Man Stabbed at Supermarket, Customers Step Over Blood for Milk


A supermarket spill isn’t that big of a deal when you’re rushing to get your groceries. One either maneuvers around it or goes full-steam through the puddle. Shoppers at a Pathmark in Philadelphia definitely noticed a red pool of liquid in their local dairy aisle. They just didn’t seem to care what it was.

Sure a pool of red isn’t the most farfetched thing to picture at your local supermarket. I mean, spills happen all the time, right? In this instance, however, the puddle was human blood.

Two men had gotten into a dispute earlier at the Pathmark, leading one of them to pull out a kitchen knife and stab the other. Police found the knife in the store and arrested a suspect. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital where he was in critical, but stable, condition.

Throughout the incident, customers walked right over or through the pool of blood and continued with their shopping. According to WTXF, folks asked the police if they could reach over the blood so they could get to the dairy products in the refrigerated cases.

I mean, it’s right there. Why not?

H/T Consumerist