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Olive Garden Has 10 Free EXTRA Pasta Passes They’re Giving Away Right Now

Photo Courtesy Olive Garden

Getting your hands on an Olive Garden Pasta Pass seems to be getting harder and harder each year. The card is essentially a golden ticket to chow down on as much Olive Garden pasta as you want, every day for three month. It’s beautiful.

While this year’s batch was claimed almost instantaneously, half a second to be exact, Olive Garden is giving fans another shot at the Pasta Pass, free of charge.

In celebration of the 5th anniversary of the Pasta Pass, Olive Garden launched an online scavenger hunt where 10 clever fans will have a chance to get their hands on the coveted meal voucher free of charge.

Earlier this week, the Italian restaurant chain launched a mysterious online countdown clock. Once the clock struck zero, the riddles appeared with the promise of pasta. Here’s an example:

“Organization dedicated to fawning over grand forks’s best food reviewer.” 

Each of the riddles, puzzles, and ciphers led to the name of an Instagram handle, Twitter profile, or Facebook group. Once you figure out the puzzle, send a direct message to the profile with the secret phrase “Pasta Pass Please”. If you’re the first to do so, you’ll get your Pasta Pass.

Olive Garden says they’ll do their best to provide live updates with which passes have already been claimed, but at the time of publication, folks have already begin sleuthing, though none have been claimed yet.

There will only be one clue per profile and only one free pass can be claimed from each profile. More details on the riddles can be found here. Happy hunting, everyone!

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Smashburger Tests Holiday Pass That Gives You $1 Burgers Every Day

If a genie were to grant you three wishes, what would you ask for? We used to think about this a lot when we were younger and, as we grew older, our wishes became more practical: money, good health, heat vision. That sort of thing.

There was a time, however, that we would wish for a burger a day, not too different from that kid Max’s wish in the film Kazaam. Thanks to Smashburger, it looks like we’ll no longer have to waste a wish on those burgers. The fast food chain announced the release of a Holiday Smash Pass.

All you have to do is go to Smash Club and sign up for the SmashClub rewards program. You’re then able to buy the Holiday Smash Pass for $54, which is estimated at $250 in value. Once you have it, you’ll get a $1 entree coupon sent to you every day from Nov. 15 through Jan 9.

Entrees that qualify include all Smashburger’s signature beef burgers, chicken sandwiches, turkey burgers, black bean burgers, and salads. You can still do the base Create Your Own sandwich option with the Pass, but all the premium add-ons will cost extra.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to use the $1 coupon every day and can’t stack them for later days.

Still, if you’re someone who loves burgers and indecisive about what to grab for dinner, perhaps you should check out this Holiday Pass. Pretty sure a burger a day will keep the doctors away. Probably.


Olive Garden Pasta Guy Has Eaten 95 Bowls in Six Weeks


Six weeks ago, after Olive Garden offered 1,000 customers “Never Ending Pasta Passes,” a North Carolina man pledged to eat at the Italian chain every day until the pass expired. Quite the ambitious enterprise. Alan Martin, who documents his experience on his blog All of Garden, had bought the pass in September for $100.

Since then, he’s definitely made the most of it. According to WGHP, Martin has eaten 95 Olive Garden pasta plates over the course of 44 days. He’s said to have ordered $1,510 in food up until this point, well over his $100 purchase.

Martin said that he would love to be the one who ate the most out of the 1,000 individuals who purchased a pass. So far, Martin has eaten at least twice a day at Olive Garden, sometimes three. The pass allows a customer to order any pasta, bread, salad and Coca-Cola beverages they can handle over the seven-week promotion.

Looks like you’re well on your way, sir.