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167 McDonald’s Drive-Thru Customers Pay It Forward In Awesome Act Of Kindness

Photo by David Lally.

The best feel-good food story from this past Father’s Day Weekend goes to 167 McDonald’s customers who passed through the drive-thru at a franchise in Scottsburg, Indiana.

The first of these drivers chose to pay for a dad and the four kids in his car behind him, according to WDRB. From there, each of the following 166 drivers chose to pay for the car behind them, creating an impressive streak of kindness that lasted from the initial good deed at 8:30 pm to when the drive-thru closed at midnight.

The McDonald’s employee manning the drive-thru during the whole thing told WDRB that customers didn’t believe the streak would run for so long, with some claiming it wouldn’t get past 100. However, the community of Scottsburg proved those doubters wrong.

Granted, this isn’t the longest pay-it-forward streak to have occurred at a McDonald’s. 250 customers pulled off the same feat in 2015 at a Florida location of the fast food chain. Nor is it even close to the longest reported streak, which occurred at a Starbucks in 2013 with nearly 1,500 participants.

Still, in a time when there seems to be so much negativity in the press, stories like these always manage to warm our hearts.


Struggling Waiter Helps Broke College Student, Gets a Huge Surprise at Work


A Utah waiter is crediting karma for a serendipitously generous tip that followed only a few days after his earlier act of kindness.

Deric Wortham shared his story in a March 6 post on his Facebook account that has since gone viral. The post includes a photo of a receipt from a table he served at Cliffside Restaurant, the establishment he works at, that totals $100 — a $49.92 bill along with a $50.08 tip.


Wortham wrote in his post:

“A couple of days ago I was standing in line at the bank. A young girl (college age) was behind me with a Mason jar 1/3 filled with coins. I commented to her that she was supposed to wait until it was completely filled before cashing it in. She said that she didn’t have any money in her account and that she had to cash it in now (it probably totaled $5.00).

“I remembered being a poor college student myself 30 years ago at BYU. So, when I got to the teller, I told her to withdraw $50 from my account and when the girl came up for her transaction, to see to it that my $50 was deposited into her account with her coins.

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“The teller asked me, ‘Why? Do you know her?’. I replied that I did not but that it seemed to me she needed the money more than I did and I was just ‘Paying It Forward’. The teller told me that was one of the nicest things she had ever seen. I left feeling good. And, I secretly asked my Heavenly Father to bless both the young lady and myself because I have bills too.  

“Tonight, at the end of my work week, my last customer was the answer to my silent prayer. Their dinner check was only $49 but they tipped me $50…the same amount that I had given to the young lady earlier this week! They tipped me not the usual 18% – 20% but a full 100%! Someone ‘paid it forward’ back to me! Karma! I felt blessed! Remember, ‘Paying it forward’ will eventually come back to you! Everyone have an awesome week ahead!”

Wortham’s original Facebook post has been shared over 3,000 times, but a repost by Love What Matters has been shared over 54,000 times and been given over 257,000 likes.

Written by Editorial Staff, NextShark

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There’s a Heartwarming Reason Why This Pizza Place Is Littered with Post-its


At Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, owner Mason Wartman is dolling out more than just fresh hot pizza at $1 a slice, he’s facilitating pizza for the less fortunate.

Here he is, snacking on a slice himself:


His shop’s vibe is simple: guarantee a slice of fresh, hot pizza for all customers.

It wasn’t until last year that everything changed. Mason noticed a paying customer buying a slice for a homeless person which quickly turned into his new business model.

After obliging that inspirational customer by accepting the extra dollar as credit for another slice, Wartman ran out and bought Post-it notes to stick to the wall — signifying a slice was already purchased.

This is what his wall looks like now:


Now whenever someone hungry comes in, they can just pull a Post-it off the wall and use it to grab a slice. Must keep this guy and his team pretty busy:


The notes on the wall are full of good fortune and are inspiring to look at.

Some Post-its read “Yum Yum!! (= Enjoy,” others read “Free Pizza <3 from Spain.” Larger form “thank you” notes make the board as well, like this one from someone who claims Rosa’s helped get them back on their feet:



If you’re hungry and in the area, might want to swing by Rosa’s and grab a slice. Then grab one for someone else.