Ron Swanson Holiday Cookies

What a great way to end a year filled with Ron Swanson and Parks and Recreation (NBC) references than with this amazing set of Swanson Holiday Cookies? Some of the featured phrases from the now notorious Parks and Rec character are accounted for here, including one of my favorites — “You had me at ‘Meat Tornado'”.

Ron Swanson’s trademark beard is in attendance, as well as a great looking piece of steak. If you’re going to eat cookies, they might as well be manly ones…you know?

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Ron Swanson TV Dinner

We’re so glad people aren’t tiring of the Ron Swanson machisimo-meme that seems to keep reviving itself across the interwebs. In this latest foodie turn-up, the same person who tastefully created the All of the Bacon & Eggs You Have ice cream flavor has successfully photoshopped into existent Ron Swanson’s Turf ‘n’ Turf. This amazing looking TV dinner that many-a-man wish existed comes with 2.5 lbs. of meat, including a 16 oz. T-bone and a 24 oz. Porterhouse.

The meal is equivalent to the one Ron Swanson refers to in an episode of NBC’s Parks and Recreation (sorry about the possibly one of the worst TV bootlegging, camera holders, giggly sneezing buffoon recordings in the world) —


Ron Swanson Meat Mosaic Wallpaper

Whether your motives are to decorate your computer wall paper or hang Mr. Swanson above your desk at work, NBC‘s exclusive mosaic has you covered. Compiled from over 2,025 pictures of food, this portrait of Ron Swanson shows that NBC has truly taken note of their Parks and Recreation character’s growing Internet + Foodie notoriety.

The downloadable, high-res version can be downloaded here.


All Things Food With Ron Swanson of ‘Parks and Recreation’

NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” is currently heralded by some as one of the best shows on television, with Nick Offerman’s Ron Swanson character achieving similar accolades. Particularly amusing is the near cult following that follows his character offscreen, much the same way co-star Aziz Ansari’s character Tom Haverfood has experienced (see: Tom Haverfoods).

One of Ron Swanson’s calling cards is his love of bacon and breakfast foods. This passion was recently exploited via the Photoshopped creation of a fake product — Ron Swanson: All of the Bacon & Eggs You Have – Flavored Ice Cream. We explore this recurring motif through the following compilation of clips documenting Ron Swanson’s gravitation to bacon and food in general:

Humor Video

Video: Aziz Ansari Schools Dude on Pepper Eating [Parks & Rec]

This video has about 80k views on YouTube at the time of this posting, I’m probably responsible for about 40k of them. This is a clip from the show Parks and Recreation where Aziz’s character tries to one up another character in a pepper eating display. Aziz straight getting his Montell Jordan on!