Watch as a Blade Gradually Reveals Geometric Patterns Hiding in this Chocolate Cylinder

Studio Wieki Somers and chocolatier Rafael Mutter have engineered a gigantic cylindrical block of chocolate that contains beautiful geometric layers with unique patterns.

Called ‘The Chocolate Mill,’ this artistic endeavor was undertaken as a retrospective of Gerrit Rietveld, a Dutch designer and architect. The Chocolate Mill is made up of ten layers and a crank-turned blade resembling a large cheese slicer reveals each underlying layer which contains a beautiful, unique pattern of chocolate shapes.

Watch the video above to see how each layer is unveiled.


Call it beautiful craftsmanship or a waste of chocolate but the question we have is.. who gets to eat all those chocolate shavings they sweep away?!

H/T DesignTaxi


Custom Sushi in Beautiful Hand-Illustrated Take-Out Containers


Sushi requires a delicate touch and it can take years to master the art of crafting sushi. So why should the packaging of take-away sushi not reflect the same artistic skill and craft?

In response to the perceived unattractiveness of take away sushi containers, Singapore-based agency Kinetic created its own unique packaging for Maki-San, a customizable sushi store in Singapore. The first store of its kind, Maki-San allows the customer to choose exactly what goes into his or her sushi rolls.

To show off just how many choices these customers have, Kinetic made a series of hand-drawn illustrations. The drawings feature the available ingredients arranged into bright, repeating patterns. One of our favorites include, the slim, patterned boxes made to store sushi in a similar way to macaron containers.

These lovely aesthetic food designs, created by designer Esther Goh, are woven throughout all of Maki-San’s branding and decor.




Picthx Esther Goh