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PEEPS And Pepsi Team Up For Limited Batch Of Marshmallow Soda

Photo courtesy of PepsiCo

Pepsi is teaming up with iconic marshmallow brand PEEPS, but instead of infusing the soda into the mallow, they’re taking the opposite route.

The two industry titans have teamed up to make a limited edition batch of Pepsi that has the PEEPS marshmallow flavor infused into it. Meant to celebrate spring and the Easter season, these will come in three colors of cans, although they will all have the same flavor.

Photo courtesy of Pepsico

Since this is a limited batch of soda, you won’t be able to find it in grocery stores. Instead, Pepsico will send out packs of the cans through a Twitter sweepstakes. Users who submit photos with the #HangingwithmyPEEPS are eligible to get one of the three-packs, and three larger collection grand prizes will also be up for grabs.

It’s a bummer that we won’t get to see this flavor in stores, but if this run is successful enough, maybe we’ll get an even bigger batch of PEEPS Pepsi for sale next year.


HipDot x PEEPS is the Make Up Collab No One Expected This Season

Photo courtesy HipDot Cosmetics

Last fall, cosmetics brand HipDot had an unexpected partnership with Tapatio Hot Sauce to launch a line of products no one imagined would have happened. 

Now, HipDot is at it again with another tasty brand: PEEPS.

Yep, those colorful marshmallow-filled birds will now be a part of an exclusive cosmetic line similar to last year’s Tapatio launch. 

Items available for this launch include PEEPS Eyeshadow Palette, PEEPS Sponge Set, and a combination of the eyeshadow and sponge set. There will also be a few other surprise items dropping sometime later this month. 

Aside from Candy Corn, I can’t think of another confection that’s as polarizing as PEEPS. Either you love them, or you hate them. 

Still, this collection’s vibrant palettes derived from the PEEPS aesthetic seem like a perfect fit ahead of the Easter season. 

You can find the collection at and starting March 2. 

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PEEPS Slurpees & PEEPS Lattes Are Now At 7-Eleven

Spring is here and we’re officially in Peeps season, folks. Love them or hate them, with the advent of Spring comes such a hype for these little animal-shaped marshmallows that continues to polarize both classrooms and offices alike. Almost as much as candy corn. Almost.

Leaning into the spirit of Peeps, 7-Eleven just released two new beverage options, both inspired by the prolific, ear-forward marshmallow treat.

The first is a Peeps-flavored Slurpee, which the brand has been teasing since February. This marks the first-ever marshmallow-flavored Slurpee from 7-Eleven (what were they waiting for??). Second, Peeps takes the form of a Peeps Latte that’s offered in the hot beverage dispensing machines.

Those looking for a sweet kick of marshmallow should be sure to give these drinks a taste!

Peeps lovers, you can check out these flavors at your local 7-Eleven throughout the month of April. You can also have them delivered for free through 7Now, 7-Eleven’s delivery service, with the promo code FREE4U.

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Limited Edition Peeps Cereal Exists, And It’s The Fitting Easter Morning Breakfast

Whether you celebrate Easter for religious reasons or are just in it for the free candy, it’s definitely clear that Peeps are the modern telltale sign that the holiday is here. A better way to say that, to be honest, is that you know Easter is around the corner when everyone starts putting Peeps into everything.

This Peeps Cereal is definite proof of the iconic association the holiday and the treat now have. Created by Kellogg’s, this limited edition cereal is like a mixture of Froot Loops and Lucky Charms. It consists of multi-colored, marshmallow flavored cereal alongside plenty of actual mini marshmallows.

While there are no actual cereal pieces shaped like Peeps, the flavor and neon-colored cereal are meant to mimic the taste of the fluffy marshmallow chicks.

Kellogg’s created this Peeps Cereal as a limited-edition product, so it should hang around in stores like Walmart and Target nationwide for a little bit past Easter before it disappears from the shelves.

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This Town Drops a 400-pound Peep To Ring In The New Year

Everybody has their own way to celebrate on New Year’s Day. There’s disco balls that drop, overindulgences in alcohol, and even a mini treasure hunt to find the hidden token in a loaf of celebratory bread. However, none of these celebrations are as eye-popping or as sweet as what goes down in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The town’s New Year’s Eve traditions involve a massive 400-pound Peep.

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Peeps usually make their appearance around Easter, except in Bethlehem, where the company that invented them (Just Born) is based. As a result, the town has an annual “PeepsFest” that occurs on the 30th and 31st of December each year.

On the 31st, a gigantic 400-pound Peep is dropped at precisely 5:15 p.m., which is then followed by a fireworks show.

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Given how light Peeps are to begin with, creating a 400-pound one would involve an insane amount of sugar. Instead, Fox News reports that the festival makes their iconic figurehead out of fiberglass, so this massive Peep is unfortunately inedible. Still, that’s easily larger than any Peep we’ve ever seen.

If you’re a huge Peeps fan and think this would be a fun way to welcome 2018, definitely begin planning your trip to Bethlehem.

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Nutella-Like Oreos Are Real And Coming Early 2018

If there were ever a flavor combination that made almost too much sense, it’s Nutella Oreos. While rumors spread of that the cookie flavor was coming, it is now official, as Oreo has confirmed a Chocolate Hazelnut flavor is coming in 2018.

It’s not an official collaboration with Nutella, unfortunately, but they’re basically Nutella what with the whole chocolate hazelnut flavor, and will be on store shelves starting January 1, along with a Spicy Hot Cinnamon flavor.

The Chocolate Hazelnut will have a Nutella-like creme, with a golden cookie sandwiching it. The Hot & Spicy will be kind of like a Hot Tamale candy, and will keep the classic cocoa cookie on the outside.

Both of these limited edition flavors hit the rumor mill when  food review blog Junk Banter posted a couple of photos back in October. Junk Banter is usually spot on with these Oreo sneak peeks, so it was only a matter of time before it became official.

Along with the new flavors, Oreo announced that in 2018, it would be bringing back its pink saliva-inducing Marshmallow Peeps flavor, along with the crackly Firework Oreos.

That’s a lot of big news coming from the Oreo camp, as 2018 is already looking pretty fantastic.

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Watch This Mad Scientist Perform Explosive Experiments With Peeps

Easter is only a few days off and we’re swept away with how many Peeps we’ve seen in the last couple weeks.

If you’re looking for something to do with all those marshmallow snacks, other than eat them, turn to Grant Thompson (AKA The King of Random).

Peeps variations included in this experiment were the Fruit Punch and Pink flavors, with a few other random candies he had lying around thrown in for good measure. Hey, go big or go home right?

The YouTuber and mad scientist got a hold of some potassium chlorate and decided to have a little Easter fun. He performs a few different experiments to see how the holiday marshmallow snack faired when exposed to molten potassium chlorate. The solid, crystalline, substance had to be melt down with a blow torch until it was a liquid state before it could be added to the Peeps.

Check out the video to see for yourself the explosive results from the sweet little experiment. And per the usual for zany experiments like this, do not try this at home.

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Black Tap’s Peeps Milkshake Is The Ultimate Easter Sugar Overload

Photo courtesy of Black Tap.

This single milkshake is the ultimate Easter-themed sugar rush.

Black Tap, the New York City burger spot known for its insane milkshake creations, unveiled an Easter-themed Peeps milkshake that snags the occasion’s theme and flips it on its sugary head.

This colossal sugar overload, known as The PEEPS Shake, features a wild cherry shake as the base for all of the crazy toppings and decorations it comes with. The glass is coated in a vanilla frosting and a layer of Easter sprinkles is rolled onto the frosting.

The shake doesn’t stop there, as it gets topped off with a multitude of PEEPs delights, Easter bunny lollipops, whipped cream, and even more sprinkles. Just one sip of this is enough to get you wired through Easter weekend.

If you’re down to grab one of these massive shake creations, all of the NYC Black Tap locations will be selling it exclusively on Easter Sunday, April 16th. The shake will cost $15, but will easily be enough for multiple people to partake in.

I can’t think of a sweeter way out there to celebrate Easter this year.