Woman Shocked To Discover Over 50 Pearls In Her Oyster Meal While Eating At Restaurant


It’s not uncommon to find the occasional pearl when chowing on oysters. A Tennessee woman, however, found more than 50 in a single sitting. So yeah, that’s definitely uncommon.

While dining at a Puckett Boat House restaurant, Toni Elliot was surprised to discover a small pearl from her plate of fried oyster. This surprise quickly turned into astonishment when she continued to find more and more pearls in her oyster.

Elliot’s discovery caught the attention of the staff server, Eric Horton, who came out with a container for her to keep the pearls in. According to Horton, who’s worked at the Puckett Boat House for a while, it’s one of the more interesting things he’s seen.

Fifty-one pearls were found in total. All apparently coming from the same oyster. Unfortunately for Elliot, the type of pearls she found weren’t worth more than a few bucks. However, the experience itself was definitely one for the books.