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Sam’s Club Launches Smaller Sized Cakes for 2020’s Virtual Graduates

I never thought I’d one day be writing a piece about Sam’s Club that involved the word “small.” If memory serves me, my last visit to Sam’s Club began around noon and ended early evening. The place is simply THAT massive. Size aside, Sam’s Club has been affected by the covid-craziness, too. Efforts to adjust and assist employees have been respectable; they recently approved a second round of bonuses for workers. Additionally, changes to store hours, customer capacity allowances, and shopping slots exclusive to seniors have all been instituted. 

While the corona rages, life must persist, and Sam’s Club’s goal is to continue serving their customer’s needs. For instance, students nationwide are preparing to have virtual ceremonies as graduations are approaching. To support and celebrate this year’s graduates, Sam’s Club, typically known for their massive cakes, have announced smaller-cakes for the at-home festivities.  These smaller cakes are 10”, can be personalized and still pack all the tastiness Sam’s Club cakes are known for. The best part is that it costs less than $10. That’s perfect for families on a budget. You can personalize your cake with your school colors, a picture and a custom message as well. 

Sam’s Club personalized cakes come in various sizes ranging from the smallest, 10” single layer cake, to the mini-two-tier cakes and 15 count cupcakes are also offered. Prices vary depending on specifications as each cake is made from scratch.  A 3-tier option exists for larger gatherings but considering the times, that may have to wait until the dust settles.

If you have a soon-to-be graduate, birthday or other type of celebration around the corner, Sam’s Club is sure to meet your cake needs. Orders can now be made from your local club bakery and online.

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Pop-Tarts Dropping New Pretzel Flavors Nationwide

There might not be a food out there with more variations than Pop-Tarts. From flavors that prompt a sturdy “what the hell?” to ones that make you think “…that might actually work,” the people behind the famous toaster pastry keep the creative wheels moving.

Their newest flavors lean toward an innovative side of the spectrum, as they gear up to take their shot at sweet and salty with Pop-Tarts Pretzel.

The newest additions to the toaster pastry aisle sets themselves apart with a pretzel pastry crust that’s topped with a coarse salt.

In January 2020, they’ll be available in two flavors nationwide: Chocolate and Cinnamon Sugar. The former is topped with a drizzle of chocolate icing while the latter opts for an icing resembling that of a cinnamon roll. 

As someone who was always grossed out by the sickly sweet Pop-Tart variations, it’s promising to see the brand pivot into a different flavor profile. I might have to go cop a pack and give it a try in the only acceptable fashion: while watching cartoons on the floor, just like I would after school.

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The Croncha Combines French Croissants And Mexican Concha Bread Into One Mega Pastry

One of my favorite concepts about anime series like Dragon Ball Z and Digimon is the idea of fusion — the combining of two different, well-established characters into a entirely new entity that features the best elements of both predecessors. In the past decade, that fascination has carried over into the food world. Whenever I see two dishes come together in perfect harmony, my curiousity gets the best of me.

Said curiosity, is what drew me to the Croncha.

A hybrid of a croissant and sweet Mexican concha bread, the breakfast item boasts the buttery flakiness of a croissant with the sweet, eye-catching frosting that’s found on top of concha bread.

Donut Makers, located in Garden Grove, CA, curates a batch of the unique cronchas every morning for customers to feast upon.

The donut shop starts off by crafting a traditional croissant and flattens it. Then, a mold is created from the icing and shaped by a cookie cutter before it’s placed on top of the croissant. Once in the oven, the pastry takes shape and is finally finished with a variety of flavored icings like strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla.

While a novelty dish, the croncha definitely holds its own in terms of tastiness. That’s no surprise, as Donuts Makers also happens to be the donuts provided to the insanely popular ice cream chain Afters Ice Cream.

Pairs nicely with a cup of black coffee, too.

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This Is What Donuts Look Like Around the World

Let’s face it, any time is a good time for donuts. Morning, afternoon or late night, there’s always room for a donut outing to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings. The history of American donuts, traditional round pieces of fried dough with a hole in the center, can be traced back to the 1800s. However, from an international standpoint, American donuts are just a fraction of the world’s donut population.

While the term donut is universal, there are many variations, all with different shapes, sizes, textures, toppings, and filling. It seems the simplicity of frying dough and modifying it to match the culture has become much more than just food.

So, just to show you what you’ve been missing, here’s some donut alternatives for you to sink your teeth into once that donut craving sets in.

Italy — Bomboloni

Bomboloni caldi caldi…#angolodellapizzadicorrado #bomboloni

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In Italy, bomboloni are small, round pastries, traditionally stuffed with custard, chocolate,and marmalade, and coated with granular sugar.

Mexico — Churros

Churros tower from @elcapo_cantina, plus it’s happy hour all night tonight. #EATMCR

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While the country of origin is heavily debated, one thing everyone can agree on is that churros are delicious. While theoretically created somewhere in Spain, these pillars of fried dough are rolled in cinnamon and sugar and may contain filling. Churros have become very popular in American culture, appearing at county fairs, amusement parks, and even setting precedent for new churro-based ice cream shops. In Mexico, churros are usually best served with hot fudge or melted chocolate and are made for dunking. 

Israel — Sufganiyot

This Israelian pastry is a Middle Eastern version of the jelly donut. In Israel, sufganiyots are a popular treat made specifically during the annual celebration of Hanukkah. Traditionally, these treats are stuffed with jelly or custard, and topped with powdered sugar.    

India — Balushahi

If you’re looking for donuts in India, you might want to try a balushahi or badusha. This sweet, flaky version of a glazed donut is deep-fried in clarified butter and take a healthy dip in sugar syrup.  

South America — Buñuelos

Bunuelos for one 🍩☝🏼 Dip a bit of salted caramel on your Wednesday 🔥 RG: @julespenlington

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Buñuelos are very popular in several parts of South America including Colombia, Guatemala, as well as Spain and Morocco across the pond. The dough is traditionally rolled into a ball and fried. In Mexico, buñuelos are usually served with syrup and made with a type of sugar called piloncillo, which is made from boiled sugar cane juice.

South Asia — Jalebi

This spiral-shaped pastry is native to South Asia and is referred to as a zulbia in some regions. Jalebi is made traditionally made by deep-frying wheat flour batter into the shape of a pretzel or a funnel cake. The sweet tip is a healthy soak of sugar syrup for added saccharine measure.  

France — Beignet

Perhaps one of the world’s most popular donut pastries is France’s beignet. This light, fluffy treat is made with a deep fried dough known as choux. In the U.S., it is ommonly served as a breakfast pastry topped with heaps of powdered sugar.

Germany — Berliner

This jelly-filled pastry shares similarities to Israel’s sufganiyot pastry, as well as the traditional jelly donut of the United States. Berliners were primarily made as a celebratory food for New Years, but thanks to an irresistible taste, Berliners have found a permanent function as a delicious dessert all year long.  

The Netherlands — Oliebol

This Dutch pastry had origin that was said to have been with early Germanic tribes during the Yule period between December 26 to to January 6.. Also known as smoutebollen, Dutch donuts, or Dutchies, oliebol pastries have become a respected version of fried dough across the globe.

Turkey — Lokma

This dessert pastry is local to Turkey, Greece, and Egypt. These bite-sized pieces of fried dough are usually covered with a simple syrup, honey, or chocolate when served.  The word “lokma” actually means “morsel” or “mouthful,” which is a clear indication of what folks want to have of these.

South Africa — Koeksister

Pronounced “coke-sister,” the popular South African dessert, koeksister, is named after the Dutch word   “koek,” for confectionery. Resembling the American glazed twist donut, but in a more concise braid, this delightful pastry is one of the most iconic treats of South Africa..  

Northern Africa —  Sfenj

#sfenjparty #sfenj #beignet #recettemarocaine #croustillant et #délicieux. سفنج# #faitmaison

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This North African pastry is often compare to a fritter, thanks to its crispy exterior, and it’s buttery softness inside. They’re usually served up doused with sugar or dipped in honey for breakfast with a cup of mint tea. Makes for an ideal first meal of the day, I’d say.  

Poland — Pączki

This Polish desert is similar to the American donut in shape and texture. Traditionally, Polish pączkies are made with a minimal amount of grain alcohol. Other tasty deets include these treats served up with fruit and cream fillings including, custard, raspberry, and apple.

China — Youtiao

#youtiao #siamsunset

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Youtiao are a savory Chinese donut lightly salted and typically served for breakfast with rice porridge. Clearly breakfast being the most important meal of the day knows no bounds.

The Caribbean — Johnny Cakes

In the Caribbean, johnnycakes are the fried dough of choice — even if they’re a typical staple in New England cuisine — by way of the local Native Americans — with an origin from Rhode Island. Expect these to be enjoyed like a pancake, with honey, syrup or other sweet toppings.

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8 French Macarons That Push The Envelope On Creativity

It seems as though the French macaron has reached its all time high in popularity over the last five years.  Popular bakeries like Mille-Feuille in New York, Bottega Louie in Los Angeles, and Ladurée in Paris have gained worldwide recognition for their mastery in the bite-sized pastry.  Its no surprise either — not only do their desserts taste like a little piece of heaven, they are renaissance art.

The elegance in its simplicity is great, but we wouldn’t be Foodbeast if we didn’t seek the out of the ordinary and creative. So we dug around the depths of the internet to find a few of the most creative French macarons we’ve ever seen.

Tomato Chutney

@kikyul — South Korea

A post shared by kikiyul (@kikiyul) on

A condiment flavored dessert? My palate is intrigued, but I feel like my entire body will shudder at first bite the moment I taste acidity when my mind expects blissful sweetness.


@byjaejae — South Korea

This cheeseburger macaron is like if two cheeseburger sliders consummated and had an even tinier slider… ORRRRRRR if a cheeseburger slider cheated on the other slider with a macaron and had an illegitimate love child. Yikes.

Chinese Dumplings

@mellyeatsworld — Toronto, Canada

Be still my xiao long bao loving heart… I don’t think I would be able to eat these. I would be more likely to cherish them forever like they were my own children. I’ve already named all 13 of them.


@mellyeatsworld — Toronto, Canada

One of the most iconic characters in animation, Totoro just got even better. Mostly because he comes in a delicious Earl Grey flavored form.

Foie Gras

Le Bouton Restaurant — Japan

A post shared by oihsat (@oihsat) on

Decadent and elegant. Simple and Delicious. Bad and boujee. Am I missing any other adjectives?


Macarons-A-Go-Go — San Francisco, CA

Awwww shit! We should have seen this coming. I hope this was chocolate flavored, otherwise we might have some complaints to file.

Animal Butts

@mellyeatsworld — Toronto, Canada

I think I may have just crowned @mellyeatsworld as the queen of this shit. She put tiny little tushies on her kitty, panda, and bunny macarons. Give her the belt. That shit’s kawaii.


@minjibang — South Korea

A post shared by Minji Bang (@minjibang) on

I’m bringing these to the next summer cookout!  Nothing goes better with BBQ than sweet confectionaries disguised as summer fruits.

The Mouse

Crissa’s Cake Corner — Singapore

Sure, it may not be an original concept, but who doesn’t love the mouse?! Anytime anyone turns anything mouse-shaped, its got to be acknowledged, right?


This Humble Spot Found A Way To Turn A Root Beer Float Into A Donut


Some donut shop in California made a donut burrito and the Internet is still going nuts over it. Halfway across the country, however, another donut joint found a way to turn a root beer float into a donut.

Mojo Monkey Donuts, found in Saint Paul, MN, is known for infusing popular drinks with the breakfast pastry. One of their newer items is a donut that’s based on the iconic ice cream and soda combination: the root beer float.

The donut is made with a root beer vanilla pastry creme and topped with a vanilla butter cream. They throw some cherries on top, a root beer glaze and stick a straw through it.

Simple and brilliant.

While the special donut is only a limited time item, you can find it at Mojo Monkey’s on Father’s aDay for $3.49.


These Guys Turned Pizza Into A Twinkie


There’s an age old question that’s plagued the food world for as long as time itself: Will it Twinkie? The guys from Dudes N Space set out to educate themselves on whether things can be properly turned into a Twinkie.

Gifted with a Twinkie maker, these dudes set out to see if they can create a pizza-flavored Twinkie. Using pastry dough, pizza sauce and tons of mozzarella cheese, the ingredients are carefully added to the Twinkie machine.

What happens next answers the question of whether a pizza will Twinkie.


You Can Now Eat Your Own Face Thanks To These Custom Cookie Cutters


Traditionally, the thought of eating your own face or that of your loved ones was a pretty taboo subject matter. Well, a company in Budapest will let you do just that.

Sort of.

Copypastry is known for creating custom cookie cutters that are designed after your very own face. Using 3D printing, the Hungary-based business allows customers to send in a photographs of anyone and the company will print them out as cookie cutters.

You can requests orders of an individual face, a couple, or one of your pet. Who wouldn’t want adorable cookies in the shape of their furry best friend?

Next time you’re looking to impress someone with a fresh batch of cookies, you might as well feature their faces on them. Should be a nice surprise, especially with the holidays coming up.