Snickers Is Launching A BROWNIE Bar Next Year

Snickers have taken on a brand new form and it’s going to bring delight to many brownie lovers.

The candy brand has announced a brand new Peanut Brownie Squares bar that’s — you guessed — all brownie.

This new addition to the Snickers family features two squares, coated in the Snickers chocolate, and accented with a layer of caramel and a chewy peanut-brownie filling.

While this new treat won’t hit the snack aisle until early 2021, Snickers is letting fans get an early taste of the brownie bar by going to and signing up for the countdown.

Once the countdown clock runs out of time on July 16, there will be a thousand boxes free to claim while supplies last.

Sounds like a pretty sweet sneak peek, especially for those who can’t wait until 2021.

Health News

Peanuts Help Infants Avoid Peanut Allergies, Per New NIH Guideline


Photo: Medical News Today

Peanut allergies are some of the deadliest and well-known in the United States. While only a small proportion of Americans have this allergy, its symptoms are severe, with even just a little peanut dust potentially being able to cause anaphylactic shock and death in some.

While there is no cure for this allergen, the National Institute for Health (NIH) believes they’ve found a way to keep your infant from developing this deadly allergy.

New guidelines have been issued by the NIH to healthcare providers regarding the introduction of foods containing peanuts to infants to prevent the development of this allergy.

The new guidelines are extremely vigilant, with allergy tests being included to determine the safety of introducing peanuts into the diet, and introduction occurring slowly at 4-6 months of age — after other solid food has been introduced to infants and they begin to eat it.

The guidelines also specifically focus on eczema, a dry skin condition more prevalent in infants likely to have a peanut allergy, and characterizes the rates of introduction of peanut foods based on the presence of eczema.

It sounds crazy to give someone who may have peanut allergies peanuts as an act of prevention. However, it’s based off of the concept of vaccination, where a milder form of the virus is administered so that the immune system can recognize and easily destroy it.

It seems that the same concept works for peanut allergies. Research has shown that infant peanut consumption has the ability to prevent peanut allergies. That same research prompted these new guidelines from the NIH.

While we definitely recommend that you get this verified with your doctor before trying, it’s worth a shot to keep peanut allergies from occurring with your child.




If Nick from Dude Foods has mastered anything, it’s bacon. This time, however, he’s truly outdone himself.

Taking peanut butter and throwing into ice cube trays, the peanut butter is frozen into perfect cubes. Nick then dosed them in flour and egg wash and wrapped some bacon around them.

Throwing it into the fryer, what happens is a magic known only as Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Peanut Butter Balls.

Check out a quick video below and more sexy recipes at Dude Foods.

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The Ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich Combos To Try This Summer


Few food combinations in this world ever reach the level of such partners-in-crime as peanut butter and jelly or hazelnuts and chocolate.

For those who are yet to add the ice cream sandwich to these ranks, prepare to be dazzled.

Below are ten ice cream sandwich pairings which will take each other to as-of-yet-untouched levels of cold, warm, and melty glory.

Chocolate fudge cookies + raspberry gelato


This has an excellent sour bite to it. The strong contrast in flavor between the cookie and gelato make for an awesome combo that is a major step-up in classiness from the standard chocolate chip and vanilla pairing. Try this combo if you want a pop of color on your plate and in your mouth.

Check out this Rachel Ray article for a ranking of gelato brands to assist this cookie sandwich adventure.


Chocolate chip cookies + praline pecan ice cream


Overall, this is a safe option if you want a simple gateway ice cream sandwich. The caramel strain in the ice cream spices it up beyond just vanilla though. The two provide a combo that isn’t overwhelming but will still please your tastebuds.


Chocolate chip cookies + chocolate ice cream


This is a solid pairing but does not provide a huge variety of flavors. As with the hazelnut combo above, don’t overstuff the cookies or the ice cream can overwhelm the stage. If you are a chocolate fanatic though, this will be sure to satiate your cravings.


Sugar cookies + banana split ice cream


You have to like banana split ice cream (basically all of the ingredients-cherries, walnuts, fudge-of a banana split blended into a single flavor) if you want to go down this route. The cookie definitely improves the ice cream though. This has a carnival appeal to it and a strong banana flavor.

Our friend Alton Brown has a sugar cookie recipe to kick start this combo.


Sugar cookies + strawberry cheesecake ice cream


We set our expectations a bit too high in trying this pair, but it was still good with its cakey flavor. If you are scooping the ice cream yourself, be sure to shoot for more strawberry bits to distinguish this enough from a simple vanilla and sugar cookie combo. Adding a garnish of strawberry sauce on the outside can also make this a crowd-pleaser.


Peanut butter cookies + chocolate chip ice cream


This works perfectly and provides the right balance of salty and sweet. The chocolate is subtle and complementary and does not threaten to overpower the joy of the peanut butter cookie.


Peanut butter cookies + chocolate  ice cream


Don’t expect a Reese’s flavor here, but prepare to be pleased. The chocolate definitely comes out more strongly in the pairing and the two tastes do compete a bit.

This provides a surprisingly different texture than expected though if the peanut butter ice cream you choose has peanut chunks. For all of these, we recommend warm cookies for maximum results.

Want to be fancy? Follow this Jamie Oliver recipe to make your own chocolate ice cream.


Oatmeal raisin cookies + blueberry creme pie ice cream


The blueberry dominates this couple, so you can only taste the raisins in the cookies. If you want to impress your compatriots with your sense of adventure though, this is the way to go. At its core, this is a souped up classic ice cream sandwich with some extra personality.


Oatmeal raisin cookies + “Supercow” ice cream


This is the safety fallback of the group. Supercow or “superman” is basically a vanilla ice cream with some added sugar. Putting it on the cookies provides a nice platform though and some showstopping color. Although not traditionally paired as ice cream sandwiches, these cookies are versatile and should not scare off the faint of heart.


As a final challenge to all who actually like white chocolate macadamia nut cookies: come up with your own cookie sandwich combinations and send them to us. We didn’t try these because, well, honestly we aren’t fans of these particular cookies.

This Article Written by Mollie Simon and Zoe Schneider of Spoon University


Breakthrough Study Shows Eating Peanuts as a Child May Prevent Allergies


A new study, involving hundreds of infants at high risk for peanut allergies, has shown that exposure to peanuts early in their life will protect them from peanut allergies as they get older. Published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine, the 640 infants from Evelina London Children’s Hospital took part in a five-year trial called LEAP (Learning Early About Peanut Allergy).

The infants involved were between 4 and 11 months of age and either suffered from severe eczema, egg allergy or both. The significance of the eczema and egg allergies in the study is that they both act as high-risk warning signs for developing a peanut allergy. The infants were randomly assigned into a peanut consumption group or avoidance group. Each child was given a skin-prick test before being assigned to a group.

Those who yielded a positive skin-prick test were given 3.9 grams of peanut protein in incremental doses. If they showed no signs of reaction toward the dosage, it was increased to 6 grams a week (spread over three meals) until the infants reached 5 years of age.

At the end of the study, less than 1 percent of the peanut group had developed a peanut allergy. In the other peanut-free group, 17.3 percent of the kids developed an allergy to peanuts.

“For a study to show a benefit of this magnitude in the prevention of peanut allergy is without precedent,” said Anthony Fauci of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in a statement.

The kids will be monitored through the next year to see if they stay protected against the allergy even when no longer consuming the peanut protein.

Fast Food

Domino’s Taiwan Stuffs Their Pizza Crust with Cheese and Peanut Sauce


Just when we thought the world has seen plenty of novelty pizza crusts, Domino’s Taiwan introduces another take on what a stuffed crust should entail. The region-specific entree will feature a pizza crust filled with mozzarella cheese and special Taiwanese peanut sauce. Yep, you can now get peanut sauce in the crust.

While the crusts are something to write home about, the pizzas themselves can be customized to however customers prefer. Don’t expect any special peanut sauces on the pie itself. Though, we think just the crust should be more than plenty.

Not quite sure if peanut sauce and cheese are such a great idea, but if the creative minds behind Domino’s are willing to give it a chance, it can’t be that crazy.

Maybe it’s worth a nibble or two.

h/t Brand Eating


Oatmeal Peanut Caramelitas

A homemade oats bar that bares resemblance to our favorite sticks of candy — can you think Snicker’s meets your mom’s recipe for lemon bars (minus the lemon). This particular dessert from our friend Lindsey makes use of cooking oats, salted peanuts, chocolate chips, and a wonderful caramel topping. My Tuesday morning stomach now feels like a Friday afternoon stomach — happy:



Spring Rolls & Peanut Sauce

Spring is here and it’s time your food knows it. This Spring Rolls & Peanut Sauce recipe will help you forget any bad winter memories you had. Eat this tasty, refreshing meal on a dime too. (Thanx BudgetBytes)