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Chefs React To The Passing Of The ‘Pope’ of French Cuisine, Paul Bocuse

Chef Paul Bocuse, considered by many to be the “pope” of French cuisine, passed away over the weekend at the age of 91. His culinary influence has been felt and most importantly, tasted, around the world, with his restaurant empire stretching from Lyon to Epcot. Many of today’s food icons, like Anthony Bourdain, Gordon Ramsay, and Andrew Zimmern, were all influenced by his contributions to the culinary world.

Following Bocuse’s passing, the culinary community came together for an outpouring of love for the legendary chef on social media, with many sharing how Bocuse affected their own lives.

Anthony Bourdain

On Instagram, Bourdain also said that the “most memorable meal of his life” was with Paul Bocuse.

Emeril Lagasse

The popular New Orleans chef paid tribute to one of his first mentors on Twitter, noting Bocuse’s impact on showcasing French cuisine to the world.

Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern credited his choice to pursue his culinary passion to Paul Bocuse. If it weren’t for Chef Bocuse’s influence, Bizarre Foods may not exist today.

Thomas Keller

Michelin-starred chef Thomas Keller credited Chef Bocuse with setting the gold standard for chefs to follow in the industry today, and asked for people to join him “in celebrating his exemplary life.”

Al Roker

The familiar face as Today Show’s weather anchor and former Food Network host gave his thoughts on Chef Bocuse, saying that he was “honored to have met him.”

Wolfgang Puck

Chef Wolfgang Puck, who once called Bocuse the “god of cooking,” thanked the culinary titan for his “friendship,” “leadership,” and “dedication” that can be exemplified through all those who knew him.

Gordon Ramsay

Today’s biggest global celebrity chef honored Bocuse, one of the original major chef names worldwide, on Instagram. He called it a “sad day” for chefs around the world, recognizing the impact that Bocuse had not just on French cuisine, but on chefs and culinary talent everywhere.