Science Says This Is What Happens To Your Brain On Cooking Shows

There can’t be a better symbol of American life than having no time to to cook, but having three hours blocked off on our DVRs for all of Gordon Ramsay’s exploits. As the number of cooking shows rises, do our appetites as well? Let’s take a look at some of the known psychological effects of watching cooking shows to determine if it’s a good enough scapegoat for those extra 20 pounds.

Watching What You Eat

Lizzy Pope, an assistant professor of nutrition and food science at the University of Vermont, conducted a study to see if she could find a relationship between people’s health and the types of media they viewed. While the study factored in a number of media sources (YouTube, magazines, newspapers, etc.), Pope found that only cooking shows could be linked to a higher BMI. Conversely, this might just prove that overweight people are more likely to watch cooking shows, since it was not clear whether cooking shows were the cause or result of the increased weight.

Social Norms


Pope claimed, however, that it was unlikely that overweight people just happened to be watching cooking shows due to the phenomenon of “social norming.” Essentially, because people see so many souffles and chicken-fried steaks, they assume that it’s a normal way to eat. For that same reason, if you watched nothing but beastiality, eventually regular porn (and even IRL sexual encounters) would lose their appeal for you. You sick freak. But if you did a calorie count of a typical cooking show meal, you could just save yourself the hour of watching, head to McDonald’s and achieve practically the same results.

Put Down the Skillet


Because of the two effects described above, people who cook their own meals may actually be worse off. Idolizing someone like Paula Deen (her cooking, not her racism) might lead a moderately skilled cook to think that creating butter-saturated dishes on a daily basis was par for the course. All that fat adds flavor, but also puts inches on your waistline. Maybe pick a hero with some healthier habits—like Keith Richards.

Sharing Is Not Caring


Another dangerous place to obtain your recipes is through social media. As our asshole friends post photos of the extravagant meals they eat on their birthdays or vacations (or just because they’re a big fat slob that goes HAM on every sandwich) we again associate this with normal eating habits. Maybe try taking interesting photos of your cholesterol count instead.

Running on Empty


Another interesting point is about those who watch cooking shows while working out at the gym. The theory is that sometimes you need to dangle a little carrot cake in front of a rabbit to make it run. While the results are physically healthier, the overarching concept is the same as those described above, with a healthy dollop of self-loathing thrown in for flavor. Think of it as visual bulimia, essentially punishing your body for the unhealthy foods you crave, even though in this case you’re not actually indulging in them. What could possibly go wrong with that?


Paula Deen Flashes Her Buttery Booty During Dancing With the Stars [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 5.32.25 PM

Paula Deen the butter queen is on Dancing With The Stars, and in this week’s episode she decided to show a little bit more of herself during her routine.

Paula Deen had a little planned upskirt.

She lifted her dress while partner Mark Ballas pantomimed some wild ass-slapping gestures.

After the routine, Deen decided to do an extended flash in front of the judges and bless us with even more underwear action that cannot be unseen. I think we can all be thankful that there wasn’t a close up shot of that one.

Check out the video below if you dare. It happens at the 1:12 mark. Unfortunately for you Paula fans, this particular video doesn’t have the second upskirt, but there’s one on E! if you’re interested. You can thank us, or condemn us later.

Packaged Food

Paula Deen Releases A Line of ‘Healthy,’ Ironic Butter


I’ve never fully understood why Paula Deen, the butter fairy, gets so much bad press. Sure, she lied about that whole I-invented-the-doughnut-burger thing, is Anthony Bourdain’s archnemesis and waterfalls sugar like no ones business, but to tell you the truth, I think she’s kind of a badass.

Which is why I’m so dismayed that Eater reported she’s doing this whole I-make-healthy-butter-now-doughnut-burger-what? thing. Given, she did reveal her Type 2 diabetes diagnoses more than a year ago and you gotta give her kudos for trying. Then again, Paula Deen’s sudden attempt to rebrand her image as “healthy” via butter, the primary product that lead to her infamous image of indulgence, seems a bit forced.

For us doubting the legitimacy of Paula Deen’s latest venture, rest assured, her PR team touts that these “finishing” butters “let cooks bring a wonderful fresh butter taste to various dishes while just adding butter to the end of the cooking process.” The Paula Deen butter line will be available at Walmart and comes in five different flavors: Lemon DillEuropean StyleSouthern GrillingGarden Herb and Sweet Citrus Zest.

Seems legit.

H/T Eater + PicThx Paula Deen Foods


Disney Might Buy The Food Network…We Imagine Miley vs. Paula Showdown


Apparently owning the happiest place on earth, a publisher, a comic book publisher, the largest sports news network, movie production and your own channel just didn’t do it for Disney. With the recent news of the Scripps Networks’, which owns The Travel Channel, HGTV and The Food Network, controlling family trust disbanding, Bloomberg has reported that Disney may just be the top candidate to take over. According to the report, this allegedly would be a move to draw a larger female audience. Who knew I wasn’t supposed to love The Food Network and HGTV… at least they didn’t mention the DIY channel!

So what would a Disney owned Food Network look like? Here are some thoughts and moments that I, for one, am excited about:

When Paula Deen tells Miley Cyrus that cigarettes will kill her, and Miley turns back to Paula and says, “Really? Butter check yourself!”

When Mickey tells Robert Irvine to stop making people cry.

When they come out with a new show: Phineas and Herb: How to cook with spices and plants.


When Ted Allen looks at Zac Efron and says, “I’m sorry Chefron, but you’ve been chopped!” Looks like it’s Seventeen Sous Chef Again for you Zac.

Photos Courtesy ThemeParkCanuckEater

Celebrity Grub

Anthony Bourdain Has No Reservations About Cannibalism

If you know anything about Anthony Bourdain, you know that he is infamous for his outspoken viewpoints on food, other celebrity chefs, and life in general. So it should probably come as no surprise that Anthony publicly admitted he would eat human flesh if he had to — but we’ll get back to that in a moment.

Over this past weekend, Bourdain was a featured guest at Brooklyn’s Great GoogaMooga Festival, where he shared his opinions with a large food-loving crowd regarding a variety of topics.  Here is a brief highlight reel:

How does Anthony feel about the quality of pasta made by the Olive Garden? Well, he mentioned he would use a “big f*cking can of gasoline” to burn the restaurant down. Personally, I am a fan of the bread sticks, but let’s move on.

What does Anthony think about the James Beard House? “Why don’t they turn the house into something useful like a methadone clinic?,” he stated. That would be one clinic with a mighty fine meal plan.

What are Anthony’s thoughts on the recent foie gras ban? “I would f*cking eat it [foie gras] for the rest of my life out of sheer spite,”  he proclaimed. I like his spunky determination.

Other topics of conversation included who he would most want to deep-fry and eat (Dick Cheney), more Paula Deen fodder (something involving icing, Robert Irvine, and an animal rectum), and how to best cook a unicorn (roast, grill, AND braise, of course).

So how did we start talking about cannibalism then? Well, when an audience member had the opportunity to propose a question to Bourdain, naturally he wanted to know if he and Bourdain were ever trapped in a cave, would Bourdain wind up eating him? Would Anthony ever eat a human?

The answer — a resounding “”Yes, yes, I f*cking would.”

So now I would like to propose a question, Mr. Bourdain. If you were ever trapped in a cave with Paula Deen, would you eat her too?

Just some food for thought.

Here’s a video of Anthony speaking at the event. Warning- there is some questionable language, so I don’t recommend having your office speakers turned to Megadeth level.

[Via Huffington Post and Christian Post]



‘SNL’ Paula Deen is Hilariously Depicted by Kristen Wig

Kristen Wiig definitely makes a sexy, hilarious and ultimately convincing Paula Deen in this week’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.” The skit covers the recent sexual harassment allegations levied against Deen, her diabetes diagnosis and her use of the “N word,” which she claims to have never used (“nutrition”).

Wait ’till you hear Wiig/Deen describe diabetes as “the sugars,” old people in homes having “the shakes” and proceed to butter her hair while she talks with Seth Meyers. Paula Deen ignorance and hilariousness at its finest.

Here’s a look:

Celebrity Grub

It’s Official: Paula Deen Has Type 2 Diabetes

While news of Paula Deen’s plan to announce her diagnosis with Type 2 Diabetes has been the subject of many “ohhh shocker” and “Didn’t see that coming” jokes, it wasn’t until yesterday that the chef officially told the world.

On the set of the “Today” show, Paula Deen admitted that he had the disease and has now become a paid spokeswoman for pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk.

The interview revealed that Deen had actually been diagnoses three years ago, but took some time to cope with the disease, consult her physician and reflect with her family. At the time of her initial diagnosis, her concern was that she had nothing to give her “fellow friends,” but now, in partnership with the pharmaceutical company, she’s offering recipes and information about the disease via a new website,

Her memorable line in the interview sets the tone of her life and career moving forward,

I’m here today to let the world know that it is not a death sentence. — Paula Deen

According to a recent interview with USA Today, Paula Deen said she gave up her favorite sweet tea, she’s exercising regularly on a treadmill and taking Victoza (Novo Nordisk non-insulin injected diabetes medication. This LA Times article also reminds that Deen has other vices outside of fatty foods, including a 50-year smoking habit (definitely a possible risk increaser for developing diabetes).

Celebrity Grub

Paula Deen Expected to Reveal That She Has Diabetes?

Reports from several sources claim that popular chef and entrepreneur Paula Deen will soon announce that she has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, a disease often linked to obesity. If the claims prove true, it looks like Paula’s career of hawking fatty, butter-lathered dishes will have finally caught up with her.

The 64-year-old chef faces rumors of potentially signing a multimillion dollar deal to become the new face of a Novartis drug used to help treat the disease, but a Novartis rep told CBSNews that they hadn’t signed a deal with her.

While Dean has maintained some sensual and tasty cooking shows and recipes in years past, her two sons who have become food television fixtures themselves, have found their way to a healthier lifestyle (they’ve both trimmed up since their earlier years on television). Her son Bobby Deen currently has a series entitled “Not My Mama’s Meals,” a show on the Cooking Channel that transforms his mother’s Southern comfort food into lighter and lean dishes without compromising all the taste.

Our thoughts go out to Paula Deen and her family, and here’s to many more years of deliciousness from the Deen camp.