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7 Surprisingly Dangerous Foods For Pregnant Women And Babies

Sushi and alcohol may be the obvious culprits, but you’d be shocked to learn there’s a much broader list of foods and drink to avoid when you’re expecting or feeding a baby. Keep those cravings in check with this guide.

1. Caesar Salad


This classic dish contains one potentially harmful ingredient in its dressing: raw egg. Consumption of undercooked yolk may result in that familiar bacterial strain known as Salmonella.  Often associated with raw chicken, avoiding infection means cooking eggs above 160-degrees. Too bad cooked dressing isn’t trending.

2. Parsley


A seemingly harmless herb, this infamous garnish is not recommended. Ingesting an abundance may encourage uterine contractions. In layman’s terms, it’ll lend itself to an early delivery. While consuming an excess of anything is never recommended, it’s easier to avoid this green altogether than wonder how much is in that batch of pesto.

3. Deli Meat


Cold cuts, bologna, and we might as well throw charcuterie in the mix– sandwiching these slices can be a cause for concern. It’s not so much the mom-to-be as much as it endangers the unborn child. The chances of acquiring Listeria are generally low, but expectant mothers are more at risk and may pass it along to baby. Complications may occur, leaving the child with complications. Or worse, resulting in death.

4. Water


Odorless, colorless, and without taste; babes in arms should not be drinking tap water. Newborns aren’t known for their immune systems, and receiving infections from drinking water would likely spread throughout their bodies and affect multiple areas of their already fragile body. In addition, for every time they pee, they’re losing sodium. Sodium loss causes seizures and brain swelling. Seriously.

5. Cinnamon


We know, we know. That fun stick in our spiced cider can’t possibly be bad for you. For all the benefits it seemingly promotes (fights off colds, acts as a bug repellent, cures athletes foot, etc.), excessive use results in premature labor.

6. Juice


Specifically, unpasteurized juices are not baby’s preferred beverage. You won’t always know if what’s being offered has gone through the process, so just avoid the option altogether. Need a good reason? Diarrhea. Yeah, we knew that would shut you up.

7. Eggs Benedict


Before you diss poached eggs over ham and English muffins, remember what this brunch staple is dressed in. Hollandaise is the enemy, so get irked because of that. That’s just bananas, if you ask us. See Caesar salad if you’re seeking more justification.


Substance Found in Celery and Parsley Can Fight Cancer

In the battle against cancer, it’s good to know what can and cannot help you prevent it. Cause let’s face it, everything gives you cancer nowadays. In this case, studies show that a substance known as apigenin, which can be found in celery and parsley, is known to help in a substantial way in cases of breast cancer.

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Missouri showed that apigenin is known to slow and reduce the production of cancer cells.

According Salman Hyder, professor of biomedical sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center, who co-authored the study:

“We do know that apigenin slowed the progression of human breast cancer cells in three ways: by inducing cell death, by inhibiting cell proliferation, and by reducing expression of a gene associated with cancer growth. Blood vessels responsible for feeding cancer cells also had smaller diameters in apigenin-treated mice compared to untreated mice. Smaller vessels mean restricted nutrient flow to the tumors and may have served to starve the cancer as well as limiting its ability to spread.”

A group of mice that were specially bred for this study were implanted specifically with breast-cancer cells. Then the mice were divided up with some given medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) and others given apigenin. The group of mice that received MPA developed tumor growth, while the others given apigenin actually caused tumors to decrease in size.

The rest of the study published can be found in the journal Hormones and Cancer.

via: Huffington Post and MU News Bureau


Quail Egg, Blue Cheese, Roasted Garlic & Potato Steak Pizza

Quail Eggs, Potato, Blue cheese, Roasted Garlic, and Steak on homemade dough — aka The Tycoon Pizza. From Trix’s recipe, the pizza isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world to make, but damn does it look well worth the time! Not sure how you can go wrong with a pizza that parsley and quail eggs for color and garnish. Eat on! (Recipe @ TastyTrix)


Shrimp Toast

This shrimp toast looks great! The spread consists of cheese, mayo, sour cream, lemon juice, hot sauce, parsley, green onions, spices, and some shrimp. All of that is spread over a piece of toast under a fat butterflied shrimp! I would kill a whole plate of these, scrumptious! (Thx MITK)


Recipe: Cobb Salad Dip

Cobb Salad is definitely a go to choice of mine when I eat salads, which is basically never. So really I can’t call it a go to choice since I never go to it. But now what if I could have a Cobb salad in the form of a dip and eat it with crackers or chips, now that would for sure be a go to choice. Apparently I can now, after throwing out the greens, and stocking up on blue cheese dip with the best Cobb fixings (avocado, herbs, scallions and of course bacon!). Serve with cold celery sticks or chips or some other weird thing I’ve never heard of. For the recipe, check after the jump. (Thx Chow) (That’s for you Wray!)


Craving: Strip Steak and Chimichurri Sauce


I haven’t had strip steak in a long time, and I don’t recalling having mine with chimichurri sauce. Especially a chimichurri sauce made of all completely fresh ingredients. Why doesn’t someone come over here and make this for me. I mean I can make it, but I don’t want to, I just want to stare at the picture and drool. (Thx Eclecticcook)


Craving: Wild Alaskan Halibut Chowder


I have had clam chowder, corn chowder, and lobster chowder but never with halibut, especially wild alaskan halibut. Even though it’s very hot out where I am, this still sounds amazing. I could probably slam about three bowls of this right now. (Thx


Craving: Cheese and Bacon Muffins (Again)

Can’t seem to get enough of cheese and bacon in a muffin today. Here we have streaky bacon, cheddar cheese and parsley to create this awesome dish. (PicThx WhatTheCook)