Adorable Unagi Pastries Are 100% Eel Free

Unagi Pastry

According to Japanese tradition, Doyo no Hi (July 29) is a day dedicated to eating eel because of its supposed stamina-boosting powers. But not everyone is a fan of real unagi, so various bakeries and 7-Eleven stores around Japan have come up with a delicious alternative — unagi pastries.

Made with 100% eel free ingredients, these sweets have come in all forms around the country, from white chocolate unagi bread to cream-filled and unagi-shaped donuts and chocolate eclairs.

Unagi Pastry

Unagi Pastry

Unagi Pastry

Even if you’re a fan of traditional eel dishes, finishing off your meal with one of these adorable desserts takes the holiday to a whole new level of deliciousness.

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Starbucks Lets You Swoop $1 Bakery Item with this Morning’s Receipt


Who: Starbucks

What: Bring back your same-day receipt from the morning and get a bakery item (excludes breakfast sandwiches) for $1

Where: Any participating Starbucks location

When: Now ’til Monday, March 3rd.

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Buttocks-Shaped Mooncakes Make a Cheeky Gift


Check out those hot buns.

Here’s an interesting way to kick off the Mid-Autumn Festival: butt-shaped mooncakes, anyone? Edging on more awkward than adorable, these booty buns ironically were made at Hong Kong-based shop, Goods of Desire. You can’t make this stuff up.

Available in designs such as “Mind The Gap”, “Cover-Up” and “Full Monty,” these naughty pastries are taking the term mooncakes to the extreme, and a box of four will run you $41. Did we mention the buns are filled?

No word on what exactly these buns are filled with but we’re hoping it’s red bean. Dear god please let it be red bean.

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Despicable Me’s Minions Disguised As Twinkie Cupcakes


Now that Twinkies are back on shelves, it’s time to welcome these little creme-filled snacks back into the dessert aisle. So, howabout we start by turning them into those adorable little minions from Despicable Me? Yes? Awesome. No? Well, gosh, you never cared about them anyway.

WALK 97.5, a New York radio station posted the photo of Gru’s minions to Facebook. From what we gather, the recipe looks pretty simple and requires a minimal amount of fancy schmancy baking skills. We’re thinking the easiest way to go about whipping up this mini army would be to pick up a dozen or so cupcakes at the grocery store, cut a bunch of Twinkies in half, and draw on the face using black icing. For the eyes, I swear those are white Smarties.

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Sushi Donuts Exist, Raw Fish Not Included

sushi donuts

For some awesome reason, donuts have stepped up their game recently. (See: Cronuts and the Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe.) And remember when Psycho Donuts rolled out donut sushi? That stuff was cray. Well, it looks like they’ve got competition in Thailand that could give ’em a run for their money. Thanks to a Twitpic hat tip, we now know Mister Donut’s SushiDo Delights exist.

Donut Sushi

First off, thank goodness there isn’t any raw fish on there, because it bears a pretty decent resemblance to the real deal. Luckily, the dessert is made entirely of sugary goodness that even sushi haters would enjoy. Check out SushiDo Delights in action below:

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