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This Town Drops a 400-pound Peep To Ring In The New Year

Everybody has their own way to celebrate on New Year’s Day. There’s disco balls that drop, overindulgences in alcohol, and even a mini treasure hunt to find the hidden token in a loaf of celebratory bread. However, none of these celebrations are as eye-popping or as sweet as what goes down in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The town’s New Year’s Eve traditions involve a massive 400-pound Peep.

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Peeps usually make their appearance around Easter, except in Bethlehem, where the company that invented them (Just Born) is based. As a result, the town has an annual “PeepsFest” that occurs on the 30th and 31st of December each year.

On the 31st, a gigantic 400-pound Peep is dropped at precisely 5:15 p.m., which is then followed by a fireworks show.

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Given how light Peeps are to begin with, creating a 400-pound one would involve an insane amount of sugar. Instead, Fox News reports that the festival makes their iconic figurehead out of fiberglass, so this massive Peep is unfortunately inedible. Still, that’s easily larger than any Peep we’ve ever seen.

If you’re a huge Peeps fan and think this would be a fun way to welcome 2018, definitely begin planning your trip to Bethlehem.