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$1,000 Tequila-Infused Chocolates Among The World’s Most Expensive Confectionaries

Looking for something a little more on the extravagant end this holiday season? What about a box of some of the world’s most expensive chocolates?

Patrón tequilas usually go for about $7,500 a bottle. If you’re not one to drop that much for booze, no matter how premium, there’s at least some middle ground.

Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate created a tequila-infused chocolate set that incorporates the taste of six different Patrón tequilas into each chocolate bar. Called the Patrón Alquimia Collection, each limited-edition set goes for $1000 of 24 bars reports DesignTaxi.

Are your loved ones worth that little extra this year? Probably not enough to warrant a grand for chocolate, but it’s something nice to think about as you surf through Amazon hoping your gifts make it to your doorstep before the holidays.

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The ‘Marshawn Lynch’ Shot Might Be The Most Disgusting Mixture Ever


Marshawn Lynch was known for hitting people in the mouth on the football field, and making them feel his wrath The same could be said for the shot named after him.

The Hey 19 pub in Torrance, California is home to the “Marshawn Lynch Shot,” and our Worst Shots Team is still wondering why the former running back would ever drink it.

Bartender Dennis Martin said the shot came about when a group of his customers went out drinking in Seattle, where Lynch used to play. The party-goers said they spotted Lynch at a bar and tried buying him shots. The story goes that no matter what they tried to buy him, the only thing he wanted to drink was a mixture of Hennessy and Patron.

The two drinks are barely tolerable apart, but mixed together, really make for a bad time.

Our own Sean Fahmy and Rudy Chaney tried the shot and it forced Sean to make this face:


“This looks like very, very, healthy piss,” Sean said. While Rudy asked, “Why anyone would ever want to drink this, I don’t understand.”

The craziest thing, is that not a lot of work goes into it. It’s two terrible drinks,  straight out of a Tupac song, mixed together. Simple, yet deadly.

Why Marshawn would like this shot is a mystery, but we have to believe it probably contributed to his retirement last year.


20 Waiters Reveal the Worst Thing Their Customers Have Ever Done

Something about the whole served/server relationship turns plenty of people into mindless, heartless pricks. From changing diapers at the dinner table to hiding tips in drinking straws, here’s some of the worst things waiters have seen their customers do, according to the fine folks at AskReddit.

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Chipotle Introduces Handmade Patron Margaritas Just in Time for Cinco de Mayo


Looks like Chipotle appreciates genuine margaritas just as much as the rest of us — at least enough to completely revamp the Chipotle margarita experience just in time for Cinco de Mayo. Chipotle has actually served margaritas since they opened their first store in 1993, but the drinks were made from a mix and “weren’t as delicious as they could be,” according to Chipotle’s chief marketing officer. Customers looking to try Chipotle’s heightened alcohol experience will be able to choose between either Patron or Sauza tequila, and every single margarita will be made by hand with a mixture of lemon juice, lime juice, and organic agave nectar. The new margaritas will hit 900 Chipotle stores on April 29th, and will cost anywhere between $6.50 and $8, depending on the location and whether Patron or Sauza is your tequila of choice.

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Here’s What a Patrón Fanny Pack Looks Like


The Patron Pocket, aka “The Patron Fanny Pack,” is one way to roll up to the club with swag. There’s nothing more impressive than a guy soloing it in the corner of a bar, alone with his fanny pack of liquor. Really, how could any lady resist your practical, convenient demeanor?

Forget table service, this is the new, portable way to make the ladies flock. Simply lock eye contact with that lucky gal across the dance floor, then brandish your, ahem, hip swag. She’ll be chatting you up within seconds, asking all about your clever fit and what your plans are later in the night.

That was sarcasm, please don’t ever do this.

The Patron Pocket $35 @ After5

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Recycled Patrón Bowl

Not really sure why anyone would want to remember the trips they take after finishing an entire bottle of Patrón, but a group of cool people thought it would be a fashionable home decor piece. In fact, they’ve taken the iconic shape of the bottle, trimmed it down, repurposed into a bowl and consists of hand-blown high quality glass throughout.

Imagine filling the badboy with some guacamole or salsa. Or if you’re not trying to eat (not sure why that is), it works well as a dish on your desk or the entrance to your house for your keys and spare change. Sits 3 inches high with a 4 x 4″ base. ($35 @ CoolMaterial)


Pandagrub Adventure: Rosati Restaurant (Melbourne, AU)

My friend Clayton Woodley .aka. PartyWithPanda .aka. re-occurring Foodbeast contributor, just recently spent a month in Australia shooting photos. After the Missy Elliott concert he shot, they all headed over to Rosati Restaurant in Melbourne. Take a look at the gorgeous food Panda and the crew he was with got into, after the jump.