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How To Peel Garlic In Seconds [HACK]

Peeling garlic can take some time. While the ingredient is crucial to many dishes, and adds robust flavor to many more, it can leave your fingers smelly for the entire day if you spend too much time fumbling with the peeling process.

In YouTuber DaveHax’s latest video, he shows us how to peel garlic in mere seconds while keeping you fingers smelling like nothing at all. A pretty handy hack if you’re trying to shave minutes off your overall cooking time.

All you need is some of those plastic jar grips that are designed to help people open jars. You simply lay your clove of garlic on the grip, roll one end over the other firmly and the skin should slip right out.

The process leaves virtually no mess and perfectly peeled garlic ready to be used in your culinary crusade.

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Gordon Ramsay Reveals 10 Incredibly Useful Cooking Tricks


As busy as this guy is, it’s pretty awesome to see that Gordon Ramsay isn’t above sharing some of his kitchen tricks. In one of his latest videos, Chef Ramsay shares 10 different tips that makes working in the kitchen loads easier.

He covers stuff from chopping herbs and veggies to cooking meat faster. Seriously, you don’t have to be a professional chef to find these incredibly useful.

Check them out.

Chopping up herbs

Bunch up your herbs, it makes them easier to chop.

Quickly ripen fruit

If you have fruit that still hasn’t quite ripened, throw it into a brown paper bag along with a banana and set it in a dark place.

Peel & cut a mango

Slice into a mango and cut it up into squares along the skin. Then, bend the mango and cut out the even squares.

Getting rid of the heat of chillies from your finger

If you’re working with chillies, you’re not gonna want to touch your eyes anytime soon. The trick is to squirt lemon juice in your hands to get rid of that heat.

Cooking potatoes

Start off your potatoes in cold water, not hot. When they cook, the outer skin won’t fall apart.

Peeling a kiwi

Cut the kiwi in half and scoop it out with a teaspoon.

Cutting a bell pepper

Cut off the stalk and flip it over. Start from the top (formerly the bottom) and start slicing around the seeds. It makes the remaining pieces much easier to cut up.

Finding a ripe pineapple

Peel a leaf from the top of your questionable pineapple. If it comes off easily, it’s ripe.

Cooking meat faster

If you score meat, cutting multiple inch-deep gashes into the flesh, you’ll allow it to cook faster. It’ll also let the marinade sink deeper.

Keeping food from going brown

Cover your potatoes, avocados and apples in water and add some lemon. It’ll stop the oxidation process that causes them to turn brown.


A Simple Kitchen Trick Will Change The Way You Peel Potatoes


Peeling potatoes sucks. It seriously sucks. Unfortunately, the starchy veg is the base of tons of recipes and has many other uses outside cooking. Luckily, our buddy Davy from Make Sushi figured out a way to peel potatoes that no only saves you a headache, it’ll give your potatoes much more flavor.

Start by slicing around the potato skin in a circular motion with a sharp knife. Then, throw the potatoes into some boiling water and let them cook. After your potatoes are removed, you just simply have to pinch the potato skin and it comes off almost instantly.

No mess, no stress and more flavor. The best part is you now have potatoes to work on all kinds of awesome recipes. Check out the video below.

The Best Way To Peel Potatoes

Our guy Make Sushi jumping in real quick and showing us his trick for peeling potatoes (this way is also dope for getting more flavor in there during the boil!).#foodbeast:

Posted by Foodbeast on Monday, November 9, 2015


Flight Attendant Quits Her Job To Offer ‘Crab-Peeling’ Services Online


A 27-year-old woman was recently spotted at a restaurant in Hangzhou, China, hand-feeding crab to a man.


The woman is a former flight attendant who quit her job to offer “crab-peeling” services online.


The woman reportedly uses Taobao, the Alibaba-owned Chinese online shopping site, to advertise her services.


She charges 10RMB ($1.50) for each crab, with an extra 5RMB (78 cents) added if the customer wants to be fed by hand.


The customer pictured ordered 20 crabs in total and ended up getting a discount for ordering the “King Meal.”


He paid 260 yuan ($40) in total. 




Written by Editorial Staff, Nextshark || Shanghaiist


This Simple Potato-Peeling Hack Will Save You Tons Of Time And Grief In The Kitchen


Peeling potatoes can definitely be a hassle. Between fumbling through the kitchen for a peeler and spending loads of time paring away, things can get tedious just to get those potatoes bare.

YouTuber Dave Hax (get it?) has discovered a quick and easy way to get your potatoes peeled without having to go though all the unnecessary work. All you need are some potatoes, a knife and some hot water.

The peeler begins by cutting a thin line across the potato, enough to penetrate only the skin. Then they simply just throw them in a pot, add boiling water, wait for the potatoes to cook and drain them. Cool the potatoes with cold water for a few minutes and once they’re able to be picked up, the peels should slip right off.

Easy, right?

Check out the video below to see a more detailed look at his process.