CHICKEN CHEESE STICKS Are The Bastard Child Of Mozzarella Sticks And Chicken Fries

Food blogger and well known sneaker head Peep My Sneaks is hot off his Pizza Goldfish creation and continues his furious streak of banger after banger of crazy food mashups with what he’s calling Chicken Cheese Sticks. If mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers had a baby, they’d be these incredible delicious sexpots.

Seriously, just look at these food boner jams.

Just look at ’em:



Here’s the recipe, and here’s a sexy making-of video:


Bacon-Topped Breakfast Cookies Will Revolutionize Your Mornings, Here’s How To Make Them

breakfast cookies

Unless it’s Girl Scout season and you’re eating those Thin Mints at all times of the day, cookies aren’t usually associated with breakfast. Regardless, you might want to change that thinking, and start making yourself these bacon, egg and cheese covered breakfast cookies.

Jeremy of the Peep My Eats recipe blog is the mastermind behind these bad boys, as he applied a cookie cutter to some pizza dough to make the cookie shapes, then simply topped them with meaty breakfast goods.

After sticking them in the oven for about 12 minutes, out came the morning glory.

Check out the full recipe on Peep My Eats and watch his quick Instagram recipe below:


Instagrammer Finds An Ingenious Way To Combine Cheeseburgers And Hot Dogs


PeepMySneaks answers the age-old lunch question: Burger or Hot Dog? The insane Instagrammer found a way to combine the best elements of both dishes while adding the necessity of bacon.

Seasoned ground beef is molded around a stick of cheese and wrapped in bacon. It’s then dropped into the deep fryer until the bacon is crispy and the burger meat is cooked. The “sausage” is thrown into a hot dog bun a served.

Simple and beautiful.

Check out his blog PeepMyEats for other insane recipes.

Bacon-wrapped cheese-stuffed burger hot dog || #foodbeast ? @peepmysneaks

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How To Make Bacon Cinnamon Toast Crunch Treats


Peep My Eats has taken the simple idea of a rice cereal treat and transformed it into a whole new beast. These Bacon Cinnamon Toast Crunch Treats are the perfect grownup snack for any every occasion.

First melt some marshmallows along with some butter, stirring constantly. Fry up some bacon and coat it with brown sugar. Add the marshmallows and crumpled bacon to some Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Pour everything into a non-stick pan and flatten it out. Let it cool and you’re good to go.

Check out the quick ‘how to’ video below or check Peep My Eats for the complete recipe.


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In what is deserving of a much longer feature of a retired sneaker head-turned-comfort-food-content creator, NYC-based @PeepMySneaks is now promoting his new shindig, Peep My Eats.

With nearly 25K followers on Instagram, he’s no wimp to the game. While his initial traffic came from sneaker heads looking to drool at his closet, he’s now gonna have an inevitable wave of foodies who are going to tune in for things like this BACON-WRAPPED MOZARELLA STUFFED BURGER:


 @PeepMySneaks couldn’t find burger buns, so he had to use Grilled Cheese sandwiches. GENIUS.

BACON-WRAPPED MOZARELLA STUFFED BURGERS!! @peepmysneaks has been crushing the #foodbeast game lately.

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