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Taste The Details: Wild Game Meat In Park City, Utah

For many, images of freshly powdered slopes and the Hollywood buzz around the Sundance Film Festival are conjured when the city of Park City, Utah comes to mind. However, playing a complimentary supporting role to the city’s vibrancy is the spirited restaurant scene that unlocks the secrets to expertly using wild game in a variety of styles and dishes.

In this episode of Taste the Details, we travel to picturesque Park City and its pristine surroundings to experience the many ways chefs in the area are serving up wild game meat. For those unfamiliar, wild game is defined as any animal that’s hunted for its meat or for sport. Given such a broad definition, such meat can include wild boar, elk, bison, venison, and duck; all of which are given the utmost culinary respect by numerous restaurants in the city.

So imagine skillfully prepared dishes such as wild boar chops, buffalo skirt steak, and even duck enchiladas. Such a common thread of using wild game within Park City’s dining scene is noteworthy in itself, given the rarity of seeing the unusual meat on many menus nationwide.

The dining experience is one to behold for all foodies, where one can attest to the brilliance of perfectly medium rare elk loin that’s enhanced with delectable local ingredients.

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This MASSIVE Sparerib Crown Is The BBQ Centerpiece Of Your Dreams

There was a dream I once had where I ruled an empire made entirely of delicious barbecue. Seriously, I had a throne made of ham and bacon-weave robes. Imagine my disappointment waking up from that dream only to discover that I was back in the real world.

Well a little bit of that dream, I discovered, is still a delicious reality.

Chimayo Restaurant, located in Park City, UT, has a sparerib CROWN that’s as big as your head.

The ribs are rubbed with spices and grilled over an open flame. They’re then rolled up and tied together before being submerged into a bath of sweet and spicy chipotle glaze. Braised for more than six hours, the ribs are then served over a bed of hominy salpicon verde and topped with onion rings and mashed potatoes.

A meal fit for a king. Or at the very least a really hungry rib lover.