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Peanut Butter & Jelly Oreos Officially Exist And We’re Totally Stoked

After many media outlets recently reported on the rumors of a coveted Peanut Butter and Jelly Oreo flavor, we’ve been able to confirm (thanks to Instagram user JunkBanter) that these Oreos are real and in stores NOW.

JunkBanter posted a review of the brand-new Oreo flavor last night, which features a golden Oreo cookie that holds both peanut butter and jelly cremes inside. Apparently, they taste like the same filling used in the previously-released Peanut Butter Oreos and Jelly Donut Oreos, so if you’ve tasted those already, you have an idea of what the new cookies taste like.

Picture nostaglic peanut butter and jelly flavors inside of an iconic Oreo cookie. If that doesn’t get you hyped for this new flavor, which dropped just in time for the back-to-school sales, I don’t know what will. If you’re excited, though, know that Kroger stores have started to slowly distribute these awesome new cookies across the nation already, with fans reporting them having popped up at Harris Teeter stores in North Carolina and Ralph’s stores in California.

Get searching, folks, ’cause with a flavor this delicious already low-key dropping, there’s a good chance it won’t be around for long.

Celebrity Grub Cravings

NBA Stars Are Secretly Addicted To PB&Js And The Problem Is League-Wide

There are worse addictions out there, but it’s still kind of strange that there are numerous NBA players who absolutely need a peanut butter and jelly fix to get through the day.

From future hall-of-famer Kevin Garnett to rookies like the Lakers’ Brandon Ingram, ESPN’s Baxter Holmes documented the serious league-wide addiction that players can’t seem to shake.

The reason is uncertain, but for some like Garnett, it came from superstition. For others, like New York Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis, they just kind of adopted the trend.

Since PB&Js aren’t exactly at the healthiest meal option, in a sport where your physical abilities are everything, players have literally had to fight to keep these sandwiches in their diet.

Check out some of the superstars and their documented stories with the sweet, sweet sandwich:


Stephen Curry

A post shared by Wardell Curry (@stephencurry30) on

After getting a new physical trainer in 2015, the Golden State Warriors literally had to fight to keep their PB&Js. Two-time MVP Stephen Curry said he felt “shook” when the sandwiches disappeared from the team jet. The team was OK with doing away with candy, cookies, and soda, but when their peanut butter and jelly and sandwiches were taken away, it was a real problem. Interim coach Luke Walton fought along with them and they eventually, after daily complaints, appeared again, according to the Wall Street Journal.


Kevin Garnett

To be continued…

A post shared by Kevin Garnett (@tic_pix) on

When Garnett played for the Boston Celtics, strawberry PB&Js became part of his pre-game ritual after he noticed he played well after eating them. The Celtics strength and conditioning coach didn’t mind the sandwich ritual as it seemed better than the usual greasy food players eat pre-game.


Dwight Howard

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In the case of Atlanta Hawks’ Dwight Howard, he had a full-on candy addiction where he ate up to 24 candy bars a day. When he finally shook his need for candy in 2013, he fought his nutritionist to let him keep his PB&Js. He didn’t get to keep his usual sandwich, but they settled on soft sourdough with organic peanut butter and low-sugar jelly.


Brandon Ingram

A post shared by Brandon X. Ingram (@1ngram4) on

Los Angeles Lakers rookie Brandon Ingram has been criticized for his thin frame, so maybe binging on these sammiches would help. Ingram’s pretty picky with his sandwiches, as he only uses organic ingredients, and goes with grape jelly. The rook thought his addiction might not translate well in the NBA, but he soon found out that it was a league-wide thing and kept with it.


Kristaps Porzingis

A post shared by Kristaps Porzingis (@kporzee) on

The Latvian-born New York Knicks star didn’t even know what a peanut butter jelly sandwich was, but as soon as he joined the league, he immediately fell in love with them.

Celebrity Grub Now Trending

Watch The Cast Of Stranger Things Hand Out PB&J Sandwiches To Guests At The Emmy’s

Despite hipster douchebags swearing it was overrated, Stranger Things was by far the hottest TV series of the summer, and anything the youngsters in the cast do at this point, is considered gold.

During the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy’s, the beloved child stars were called upon to deliver peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to everyone in the audience.


Emmy’s host Jimmy Kimmel said he had his mom make 7,00o pb&j’s and needed some help handing them out.

Like in the show, the Stranger Things cast hopped on their bikes, rode around the aisles and became the cutest delivery squad you can think of.


Even though the new show wasn’t eligible for awards this year, they still found a way to steal the Emmy spotlight.

Do not underestimate the power of PBJ’s from the “Upside Down.”

FOODBEAST Hit-Or-Miss News Video

JEFF’S TABLE: New Foodbeast Docu Series Makes Average Food Beautiful

Here at FOODBEAST we’re not about food reviews. We’re about food. Getting up close and personal with our food is a prerequisite before consumption. Food and us? That relationship’s Facebook official. And if you’re not at that personal level yet with your meals, then hurry up and put a ring on that entree.

With that said, it’s worth noting that when food is judged or critiqued on some over-the-top, what-culinary-school-did-you-go-to?-scale, we lose interest quickly. Chances are, the average person does, too.

Food is important, and it shouldn’t matter what you’re cooking to make people want to have the same freak-in-the-sheets relationship with their food — like we do, with ours. Why should the guy cooking top ramen with bacon bits and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in his dorm room be looked at any differently than the Michelin-starred chef making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before bed?


Pull up a seat at Jeff’s Table. Where it doesn’t matter what we’re cooking, as long as you’re making what you love to eat. It doesn’t even matter if you use a microwave. In fact, it’s encouraged.

Jeff’s Table is a new FOODBEAST documentary series that looks at food from the eyes of an average person. Yet, it’s seasoned liberally with satirical perspective on taking a popular concept from Chef’s Table and making it FOODBEAST approved.


“We love everything about Chef’s Table, from the slo-motion shots to the beautiful close-ups and story behind the dishes,” David Ma, FOODBEAST’s director for this project said.

“We also love microwave burritos and PB&J sandwiches, so we set out to give them the same love as all those Michelin star dishes.”

The first episode of Jeff’s Table features an in-depth look at the gorgeous simplicity of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on basic-ass white bread. It looks amazing.

Brb, making a PBJ.


Jones Soda Hops on Back-to-School Bandwagon with Peanut Butter & Jelly Soda


It was a sad day when I discovered Disneyland had discontinued its regaled peanut butter and jelly soda. Subtle, sweet, vaguely salty, it reminded me of playground days without the saccharine aftertaste of Kool-Aid. Thankfully, the fine fellows from Jones Soda have stepped in to fill the void.

PB&J soda has been done in the past, but the flavor is a brand new addition for Jones, who released  it just in time for the new school year. Currently available in Canada and coming to the U.S. in Harmons, Hastings, Associate Food, and Cost Plus World Market Stores by September, the peanut butter and grape jelly-flavored drink is also completely safe for people with peanut allergies. No real peanuts or peanut materials were harmed in the making of this pop.

Now, knowing this thing exists, you have a few options. You could A) ignore it B) reminisce sadly about your childhood or C) buy some, make yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and also pick up an ice cream version for yourself at Cold Stone. Sharing with your kids = completely optional.

H/T Brand Eating


Peanut Butter Jelly Time Beer is Real, Does Not Come with a Baseball Bat


Twelve years after the dancing banana first graced the internet with its presence, the letters “p-e-a” still autocomplete on Youtube with “-nut butter jelly time.” So if you think about it, now’s a good a time as any to release a beer inspired by one of the most nefariously catchy memes ever. Best of all, those 10 year olds who watched the original video are finally old enough to drink.

Aged with raspberries and roasted peanuts, the Peanut Butter Jelly brown ale from Catawba Brewing Co. is meant to recreate the “childhood goodness” of mom-packed school lunches, perfect for your weekly existential crisis/nostalgia binge. Sadly the brew is only available in cans around the Carolinas (Catawba is based in North Carolina), or on tap at Catawba’s tap rooms in Asheville or Morganton, so everyone not from those parts will just have to stick to Disneyland for their liquid PB&J fix.

Cheers to growing up!

H/T Beer Street Journal


15 Stunning Disneyland Foods and Drinks Worth Waiting in Line For


Disneyland: home of fantastical fireworks, rip-roaring rides, more souvenirs than you can shake a four-fingered glove at — and, it so happens, some of the best theme park food this side of Arendelle.

Bars and restaurants at the Disneyland Resort have figured out what guests crave, from sweet, buttery pineapple soft serves to boozy green screwdrivers made with five different kinds of rum. We’ve compiled some of our favorite must-eats and drinks to put on your Disney Bucket List. Yep, turns out that, in addition to bringing joy to the lives of suburbanites everywhere, the Mouse sure knows how to fry a mean beignet.


Peanut Butter & Jelly Soda


What: A light, pinkish grape soda infused with hints of peanut and topped with a fizzy foam. The secret here is in the subtlety, since neither the PB nor the J is too overpowering, but just present enough to remind you of after school snacks.

Where: Carnation Cafe, Main Street, Disneyland


The Uh-Oa!


What: The name Uh-Oa! can be one of two things: a sizable Tiki fishbowl filled with light and dark rums, various tropical juices, and a pinch of cinnamon; or what you’ll say when you order the damn thing. Find it in the Enchanted Tiki Room-like Trader Sam’s Bar at the Disneyland Hotel, along with plenty of chanting and a high chance of showers.

Where: Trader Sam’s Bar at The Disneyland Hotel


Wine and Cheese Box


What: Gorging indiscriminately on turkey legs and soda is so 1955 (we’re guessing). In any case, Disney’s classed it up a bit since Walt’s days, and you can too, by pairing your own wines and cheeses on the Mendocino Terrace. The box also comes with extra packets of breadsticks, score.

Where: Mendocino Terrace, Pacific Wharf, California Adventure


The Zombie


What: This one’s a doozy. Recipes vary by bartender, but expect three to five different kinds of rum including Bacardi 151 and just a “splash” of fruit juice. Just the thing to snap you out of zombie mode after a long day at the park, or send you right back into it.

Where: Cove Bar, Paradise Pier (behind Ariel’s Grotto Restaurant), California Adventure


Matterhorn Macaroon


What: This mini-mountain is basically a crunchy, coconut crag crowned by delicate snow “cream.” It’s sweet and simple, and best of all, totally Insta-worthy. #vacationcaloriesdontcount

Where: Jolly Holiday Bakery, Main Street, Disneyland


Dole Whip, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Cream-Flavored Churros


What: When regular cinnamon just won’t cut it, don’t fret. These sundry flavored churros found outside the park are edgier and more inspired than your average deep-fried sugar stick. Pro-tip: save a pineapple one for dipping into your Tiki Room Dole Whip for an unimaginably indulgent treat.

Where: California Churro Cart, Downtown Disney (near The Lego Store)


Dole Whip


What: Speaking of, Disneyland’s Dole Whip soft serve is quite possibly the closest thing you’ll get to tasting an orgasm in a cup (or whatever the PG version of that might be). Available as a plain soft serve or in a pineapple juice float, its lush, buttery, and tart flavors shine best when eaten slowly and deliberately, Ratatouille-style.

Where: The Enchanted Tiki Room, Adventureland, Disneyland


Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Sandwich


What: Perfectly sized and perfectly peanut buttery, the Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Sandwich is a bit more cookie than sandwich, but ideal for an in-park Reese’s fix.

Where: Pooh’s Corner, Critter Country, Disneyland




What: Consider these your next-level churros, deep fried dough breathed out into pillow form and dusted with a healthy amount of confectioner’s sugar. We prefer the Jazz Kitchen versions because they’re square and therefore slightly larger, but the Mickey-shaped ones really get you into the spirit. (You are, after all, in the happiest place on earth).

Where: Mint Julep Bar, New Orleans Square, Disneyland (also The Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney)


Lobster Roll


What: There are plenty of hidden gems on the back side of the park, but perhaps none as smack-yourself-upside-the-head surprising as the Lobster Roll at Harbour Galley, right by the exit of the Haunted Mansion. Inside a fluffy, butter-toasted roll goes a sparingly mayo’d lobster salad just tasty enough to make you forget it’s mostly filler. Will it be the best lobster roll you’ve ever had? No. But is it one of the best foods you’ll find inside the park? Abso-freaking-lutely.

Where: Harbour Galley, Critter Country, Disneyland


Carnitas Nachos


What: We suggest skipping the pool after trying these fellas. Tucked inside the Grand Californian, past the hotel entrance to California Adventure, is White Water Snacks, a cute place to grab a quick bite to eat . . . or knock yourself into a food coma for a few hours with any of their angus cheeseburgers or shredded beef nachos. Swap the carne asada for carnitas and you’re onto some serious black magic.

Where: White Water Snacks at The Grand Californian (by the pool)


Broasted Chicken


What: I’ll just out and say it: this chicken is crack. Deep fried, golden brown, salted-to-perfection crack. Forget the usual trumpets of turkey. The Plaza Inn serves up dinner just like mom used to when guests were over — fully dressed with green beans, mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls. Altogether it’s as filling and homey as theme park food can be.

Where: Plaza Inn, Main Street, Disneyland


Barbecue Chicken Stuffed Baked Potato


What: The chicken comes juiced up in a sweet orange glaze and spooned unfussily — along with chives, cole slaw, sour cream, and butter — into a steamy crevasse of baked starch. You’ll need every bit with every bite (the chicken can be too sweet otherwise), but there’s nothing better for fueling you up at snack time.

Where: Harbour Galley, Critter Country, Disneyland


Lobster Nachos


What: No trip to Cove Bar is complete without washing everything down with a heavy helping of Lobster Nachos. There’s nothing too crazy here: lobster pieces, cheese, black beans, gorgeously thick tortilla chips. The good news is there’s plenty to go around, so bring a friend or four.

Where: Cove Bar, Paradise Pier, California Adventure


The Monte Cristo


What: The ultimate indulgence, this sugar-powdered deep fried ham and cheese sandwich will set you back an not-insignificant $17 — (that’s a whole parking pass!) — but it’s well worth it, trust. Surprisingly ungreasy, the melty slabs of toast are sure to satisfy for an entire day. Sides of fruit and jam add a nice, fat-cutting, finishing touch.

Where: Cafe Orleans, New Orleans Square, Disneyland


Honorable mentions: Corn Dogs at Little Red Wagon and Corn Dog Castle, Red Velvet Push-Pops at Hearthstone Lounge, Cookie Bakes at Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue, Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus at Bengal Barbecue, Elote (chili-lime corn on the cob) on the Boardwalk, House Biscuits at Carthay Circle, Chorizo and Eggs Breakfast Scramble Cone at Cozy Cone

Packaged Food

Spreadable ‘Beer Butter’ Comes in Dark and Blonde Ale Spreads


The problem with beer is it just makes you feel so damn full when you’re done with it, but new “beer butter” from Italy could solve that little dilemma, not to mention help make PB&Js interesting again (or at the very least, Instagram-friendly again).

Lifelong friends and co-founders Emanuela Laurenzi of Alta Quota Brewery and Pietro Napoleone of Napopeone Chocolate Makers in Cittareale have combined their expertise to create “spreadable beer.” Available in both “Omid Dark” and “Greta Blonde,” Birra Spalmable can now be purchased online through Selfridges, so it’s only a matter of weeks before you’ll be sucking down craft beer butter and jelly sandwiches and pairing them with actual craft beers. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Birra Spamabile: £7.99 or $12.38 @ Selfridges

H/T Bloomberg + PicThx Selfridges