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The Viral Video Of The Selfie Girl Getting Roofied Seems To Be A Fake

It’s terrifying to think that someone could slip something sinister into your drink in the time it takes to blink your eyes — or shoot a selfie. This recent viral video shows exactly that.

Two women, seemingly on spring break, decided to shoot a video of themselves partying with drinks in hand. While one of the girls walks off camera, a guy in a black shirt drops something into the drink of the woman filming.

The brunette, a musician / model with the handle @Jaeda_Sky originally posted the video on Twitter of her and her friend Kristal Santos dancing at a party on where the incident was captured. After the video posted by her friend went viral, Santos posted on her Instagram telling her followers that she was safe and noticed what happened in the video before it was too late.

O #TBT de hj vai ser do feriado top que passei em Escarpas do Lago! Agradeço a todos de coração pelas msgs de preocupação!! Pensei mto antes de vir aqui escrever e me expor, mas quem me conhece sabe que eu sou um livro aberto e não sou de guardar nada pra mim. Gosto de festas, gosto de beber(às vezes até de mais) e quem anda cmg sabe mto bem que a única coisa que faço é BEBER e só. Bom..mas isso não é o importante pq as únicas pessoas que devo satisfação e que realmente me importam são minha família e meus amigos de verdade, e o resto como já diz..é resto! Mais uma vez vou explicar aqui pra quem continua preocupados…Eu não bebi nada daquele copo pq estava no final da festa e o copo já estava vazio, ou seja nada me aconteceu. Sim, fico feliz que o vídeo está repercutindo de uma forma positiva, como um alerta para todos tomarem mais cuidado com seus copos, inclusive eu. Aposto que assim como minha mãe a mãe de todo mundo já avisou mil vezes para tomarem cuidado com os copos, eu achava ela exagerada!rs…mas não é exagero, pq a gente sempre acha que com a gente isso nunca vai acontecer, mas a verdade é que pode sim acontecer a qualquer momento e em qualquer lugar. Acho que cada um faz e usa o que bem intender, mas a partir de que seja por vontade própria. Bom é isso…ahh mais uma coisa pra quem tem coragem de fazer comentários do tipo..tá na balada, tá dançando, tá bebendo, tá de roupa curta, ela não presta, e merece levar um boa noite Cinderela…Aqui o boa noite Cinderela pra vocês!!🖕🏼💋 #aloiradocopo

A post shared by Kristal🎀Santos ( on

Here’s a rough Instagram translation of what she wrote:

Essentially, Santos says that since it was near the end of the party her cup was already empty and she didn’t drink out of it. She then states that the video is a great wake up call for everyone to be more mindful of their drink glasses.

However, in a plot twist, it appears that video was fake. One commenter on the original video screenshot an Instagram story admitting that what happened was a joke.

While this captured incident wasn’t real, it’s still a sobering reminder of what can happen when you’re so cavalier about watching over your drinks — something everyone, male or female, should keep in mind. Be extra cautious and maybe put your phones down until after you finish your drink.

Some tips to keep yourselves safe include holding your drink from the top at all times, never set your drink down and lose track of it, don’t accept drinks from strangers, don’t sip from anyone else’s cup, and avoid drinks from containers that have been opened.

There are also products, like this straw, that detects when your drink has been tampered with.

The world can be a shitty place sometimes. As my colleague and office dad Constantine Spyrou would say: “Stay safe, y’all.”

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Mountain Dew Takes Over Entire Motel For Unique Desert Party Vibes


The onset of Coachella brings about the dopest ancillary parties and functions to support the festival vibes and good times. At the top of this list of local activations that coincide with Coachella weekend was Mountain Dew’s DEW Label Motel in Palm Springs, Calif. during weekend of Coachella.


After taking over the Musicland Hotel, Mountain Dew transformed it into a desert oasis filled with themed rooms with unique themes like Virtual Reality and live art from artist Bradley Theodore, an appearance from the Mountain Dew skate team like Sean Malto and Curren Caples, a VFILES pool party and pop-up shop featuring a capsule collection with Mountain Dew, and best of all, a mini-concert series that presented the likes of Virgil Abloh spinning a DJ set and rapper G-Eazy performing on the DEW Label Hotel stage.

All of this was thrown as a big celebration to launch the Mtn Dew Label Series, which feature specially crafted, bold, and refined new flavors of Mountain Dew in three iterations.

Check out some of the photos below to get a glimpse into all the festivities that truly defined all the good vibes partying in the desert can bring.






Photos by Eric Reed/Invision for DEW/AP Images
Packaged Food

Thomas’ Adds PIZZA & PARTY CAKE Bagels For A Limited Time


Thomas’ Bagels just released two new flavors that definitely caught our attention. For a limited time, the English Muffin and bagel brand will be offering new Pizza bagels and Party Cake bagels.

The pizza bagels are seasoned with tomato, garlic, onion, basil, and oregano to recreate the aromatic flavor one would find in the iconic Italian dish. On a sweeter note, the mini Party Cake bagels made with sweet, colorful, sprinkles to bring the party out of your bite.

Could probably through a ton of cheese and sauce on these bagel slices and have ourselves a bit of a pizza party. Then, cake.

Both of the new bagels will be available at participating grocery retailers for a limited time. Prices may vary depending on the location.

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Get Lit With Saint Nick Using This Booze-Dispensing Holiday Stocking

While Christmas is the time to spend with your family and loved ones, being in a confined space with all your relatives can sometimes lead to some stressful conversations. You’re gonna need a little liquid courage to help get you through the holiday.

Enter: Santa’s Flask.


The custom-made Christmas stocking has a built-in tap that dispenses alcohol at your Yuletide whim. Made of BPA-free food grade plastic, the stocking holds up to 2.25 liters of alcohol — the equivalent of three bottles of wine.

You can purchase the item for $9.99 directly here.

We’d love to fill this bad boy up with some spiked egg nog and get an early start on the Christmas festivities.

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Meet Pongbot, The Future Of Beer Pong

Beer pong is a legendary party game that continues to evolve to this day. Recently, we wrote about how robots were being used to add another level of difficulty to the game, when we discovered players began placing beer cups on top of moving iRobot Roomba vacuums, that move and spin around the table it was placed on. It’s too bad, however, that a Roomba can retail for more than $500.00, making it difficult to have Roomba beer pong tournaments.

Well, you can thank the Kickstarter campaign, Pongbot, for thinking of an easier and less expensive way for everyone to enjoy a good ol’ fashioned game of robot beer pong.

Pongbot has two modes; automatic and manual. In manual mode, players use a Pongbot-specific remote control to navigate the moving caddie out of their opponent’s scoring line, adding to the game’s difficulty and increased interaction with other players.


Introduced to the Kickstarter community on August 22, 2016, the Pongbot project still has more than a month to acquire full funding, but according to its creators, this product is, “fully developed and ready for production.”

Looking for a startup goal of $100,000, Pongbot has accumulated more than $1,900 just hours after launching.

The Pongbot Kickstarter is accepting pledges starting from $5 up to $300. Backers who donate more than $300 will receive 10 full-sets — one set includes the Pongbot motor and the 5-cup caddie — Pongbot logo themed balls, and some t-shirts.

Think you can beat team FOODBEAST in a game of Pongbot beer pong? Become a backer on their Kickstarter page and bring it on!

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Audi CEO Thought He Could Bill The Company For His $14k Party, He Was Wrong

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler got just a tad bit carried away with a company-funded beer drinking competition last year that was so lavish it cost $14,000, according to CNN. About 30 executives attended the shindig, and there was even a Bavarian brass band flown in exclusively for the event.

The CEO held nothing back in regards to expenses, and it ended up being a big one for him personally, because he had to fork over the $14k out of his own pocket after the company flagged the massive sum of charges. CNN reported that the cost breaks down to a hefty $450 a person.

That’s a lot of beer.


 On the bright side, I’m sure it made for some great team bonding. I’m also sure that the CEO of a luxury car company like Audi won’t have too tough of a time coming up with that kind of money.

It’s just pretty spectacular that he thought the company would pay for his obscenely expensive party habits in the first place. This kind of party sounds like something you couldn’t even get away with here at the Foodbeast office.

Volkswagen was already in hot water prior to this scandal after they cheated on emission tests that CNN reports will cost them $14.7 billion dollars, so I doubt VW was happy with Rupert for pulling this one.

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Cheers! A Supercut Of The Most Awesome Drinking Scenes In Films

Guys, let’s be real here we basically trudge through the week with the slightest glimmer of hope resting on the shoulders of a potentially amazing weekend. Monday through Wednesday are basically as rough as it gets. Thursday is a little better, knowing that the end is near. Then Friday comes, and all you can think about is how you have 2 1/2 days of doing anything you want.

One video editor from Las Vegas named Robert Jones knows this feeling all too well. Jones spliced together a video of 70 outrageous, wild and awesome drinking and partying moments from some of the best films of our generation. If this video doesn’t get you friggin’ pumped for the weekend, then you’re probably a stay-home-with-a-good-book kind of person already. But if it does…





Photo: Robert Jones, Mad Decent

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Bachelor Party Badass Chugs A Beer Through Salmon’s Butthole

Since the dawn of time, bachelor parties have had at least one thing in common: craziness. Some things, like strippers and illegal alcohol/drugs, are the most common sources of a crazy bachelor party. For a handful of ballsy men from British Columbia, Canada, their vice is none other than…salmon.

After setting out on two fishing boats, Sal (short for salmon, and the name I’m using since the real names in this story have been omitted) and his crew came back only to learn that one boat had caught all the salmon, while the other boat virtually caught nothing.

Well, bringing nothing back after an entire day of fishing was sure to draw some jokes and mockery from the other boat. So in order to make up for the glaring lack of scaly lake-dwellers, one hard-partying dude decided to show off one of his more famous party tricks. That’s really all I can say, so your best bet is to check it out for yourselves.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of putting my lips on a fish’s butthole to make a functioning beer bong has never occurred to me. I would also never waste that much beer, that’s a travesty. You saw that little bit of fish guts hanging from the top of the fish, right? It wasn’t just me? Ok good, just making sure.

I think it’s safe to say that this is one fish they definitely ordered up to be beer-battered.