Fast Food

White Castle Introduces Two New Shake Parfaits

For a limited time only, White Castle is introducing two new Shake Parfaits as a part of their dessert menu.

I personally dislike drinking my shakes with a straw since it takes forever before it can easily go from the cup to my stomach, and hate being judged for only using a spoon to “drink” my shake. These Shake Parfaits are the perfect dessert combo that splits up each layer of flavor with a shake of your choice, so proper spoon technique is essential to enjoying these. Score for me!

Featuring Strawberry and Oreo as the front runners, the restaurant allows guests to mix-in a variety of different flavors and bases, such as vanilla, strawberry & chocolate, so they can create their own perfect Shake Parfait. Available at locally participating White Castle locations (sorry West Coasters), the shake parfaits are here just in time for the summer.