What Superstitious Fans Should Eat For The Super Bowl

If you’re the type of sports fan who wears your hat inside out when your team is losing, or sits on the left side of the couch at the end of games, you’re going to want to listen up for the food versions of your Super Bowl superstitions.

Whether you’re a Rams fan, Patriots fan, or just a degenerate who put down $2,000 on one of those teams, Grubhub, the popular food delivery app, put together a recipe for success using eating trends from both Los Angeles and the greater New England area.

The gist of it is, Rams fans should eat beef shawarma, and Patriots fans should eat sausage pizza if they want their teams to win.

Grubhub came to these conclusions by analyzing the most popular orders put in on days the Rams and Patriots won this season.

On days the Rams won games, beef shawarma was 163 percent more popular in Los Angeles than any other order food order. Followed by mac & cheese, shrimp scampi, chicken alfredo, and ramen.

When the Patriots were victorious, sausage pizza was 181 percent more popular among New Englanders. After that, the most popular foods on victory days were eggplant parmesan sandwiches, ham and cheese sandwiches, pork wonton soup, and cheeseburgers.

Most Popular Food Orders For Rams Wins

1. Beef shawarma (163% more popular)
2. Mac and cheese (115% more popular)
3. Shrimp scampi (110% more popular)
4. Chicken Alfredo pasta (105% more popular)
5. Ramen (103% more popular)
6. Chicken shawarma pita (103% more popular)
7. Penne bolognese (98% more popular)
8. Chicken masala (91% more popular)
9. Baba ganoush (91% more popular)
10.Lamb shank (77% more popular)

Most Popular Food Orders For Patriot Wins

1. Sausage pizza (181% more popular)
2. Eggplant parmesan sandwich (171% more popular)
3. Ham and cheese sandwich (155% more popular)
4. Pork wonton soup (149% more popular)
5. Cheeseburger (127% more popular)
6. Pulled pork sandwich (127% more popular)
7. California club sandwich (123% more popular)
8. Garden roll (116% more popular)
9. Spicy edamame (101% more popular)
10.Eggplant parmesan (92% more popular)

Now you know what your Super Bowl party spread should look like. If you stray away from this formula, expect your team to lose. Hey, I don’t make the rules, I just tend to follow the supernatural ones.

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America Gets Free Wings If The Super Bowl Goes Into OT

Both the Rams and Patriots went to overtime in their respective roads to Super Bowl LIII, and Buffalo Wild Wings is putting some high stakes on the line if it happens again.

If the Super Bowl game between Los Angeles and New England goes into overtime, B-Dubs will give away free “snack size” wings to all its hungry consumers in the U.S.

The “snack size” at Buffalo Wild Wings usually comes with five wings (eight if boneless), and there is a limit of one order per person.

The only catch is that you have to redeem your free wings between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. (local time), February 18. If you try to go before or after those times, you’re out of luck.

While no purchase is necessary, there’s a good chance the lines will be out the door, as is customary for any food giveaway, anywhere.

The odds are against us, though, as only one Super Bowl has ever gone into over time, and that was in 2017, when the patriots and Falcons needed extra time to settle their battle.

There were, however,  17 overtime games this season. It wasn’t the record for most, that belongs to the 2002 season with 25, but it was a hell of a lot, giving us hope for free wings if the Rams and Patriots can have an epic overtime showdown on February 3, 2019.

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The Prices of Food and Beer at The Super Bowl Might Make You Faint

We’ve all been to stadiums or arenas and coughed up $6 for a hot dog, and while it’s painful to hand over your credit card at that regular season game, the concession prices for the Super Bowl were twice as cringeworthy.

We’ll start off with the big one, pointed out by Will Brinson of CBS Sports. U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota was selling “House Divided Cocktails,” a green one in honor for the Eagles, and a red one for the Patriots.

One of those drink-filled plastic jars cost loyal fans a cool $35.

The insanity didn’t stop there, as bottled waters went for $6, and chicken sandwiches were priced at $13. If you wanted to dig into a whole chicken, which is usually eight pieces, you’d have to drop $23.

Let’s compare that to the other extreme in Atlanta’s new football stadium. Mercedes-Benz Stadium had its grand opening in 2017, and dramatically lowered its concession prices, even for the playoffs. From $2 water bottles to $5 cheeseburgers, watching a Falcons game was way more affordable than the insane Super Bowl prices in Minnesota.

I guess you kind of had to expect that high prices for anything Super Bowl related, but even millionaire celebrities had to be wide-eyed when seeing a $4 price tag for string cheese.


Stats Show Patriots And Falcons Win When Fans Eat These Foods

If you have a rooting interest between the Atlanta Falcons, or New England Patriots, you might want to pay close attention and make sure you eat the right thing this Super Bowl Sunday.

If you’re a football fan and you don’t believe in superstitions, you’re lying to yourself. Still, there’s a little bit of evidence behind what I’m about to tell you raving fans and gamblers out there.

There are actually dishes that have been proven to be ordered  a lot on days that the Patriots won games this year. The same goes for the Falcons.

Grubhub, the popular online food ordering service, put together some stats that showed that Boston fans eat a lot of saag paneer when the Pats win, and Atlanta eats chicken noodle soup on days the Falcons win.

Over the course of the season, Boston natives ordered saag paneer from Grubhub 169% more on days that the Pats won, than on days they lost. Right under that, Bostonians ordered carna asada 162% more on days the pats won, than on a loss.

For Atlanta natives, Grubhub found that chicken noodle soup was ordered 195% more on days the Falcons won, than lost. Being ordered equally as often before Falcon wins was chicken salad.

Our Saag Paneer…we bet you will want to bottle it up! #tastessogood

A photo posted by INDIA restaurant (@india_restaurant) on

So if you’re a Patriots fan and want Brady to win another Super Bowl, you might want to try the saag paneer, or get some carne asada tacos.

For Falcons fans, you might want to make some space for chicken noodle soup.

Below are the top five foods ordered by both Bostonians and Atlantans, but I’d stick with the top ones. Why even risk it.

Top 5 most ordered foods in Boston during Patriots game day wins vs. losses.

Saag paneer was ordered 169% more on Patriots’ winning game days vs. losses

Carne asada was ordered 162% more on Patriots’ winning game days vs. losses

Crispy chicken sandwich was ordered 154% more on Patriots’ winning game days vs. losses

Unagi roll was ordered 139% more on Patriots’ winning game days vs. losses

Breadsticks were ordered 134% more on Patriots’ winning game days vs. losses

Top 5 most ordered foods in Atlanta during Falcons game day wins vs. losses.

Chicken noodle soup was ordered 195% more on Falcons’ winning game days vs. losses

Chicken salad was ordered 195% more on Falcons’ winning game days vs. losses

Saag paneer was ordered 186% more on Falcons’ winning game days vs. losses

Negi hamachi roll was ordered 160% more on Falcons’ winning game days vs. losses

Barbecue pork was ordered 160% more on Falcons’ winning game days vs. losses


‘Deflategate’ Inspires New England Beverage Company to Flatten Soda


Avery’s Beverages in New Britain, CT, decided to poke some fun at “Deflategate” by creating a soda that’s a little bit flatter.

The Deflated Ball Brew, made with grapefruit, orange and lime, was launched on Tuesday with the tagline, “It’s more fun to play with squishy balls.”

The gag gets more intricate; since only 11 out of 12 footballs from the Patriots’ AFC Championship game came in under-inflated, every 12th bottle is carbonated normally.

Avery’s Beverages is no stranger to fun flavors and titles for their carbonated drinks. From the Barack O’Berry to Swamp Juice, they’re definitely brewing creativity in New Britain.

You can currently grab one of the 2,400 bottles of Deflated Ball Brew at Avery’s Beverages’ bottling plant in New Britain or at the Stew Leonard’s store in Newington, CT. (Man, the British were really unimaginative colonizers). You can also order a 12-pack of the limited-edition brew online.

h/t Courant