor Turns Your Saliva Pink And People Are Freaking Out

Oreo came out with a new Peeps flavor that was actually pretty decent, but fans of the cookie are starting to realize that it turns your saliva bright pink, for a very long time.

Eric Huang from The Junk Food Guy blog noticed the change in his mouth, and said it wasn’t something that went away quickly, as the coloring was so strong, it turned his toothbrush pink when he brushed his teeth an hour later.

Little by little, there have been more claims of this on Twitter, as more people are noticing the strange change.


We tried the new Oreos ourselves in the Foodbeast office, and no one had such complaints, but even if it did, a pink tongue isn’t the scariest of side effects.

This is what happens when you try to trust Peeps.

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PEEPS OREOS Are Now Available In Walmart Stores

Spring is on its way soon, and that means Easter is just a couple of months away.

It seems like stores are already starting to get ready for when that rolls around, as the new springtime products are already being spotted across the internet.

One of the more exciting ones? PEEPS OREOS. They’ve been spotted on Walmart’s website and shared by The Junk Food Aisle on Instagram. These Oreos consist of a Peeps-flavored marshmallow creme sandwiches by two golden Oreo cookies.

Peeps, of course, are wildly popular in the springtime and around Easter, and it will definitely be an interesting combination when jammed in between two vanilla Oreos cookies.

ey8a0562 (1)

We actually were able to get our hands on a package, thanks to Nabisco (the company that produces and sells Oreos). They’re actually pretty good. The creme filling is a little softer than traditional Oreos, but has a good, sweet flavor that definitely reminds you of Peeps. I can definitely see these as a sweet snack for Easter and springtime.

These Oreos are out NOW in Walmart stores, so make sure to grab a pack and see what they taste like for yourself!

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Watch A Red Hot Nickel Turn A Lollipop Into A Chaotic, Melting Mess

There seems to be a correlation between the public’s fascination with spicy foods and the act of pouring scalding hot liquid metal onto food. Whether it be crushing a few coffin cases of deathly hot Carolina Reaper Pepper infused Paqui Chips, or simply dumping molten copper on top of every food item imaginable — it seems experiments are always better when the heat is turned up.

For example, check out how this red hot nickel ball quickly turns this Tootsie Pop into a hot, melty mess in less than a minute.

This video is just one of many food-based stunts performed by the crazy kids on the CarsandWater YouTube channel. But, believe it or not, this experiment finally put to rest the confounding question of, “How many red hot nickel balls does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop,” asked by dozens of Cars and Water subscribers.

Now we know the answer. One.

Most of the Cars and Water videos involve red hot nickel balls — or RHNBs — and you should definitely not try these at home. Still, Cars and Water might actually be onto something with this RHNB theme.

Here’s some GIFs of more RHNBs melting through various food based items.

A RHNB vs. Cotton candy.

A RHNB set atop some liquid nitrogen frozen honey.

A RHNB stacked on some Oreos. Oreos were not playin’!

This experiment didn’t include a RHNB, but what’s cooler than a liquid nitrogen fueled potato gun? No pun intended.

And the best experiment of all — using a RHNB to obliterate some Peeps.

Have something in mind that you’d like to see placed against a red hot nickel ball? Leave a comment on the Cars and Water YouTube channel and see what can take the heat.

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Peeps’ New Holiday Flavors Taste Like Cinnamon Toast Crunch & Fudge [UNBOXING]

Peeps are the holiday candy that you either hate, or just kind of like, and with an array of new holiday flavors, we felt it was our duty to let you know how good or bad these little marshmallows taste.

The new lineup includes: Christmas Cookie flavor, Cinnamon Roll, and Sugar Plum Delights, all of which can at least try to get you in the holiday spirit.


In our Unboxing series, our own Elie Ayrouth and Rudy Chaney got hold of the holiday Peep gang, giving their off-the-cuff opinions on them.

The Sugar Plum Delights were first up, and apparently weren’t that great, to say the least. “They taste like cough syrup, with fudge on the bottom,” said Rudy.

The cinnamon roll Peeps apparently taste like like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, so you can’t hate too much on anything that taste like the world’s greatest cereal.


Elie said the sugar cookie Peeps seem to smell like vanilla soap, while Rudy was just stoked at the fudge dipped portion of the Peep.


Peep the rest of the Unboxing, as they roll through the rest of the holiday flavors.


9 Things You Didn’t Know About Marshmallows

Marshmallows, the darling basis of the near-choke game of Chubby Bunny and only thinkable snack of forest storytelling, are strange. Their spongy consistency and alien-like, modernist take on confectionary art make it a unique munchie that you can use for hot cocoa, fruit dip, or sweet potatoes. But there’s some things about marshmallows you may not know.

1. For centuries, marshmallow sap has treated toothaches, digestive issues, coughs, and sore throats.



While there’s no epic dictionary-sized report about the medical practice, people — we’re talkin’ the Egyptians, the Romans, and the Greeks here — have been known to use sap from the marshmallow plant (althaea officinalis) as a go-to remedy, typically in tea form. Even modern-day marshmallows can potentially ease sore throat pain, given the gelatin’s ability to coat and smooth.

2. Astronauts have been known to use marshmallows as nose plugs.


Due to the detrimental pressure of lift off, astronauts have periodically used marshmallows to keep their nasal membranes from being wrecked to all hell. With marshmallows pushed up their nose, the fluffy white snacks would expand in cabin decompression without the astronaut’s nose sustaining damage.

3. Marshmallows were once considered a delicacy for nobility, pharaohs, and gods.


Photo Credit: PriorCylone Creator: Beate Holozaen

These days, marshmallows are associated with kids, from campfire snacks to whatever the heck Peeps count as. But a millenia ago, mallo sap was used to create candied delicacies that also included honey and grains, and they weren’t for children. Actually, they weren’t even for many adults. The sweet snack was for nobility, pharaohs, and gods, while the youths of Egypt had to rely on natural sugary offerings like figs.

4. Marshmallows, as you know them, were created by France and perfected by Illinois.


In the 1800s, the French crafted the modern marshmallow when chefs realized they could whip marshmallow saw with egg whites and corn syrup to create a moldable snack. In the 1940s, Alex Doumak revolutionized the process by running the ingredients through tubes before cutting them into equal pieces and packaging them up.

5. Althaiophobia is the legitimate fear of marshmallows.

stay puft

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Althaiophobia, the fear of marshmallows, is a real thing, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is likely considered to be the antichrist of said circle.

6. The amount of marshmallows that Americans buy each year is the equivalent of 1,286 gray whales.


Photo Credit: Fuzzy Gerdes

That’s right. U.S. residents annually purchase roughly 90 million pounds of marshmallows, and they spent a total of $143.27 million this year.

7. There’s an actual National Toasted Marshmallow Day.


The tasty holiday is August 30th. It makes sense, given that more than half of all marshmallows sold in the summertime are toasted over a fire.

8. The largest s’more ever made weighs 267 pounds.


Made on May 31, 2014, in Gardners Pennsylvania, the largest s’more ever — as currently recognized by Guinness — came to be in 4.5 hours at the Deer Run Camping Resort with the help of 104 volunteers.

9. Just Born makes enough peeps to circle the Earth twice every year.


Peep, the beloved Easter marshmallow confection, has changed a lot — or at least its process has. Back in 1953, it took 27 hours to create a single peep, whereas now it only takes six minutes. The eyes were hand painted too in the beginning. These days, machines paint eyes for 3,500 peeps per minute.


Peeps Are Useless And Stupid, But Look Awesome Melting In A Pan

If you hate marshmallow Peeps as much as I do, then you should be stoked to watch them be destroyed. Peeps are gross. They are tasteless, sticky and serve absolutely no purpose — until now.

So, for a fun Easter celebration, the geniuses over at The Blaze decided to kill some marshmallow Peeps by throwing them onto a hot frying pan and this is exactly what happened. I’m guessing the purpose of this experiment was simply to bask in the glory of watching the stupid-looking marshmallow birds helplessly disintegrate in agonizingly slow motion. But it’s a time-lapse video, so, go figure.

While there’s really no other point to this video, it makes you wonder, can there be a better use of Peeps? I think not.

But, even in their demise, the Peeps unsuspectingly took one of the Blaze’s crew members down with them.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 6.35.18 PM

Those god damn Peeps ruined the pan. What the hell is that about? Peeps suck and apparently they’re not even gracious in defeat.

Fuck you, Peeps. I hope you burn in hell.