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Kawhi Leonard Gets Banned From Local Coffee Shop In Los Angeles

Update w/Apology: Alfred coffee has formally apologized, saying that the ban was a joke and “No one has been or ever will be turned away from Alfred.”

Update: Clipper fans have taken to Yelp to completely trash every Alfred Coffee location. Countless 1-star reviews popped up over the last couple of days, and Yelp has posted an “Unusual Activity Alert,” on the Alfred Coffee review pages. An Unusual Activity Alert occurs when a business stirs up controversy in the news and a sudden burst of negative reviews start being posted.

Probably the best part are the attempts to make the reviews sound legitimate, with cries of bad service and high prices.

There is a lot more star power making its way to Los Angeles, courtesy of the NBA and a slew of superstar free-agent signings. A couple of those superstars, however, chose the Los Angeles Clippers as a destination instead of the Lakers.

That isn’t sitting well with Laker fans, and apparently a popular L.A.-based coffee shop isn’t taking it too well, either.

After the Clippers announced the acquisitions of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, Alfred’s Coffee allegedly posted on their Instagram, “We reserve the right to refuse service to Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and anyone else affiliated with the Clippers organization.”

It’s not unusual to see in-state sports rivalries get heated among fans, but for a business to potentially split its customer-base within its own city is something else.

While Clipper fans are few and far in between, some still made their way to Twitter and posted their displeasure with Alfred’s coffee.






We can imagine fans took to Instagram as well, seeing how Alfred disabled its comments on there.

We'll see if Alfred's will stick to its guns, or apologizes to the Clipper fan base. It'd be even funnier if the Clipper team actually did show up to a location to see if they'd really keep their word.