Ridiculous Peanut Portraits Look Just Like Jimi Hendrix, George Takei, Bryan Cranston and More


There’s a certain artsiness to the random peanut shells that get thrown around the floors of bars or places like Five Guys. An ordered chaos, if you will. A testament to the undying will of humanity.

Yeah, these amazing peanut portraits totally shit on that.


Midwestern artist Steve Casino — self-dubbed “Painter of Nuts” — says he first got into nut art when one day he noticed a peanut that kind of looked like him, so he drew his face on it with a pen. His next project was Joey Ramone, but this time, the nut got a full make-over: bendable pipe cleaner limbs, a wig, and full black “leather” jacket. Over time his portfolio grew. James Bond nuts, Wonder Woman nuts, Elton John nuts, Alfred Hitchcock nuts — all recreated in crazy stupid detail.


As for his method, Casino says he first decides which celebrity he wants to emulate then searches for the “right” nut to suit his needs. He then carefully removes the insides and carves and sands its front surface for painting, leaving the back untouched to highlight the contrast between the finished piece and the raw shell on the other side.


Folks, it really doesn’t get any more uselessly talented than this.

H/T The Awesomer