Pikachu-Themed Pokemon Cafe Opens in Japan, Explodes with Cuteness


Really surprised no one thought of this sooner. Turns out Japan is the home of the brand-new Pokemon restaurant called the Pikachu Cafe. Located in downtown Tokyo, the Pokemon-inspired eatery recently opened, driving fans of the 20-year-old franchise through the doors.

The Pikachu Cafe is decked out with tons of Pokemon art, mostly in promotion of the new movie Pokemon XY. Customers purchase tickets for the dishes they wish to order via vending machines. They then give their tickets to the cashier and place their orders.

Pokemon-Cafe-Dining Pokemon-Cafe-Order

While the wait is pretty long (expect up to 90 minutes), the novelty is probably enough to keep you inside until you’re ready to eat. Among the dishes are the Pikachu Teriyaki Burger, Pikachu Curry and Pikachu One Million-Volt Parfait.


Seemingly a regular teriyaki burger, the Pikachu burger is dressed to maximum cuteness. With tortilla chips as ears and the famous Pocket Monster’s face branded into the bun.


Similarly, the Pikachu Curry also features the popular Pokemon as the centerpiece of the dish. Mix with tumeric to give it a distinct yellow flavor, the rice is shaped into Pikachu’s head. Don’t expect anything too spicy either.


Finally for dessert, the One Million Volt Parfait is a mango pudding molded into the shape of the electric Pokemon’s head. It’s then layered with strawberry jam, whipped cream, fruit and corn flakes. Nothing out of this world, but cute.

Regardless, definitely something unique Pokemon fans off all ages should check out. Provided they can afford the trip out to Japan.


The McMonstrosity is Everything on McDonald’s (Extinct) Dollar Menu


The apocalypse is upon us, friends: McDonald’s just announced that it’s gonna kill off its beloved Dollar Menu in favor of the super-catchy Dollar & More Menu, which goes all the way up to $5 and for some reason isn’t just called “menu”.

In a state of panic, and in order to fuel future nostalgia for a lost delicacy, we raced to the nearest Mickey D’s and ordered everything on the Dollar Menu, then made this McMonstrosity. Five minutes later, as we writhed in agony, we realized all these items will still be available for a dollar when the new menu rolls out in November, BUT STILL it’s the principle, or something.


Our trip to McDonald’s netted everything on the Dollar Menu, from which the McDouble is already conspicuously absent (it must have seen this travesty coming and sought solace among its comrades on the more-than-a-dollar menu). That includes fruity yogurt parfait, a McChicken, a regular cheeseburger, two chocolate chip cookies, a Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger w/ white cheddar that’s just American, and a side salad with some lettuce chunks that were browner than the burgers.


Step 1


We used the sturdiest item, the cheeseburger, as the base and piled the cookies up top. Strangely, the chips began to melt despite the burger being cold.


Step 2 & 3


Next, we stacked the mayo-rific chicken on top of the cookie, then loaded that nasty-ass salad up top. Now the sandwich is healthy!


Step 4


They totally forgot our ranch dressing and fries (they were $2… we splurged, and we were punished), but no matter. Yogurt’s white, so it counts. Plus, all those strawberries and blueberries along with that salad basically make this thing a diet food.


The Result


The sucker’s so big, we had to skewer it with a chopstick to keep it together, constituting the second most Asian-fusiony thing to happen to McDonald’s ever.

Even with the stick, it had to be smashed down to get a lockjaw-inducing bite that sent parfait and onions dripping.

Conclusion: A beautifully weird symphony of fake-tasting stuff. The salad had no flavor, but the vanilla yogurt paired oddly well with the salt from the burgers and the pepper from the McChicken. Then the chocolate/meat combo hit and it was over… this was one of the grossest combinations of grease and sugar since the Jersey Shore crew worked at an ice cream shop. Heyooo! That said, we finished it. Because we never thought we could do this again, and thankfully we were wrong.

Fast Food

Wendy’s Reveals a Strawberry Shortcake Parfait

Summer is just around the corner, so I guess the hotter weather makes eating copious amounts of ice cream more justifiable! Now along with Oreo and Caramel Frosty Parfaits, Wendy’s is introducing Strawberry Shortcake for a limited time.

Layers of Vanilla Frosty, strawberry puree, and shortbread cookie chunks are topped off with a generous serving of whipped cream and fresh strawberry chunks. Frosty’s have really come a long way since just chocolate and vanilla. What’s next? The French Fry Frosty Parfait?



Chocolate-dipped Caramel Flavored Marshmallow PEEPS Parfait

The limbo time between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a doozy. No one wants to work, the weather is chilly, and we all want to feast like there’s no tomorrow. Well, if you think there’s no tomorrow, you might enjoy this parfait recipe that the folks at PEEPS Marshmallows suggest — a Chocolate-dipped Caramel Flavored Marshmallow PEEPS Apple Yogurt Parfait.

Here’s the recipe:


  • 3 pkgs (3ct) PEEPS(R) Chocolate Dipped Caramel Flavored Marshmallow Chicks
  • 4 cups vanilla yogurt
  • 2 medium unpeeled apples, cut into chunks (about 2 cups)
  • 1/4 cup caramel topping
  • 2 Tbsp. coarsely chopped pecans or walnuts optional


  1. Using kitchen scissors, cut up 5 PEEPS® Chocolate Dipped Caramel Flavored Marshmallow Chicks into bite-sized pieces.
  2. Divide yogurt among 4 single-serve dessert dishes, reserving 1/4 cup for topping.
  3. Spoon 1/2 cup of the apple chunks over yogurt in each dish.
  4. Add pieces of PEEPS® Chocolate Dipped Caramel Flavored Marshmallow Chicks.
  5. Top each with 1 tablespoon of the remaining yogurt and spoon 1 tablespoon of caramel topping over each.
  6. Add a PEEPS® Chocolate Dipped Caramel Flavored Marshmallow Chick to each dish, sprinkle with pecans or walnuts (optional).
  7. Serve immediately.


Cherries and Yogurt Parfait

I went to the pool last weekend with my husband and my daughter. Had a great time watching the little one enjoy herself while swimming around with daddy…it was very sweet.

But I could not help noticing one other thing — MILFs were everywhere!! Did people start working out before June?!?


THANK goodness I “forgot” my bathing suit at home.

So last week while everyone was gobbling up ice cream and frozen cheesecakes, (it was near 100 degrees for 3 days), I was hanging out with granola, fruit, and cold yogurt parfaits:


Cherry and Yogurt Parfait

(Makes 2 tall glasses)

You will need:

2 cups non-fat plain yogurt

3 tablespoons honey or agave syrup

1 1/2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract

2 cups pitted cherries

1/4 cup rolled oats

1 teaspoon cocoa powder

1/2 teaspoon sugar


In a large bowl combine the yogurt, honey, and vanilla; mix well and set aside.

Mix the oats and the cocoa together and pour in a skillet.

Toast the oats over medium heat for about 8 minutes, stirring occasionally. Cool completely and set aside.

Put the cherries in the skillet and cook for about 10 minutes, or until soft. Cool completely.

Assemble the parfaits by pouring a 1/2 cup of yogurt in each glass.

Spoon over some of the oats, top with half of the cherries, then pour the rest of the yogurt on top, and finish off with more oats and cherries.

Put the parfaits in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving.

I partially froze mine and pretended that I was eating ice cream with the rest.

For more delicious recipes please hop over to Diethood!



Pulled Pork Parfait

Our friend Vince did some serious investigation recently, picking up this Pulled Pork Parfait from Bigmista’s Barbecue in the Torrance Farmers Market. We’ve seen product like this before but this one is photographed in such a beautiful light we just had to highlight it. There’s such a beautiful glow to a product that incorporates multiple layers of mashed potatoes, pulled pork and bbq sauce in a clear watercup. #CLASSY.


Yogurt Trifle with Pomegranate, Pear, and Dates

This is a take on an ordinary breakfast parfait except it got spruced up with some exotic fruit. This yogurt trifle is filled with pomegranates, pears and dates, both fresh and dried. (Thx Chow)


Craving: Mashed Potato and Pork Parfait

Straight from Porky’s BBQ, get a load of this mashed potato and pork parfait. Damn. This looks absolutely delicious!